New York City Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Welcome to New York City’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in New York City. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


A small introduction to New York City, New York

New York the city that never sleeps is one of the best places in the world to experience nightlife. The city is often called as the city of New York or Just New York. It is the most populated city in the United States and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The city has five boroughs each of which is a county in the state of New York, these boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and the state Islands. These five boroughs together make the New York city. New York is the most linguistic city in the world with more than 800 languages spoken and the city also has one of the highest foreign populations in the world.

Flatiron Plaza, 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan

The city has the greatest number of billionaires in the world. It also is the economic capital of the world with two of the worlds biggest stock exchanges located in the city. The city is home to some of the best media houses, banks and other institutions in the world. Three of New York’s landmarks were reported to be amongst the top 10 most visited places on Earth, this goes on to say that the city receives a large number of tourists from all over the globe.

All this vibrant culture and a huge diverse global population has given rise to a formidable hospitality industry in New York which is one of the best in the world. There are a multitude of some top-class restaurants, best night clubs and the most happening bars located in this beautiful city. And in this article, we would be seeing in detail about the best of these places. And, about the things to try at these places, timing guide among other things. So, let’s get started!

The Nightlife in New York

When the weather is nice outside in the city of New York there are tons of outdoor activities that can be done, when the weather is not so nice outside there are tons of indoor activities that one can involve oneself in. But regardless of the weather being nice or bad there is never a gloomy night in the city of New York. The nightlife is the other name for fun, frolic and entertainment in the city of New York. It does not matter who you are and where you come from because New York would still welcome you with open arms and make sure to entertain you till the very last. The city has some brilliant nightlife options in the form of indoor bars, sports bar, vintage bars, rooftop bars, beach bars, pubs, night clubs, discotheques, strip clubs to make your nightlife full of fun. The city also has a lot of live music bars where one can grab a glass of their drink and groove to the tunes of some live music. Make sure you don’t miss the nightlife while in New York because remember my friend you are in a city that never sleeps.

Best Locations of New York for Nightlife

New York city is rightfully known for its nightlife. Whether it is the dive in pubs or the friendly bottles only dance bars the city has got it all. And the city has places to drink, dance and party all across the five boroughs. One can choose which area they want to enjoy the nightlife depending on what they are looking for. Here Is the list of best places in New York where one can experience night life.

The East Village

Known for its happening nightlife. Old-school bars, music venues and performance spaces share the streets with posh cocktail lounges, hip restaurants. Daytime sees a more laid-back crowd browsing boutiques, vintage shops and tattoo parlours, and dining at casual cafes. Once the epicentre of the city’s punk scene, St. Mark’s Place now features of-the-moment fast-food eateries and souvenir shops.

Greenwich Village

Welcome to Greenwich Village

The epicentre of the city’s 1960s counterculture movement, the tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village are now a hub of popular cafes, bars and restaurants. Jazz clubs and Off-Broadway Theatres can also be found amid the brownstones and New York University buildings. At its heart is Washington Square Park, where people mingle around the central plaza. Rainbow flags attest to the neighbourhood’s LGBT-friendly vibe.

Lower East Side

The eclectic Lower East Side is where gritty alleys and tenement-style buildings mix with upscale apartments and chic boutiques. Night-time draws hip, young crowds to the area’s trendy bars, music venues and restaurants. The neighbourhood’s Jewish heritage lives on through Orchard Street’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum and old-world fabric stores, as well as traditional delis such as Katz’s and Russ & Daughters.

The Meatpacking District

It’s a hip commercial area on the far west side. It’s home to the Whitney Museum of American Art, high-end designer clothing stores and a stretch of the High Line, an elevated park built atop former railroad tracks. At ground level, the cobblestone streets are filled with trendy restaurants and clubs that have taken over the cavernous spaces once occupied by the namesake meatpacking plants.

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan Lights

Is the central portion of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Midtown is home to some of the city’s most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project, the headquarters of the United NationsGrand Central Terminal, and Rockefeller Centre, as well as Broadway and Times Square. Midtown is the country’s largest commercial, entertainment, and media centre, and a growing financial centre.

