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Avalon Hollywood & Bardot Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Avalon Hollywood is much more than a nightclub. It has been there since the 1960s and is still functioning with the enormous splendor. Avalon Hollywood has always been a source of happiness for the party revelers and all-nighters. If you haven’t visited this place yet, you are missing out on some serious fun which is only entitled to Avalon Hollywood. The environment at Avalon Hollywood does justice to its fame.

The huge dance floor is the main attraction of Avalon Hollywood. The intensive and dynamic lighting system lighten up the partiers’ mood in no time. while the DJ booth and performance, stage rests in front of the large-sized LED panel. The eclectic music and the lambent lighting play a huge part in turning your fun-loving side on. Feeling low is a term that the crowd at Avalon Hollywood is not familiar with.

Avalon Hollywood isn’t only for dancing but it also has a hall for corporate events or other celebratory events. Also, there are several dining areas which can be availed as per your interest. This place has arranged many special events of different sorts and some of these events are highly publicized. Looking for a perfect venue for your upcoming event? Avalon Hollywood has an expert team to make your event successful and memorable.

On Thursday nights, 18+ years old visitors are allowed and the club opens at 10:00 at night. Friday nights are meant for 19+ years old, the club opens at 9:30 pm. While people above 21 years would visit on Saturday nights and the club would be open by 10:00 pm. Bring your ID with you or else you won’t be allowed entry. Tickets are available only and can be purchased from the official website of Avalon Hollywood. Upscale clothing is recommended and visitors are advised to not wear sporty or casual clothes.

Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles Dress Code Guide

Avalon opened its doors for the masses from 1920 and had a major renovation in 2003. Top-notch bands, electrifying lighting system, and good sound systems give a feel-good experience to the audience from Thursday to Saturday in Los Angeles.

If you wish to get into the nightclub and enjoy a thrilling party there, then you have to follow their dress code guidelines. In this post, we will focus on those guidelines mainly.

Avalon Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Anything fashionable is acceptable here. You can wear a beautiful long skirt or a sexy short skirt. Jeans and crop tops are equally acceptable here. However, beach attire and tank tops are not allowed here. So be careful. Make sure whatever you wear, it fits your body perfectly. Oversized clothes are not at all allowed here. So make sure you don’t pick clothes that are baggy or loose.

Shoes help you walk and dance gracefully. So be choosy when you’re picking a shoe. Sandals and flats are usually not allowed here. Wear comfortable heels and stilettos instead.

Avalon Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The dress code is casual. Men can enter the nightclub wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. In most nightclubs, sneakers are not allowed. But in Avalon, men are allowed to wear sneakers. Dress shoes are also allowed here.

Does this mean that men can wear anything at Avalon? Well, it would be wrong to say so because there are a few things that are not allowed here. For instance, men are not allowed to wear shorts and sandals. They can wear beach attire. Other than these things, men can’t wear baseball caps.

Can men and women wear sports attire? 

Both men and women can’t enter the nightclub wearing sports attire. This includes track jackets, joggers, jerseys and shorts.

Can they wear gym clothes? 

Unfortunately, the nightclub management doesn’t allow people to dance wearing gym clothes. This includes gym shoes, as well. So make sure you change your gym clothes before you enter the nightclub.

Can men and women wear accessories and carry backpacks? 

Both men and women can wear accessories. They can experiment with some bold accessories here. But don’t wear chains. Look at the latest fashion blog posts to know what kind of accessories would go well in the nightclub.

Backpacks are not allowed in the nightclub. Men can go to the venue without any bags. If they have anything important, then they can keep it in their cars.

Women carry a small purse to carry tickets, money, medicines, and cosmetics. Browse online to find what kind of clutches women usually carry at Avalon. If you’re carrying medicines, then make sure you have a proper prescription for them.

Our Suggestions 

Your dress code will decide if you can enter into the nightclub and dance here. The doormen will check your dress code at the time of entering into the nightclub. Their decisions are final. Try to avoid any argument with them because they may refuse entry due to this.

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