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The Belasco Theater Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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The Belasco Theater Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Ever been to a nightclub which has utterly classic, elegant touch in its every part, nook, and corner? If yes, then you must crave to see more places like that. And if that’s a no, well. Then, ask yourself why haven’t you been to such a place yet? Don’t miss out on The Belasco which is a place like nowhere else. Each corner emanates the royal, classic vibes and a perfect sight to sore eyes. Bring your squad this weekend or any night of the week to blow away your minds and be crazy in an environment exclusively found at The Belasco.

With the 40,000 square feet of space, The Belasco is one of the most spacious nightclubs and venues in Los Angeles. Each night, there’s an event happening around 6:30 pm to 7 pm. Tickets are available online for all events. Vintage bar and lounge on the mezzanine floor is the feature of this place, you certainly need to hear about. The Vintage Bar and lounge have a full-service bar, the classic table, and chairs to get seated. This place can accommodate  50 to 100 guests easily. The ballroom at The Belasco is the perfect venue to arrange parties, receptions, and award ceremonies. The ballroom has an atmosphere which is deeply immersed in blood red and golden hues, creating a calm, seducing ambiance. The basement lounge can accommodate 250 to 500 guests. Dance floor, crude-cum-nice-looking ceiling, and a full-service bar are the highlighted features of this place.

But nightclubbing is just something to experience and behold at The Belasco. The great music, booming sound system, and gleaming lighting will make you feel compelled to indulge in the outrageous fun. The upscale dressing is a must thing. So, pick the most sophisticated dress from your wardrobe to wear when you are visiting The Belasco.

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