Apart from these other major areas for nightlife in New York are:

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • SoHo
  • Chelsea
  • Tribeca

Beaches Near NYC

There are also some pristine beaches in the city of New York where one can take a dip during the summers and soak in some valuable Vitamin D. These beaches also offer a good change from the bustling city life. There are also some good beach bars and sea food restaurants along these beaches that one can spend some time at. Here is a list of some of the best beaches from New York:

  • Coney Island, Brooklyn. For decades, people have enjoyed the old Ferris Wheel as well as the roller coaster and food stalls along this beach. One of the best beaches in New York.
  • Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. If you are looking for a stretch of sand with not too many people around, perhaps Manhattan is for you.
  • Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. This beach has more open spaces, a relaxed atmosphere, and quiet cafes that serve food and drink to anyone wanting a snack as they come off the beach.
  • Midland Beach, Staten Island. This Staten Island beach is inaccessible but some beachgoers regard that as an advantage. With plenty of activities going on – handball and shuffleboard are two of the favourites.
  • Long Beach, Nassau County. The boardwalk and the quality of the surf are two reasons to head for Nassau County.

These beaches offer loads of activities along with just taking a dip in the water and would be highly recommended for anyone who is looking to get some quiet time away from the bustling city life.

Best Bars of New York

Whether you favour beer bars or serious cocktail bars; a beer-and-shot special or a transporting glass of wine, NYC has a game-changing bar to slake your thirst. To narrow down the endless options, here is the list of best bars from New York. From hot new barrooms to tried-and-true staples in every neighbourhood, these are the kind of places that beg you to stick around for another round. There are numerous options that one can choose from but here we provide you details about the most famous ones:

The Dead Rabbit

Known As The Best Bar In The World

Located in the financial district of New York this is one of the best bars in New York and this needs to be on your must visit list when in the city. In this bar you can drink like a boss! The place once a 19th century tavern has been made up into a refined cocktail parlour. The place also offers some exotic food menu that one can choose from. Make sure to dress up well or be ready to be denied entry.

Death & Company

The place may sound like a fun place but when it comes to drink the bar tenders here get deadly serious. This place is a pioneer in New York’s craze for craft cocktails. Behind the imposing wooden door, jet black walls, cushy booths, and chandeliers set a luxuriously sombre mood. Tipples here are consistently among the city’s best, many of which have propelled mixology trends across the country. It is located in the east village area of New York.

Pouring Ribbons

Pouring Ribbons

It’s no wonder that a booze-powered Fantastic Four opened this capacious, teal-daubed barroom. Each tipple is measured on two scales: refreshing to spirituous (how boozy do you take your drink?) and comforting to adventurous (do traditional or quirky flavours appeal?). Situated above a scruffy liquor store on Avenue B, the airy second-floor drinkery is appointed with milky Art Deco lights and wood panelling. It is in the east village area of New York. Make sure to get a ticket as early as possible because this place gets quite crowded.


Getting maced in the East Village might sound like a New York nightmare, but not at this pocket-size cocktail club (named after the nutmeg like spice, not the eye-burning pepper spray). The barmen centre each of their concoctions around one spice, imported from their respective travels and showcased in mason jars around the spice-market–inspired space. The goods here are bold, sure, but with just enough temperance to leave you wanting more. This one is also located in the east village area of the city of New York.


Located in the lower east side of the New York city. This place offers one of the best bar ambiences. The place has a up-tempo retro tunes to the brightly lit, lived-in digs (whitewashed brick, tarnished a sign hanging on the wall), Attaboy proves a breezy evolution of the form. At the brushed-steel bar, suspender-clad drinks slingers stir off-the-cuff riffs to suit each customer’s boozy preference. 

These are some of the best bars in New York and they provide something for everyone. Your next trip to New York would be incomplete without visiting one of the above bars. Beer, whiskey are the most favourite drinks among New Yorkers, be ready to try them.

Best Bar Restaurants of New York

Sometimes after a long tiring day after work or even just sightseeing you might need to grab some good food for your tummy and grab a few drinks for your soul. And what better place to go than a bar restaurants which provides good food along with some great drinks. Isn’t that a great combination? New York has some great bar restaurants of different themes in almost all the boroughs and here are our top picks:

The Penrose

Penrose Bar

Upper East Siders in search of a well-executed classic cocktail do not search of any place further The Penrose, a refined but genial bar covered in obligatory old-timey decor. But drinkers can also eat a full dinner with affordable, superior renditions of gastropub fare. Fried pickles, fish and chips, and fried chicken sandwich are options. Live music happens every Sunday at 8 p.m.

