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Boardner’s by La Belle Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Since 1942, Boardner’s have been lighting up the nights in Hollywood, LA. Boardner’s has now become a legend in the bars list in Hollywood. The be-yourself type of environment at Boardner’s helps you erase your weariness in no time. We empathize with those who are in constant search for fun. End your search at Boardner’s. As here, you’ll find all those things which one needs to light up the evenings.

The low lit social rim, patios t lounge under sun, antique styled bar, high ceiling, cozy seating, a huge dance floor, and state-of-the-art sound system create a pure Hollywood atmosphere. The variegated lighting system imbues strong vibes in the whole place. Being in such a lit environment, you will find yourself unable to resist but party all the while. This place serves best to not only hang with friends but also for all kinds of events such as promotions, celebrations, corporate events, weddings, and so on.

The huge dance floor and 2 bars are the two auspicious features of The Niteclub. The B52 Club is laden with even more exciting features; a large screen TV, dimmed light, an Orlean style patio. Want to satiate your cravings for food? Problem solved. Our catering services are extensive and range from salads, burgers, pasta, tacos, and much more.

Boardner’s is open all the weekdays. From Monday to Saturday, it is open from 4 to 8 pm while it remains open all day on Sundays. The good news is that you can drink beer only for $3 or $4 and our best in-house wine can be purchased only for $5. Appetizers are available at $5. Each day, we have a new event to reveal to you! Our every event is based on a unique theme and every event demands a befitting dress code which all the visitors will have to stick to.

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