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Elevate Lounge Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Elevate Lounge situated at the 21st floor amid Downtown LA is the main hub for all those who love elegance and fun going hand in hand. This place speaks for its elegance. Partying at this place would be entirely a different experience just as the environment at Elevate Lounge. This place gives off a strong vibe of uniqueness.

The glass walls of Elevate Lounge provide a display of the vat beautiful skies spread over Downtown LA. The interior of the Elevate Lounge is splendid, elegant, and stylish. The whole interior is dominated by the white hues. The sleek style seating of white color and the vast space together with views of sky play tricks on your mind to feel relaxed. Your mood quickly elates at such a place which is nothing less than the true picture of modern architecture. The roof looks like some eccentric art piece which soothes your sight. Elevate Lounge is totally available for all kinds of events. To book your event, give us a call on 213.236.9600 or visit our website.

The huge DJ booth rests at the focal position of the Lounge where DJ plays the energizing music. Once the DJ hits the music, the lighting system is turned on throwing strong, vibrant lighting across the room, and the smoke machine ejects the raging fumes of dense smoke; there is no chance let for you to remain calm but get on your toes and dance along with the beats. We promise you as the nights get darker, things will get brighter at Elevate Lounge.

If you prefer to sit in your privacy and enjoy in your own style, watching the dancing crowd from a distance, we have VIP seating and secluded areas for you. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, we are open till 2 am in the morning. While the gates open at 10 pm and 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday night respectively. Remember to dress sharply when you decide to visit the Elevate Lounge.

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