Valhalla NYC

Located in the Hell’s Kitchen region of the city of New York, this place offers some great food and drinks. You can catch some live games on the TV and also taste one among their 48 craft beers while feeding your tummy with some finger licking food. It also serves sports bar-style food, including messy nachos, crispy buffalo wings, and a beer-braised bratwurst with impressively hot and fresh hand-cut fries. The daily lunch special offers any draft beer with a food item for $14. Show up early, as Valhalla gets packed in the evening.

Old Town Bar

This place is close to being vintage, operating since the year 1892. The place serves some great beer along with some excellent food. The burgers here are a must try notable for their thick patty and comes with fries that still have potato skin on them. The fiery wings rival the hall-of-famers in Buffalo. A downstairs booth is ideal for lingering with a small group. This place is not only one of New York’s most historic bars, but also one of its most reliable.

The Jeffrey

The Jeffrey has an inventive food menu. It is located under the Queensborough bridge and serves chilled beers on all days. crack monsieur — Pullman Bread with bechamel, fontina, Swiss and black forest ham are must try’s here, and the place also offers vegetable options like the Mediterranean salad and red beet devilled eggs. It is always a pleasant experience to visit this place.

The Pool Lounge

If a high-roller dinner at Major Food Group’s new the Pool feels too lavish, tuck into the adjacent Pool Lounge. The redesigned mezzanine, previously in the old Four Reasons restaurant, has a relatively easy-going atmosphere and a view of the diners and famous pool below. Thomas Waugh’s cocktails are named for their ingredients, enticing customers to try bold, original spins on classics such as the jalapeño margarita. Chef Rich Torrisi’s bites, including ribbons of foie gras and sea urchin toasts, are nearly as pretty but much more decadent, and absolutely do not skip pastry chef Stephanie Prida’s desserts.

Apart from the bar restaurants mentioned above there are also a large number of restaurants which are good here is a list of few of these places:

  • Fine and Rare
  • Julius
  • Bar Sardine
  • Please don’t tell
  • Pegu Club
  • Royale
  • Summit Bar
  • Lover Boy

The eating dinner scene in a bar restaurant in New York would likely mean eating some deep-fried food or some toasts. But these days the bar restaurants serve a huge diversity of cuisines from across the globe with some equally great cocktails. No one would mistake these spots for proper sit-down restaurants, but if one drink turned into a few, it’d be easy to make a meal out of their excellent dishes. These are the best bars for scoring a standout meal.

Events in New York

They say that New York is a city that never sleep and for a city that never sleep there must something going on throughout the year isn’t it? There are events, fests, carnivals held in the city of New York through the year. There are events which are held due to a particular season, there are a few historical events and there are other modern-day fun events too. In short, New York has something to offer for everyone. Here is a look at some of the best events and festivals of New York:


  • New Year’s Day
  • New York city boat show
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • New York city restaurant week
  • Chinese Lunar new year


  • New York City Restaurant week
  • Groundhog Day
  • Westminster Kennel Club dance show
  • Winter fashion week
  • Chinese lunar new year
  • Valentine’s day


  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter


  • Easter
  • Tribeca film festival
  • Macy’s flower show
  • Cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn botanical garden
  • Opening day at Yankee stadium
  • Opening daya at citi field









Make sure to visit a few of these fests whenever you are in New York during any of the above months. These fests will provide a tourist an opportunity to experience the culture, vibe and the energy of New York in its true sense. And most of these fests are organized in a particular location of the city so if you are planning to visit these fests make sure to book your hotels accordingly in the locations. And these fests are full of music, dance, drama, food, drinks and fiesta off course, New York at its best.

What time does the nightlife peak in New York?

The city of New York is bustling with energy and activities through the day. The city being the hub for various industries in the world witnesses some of the busiest pathways, metros and underground subways in the world. There are tons of activities going on through the day that one can be part of. These activities start early in the morning till the sun sets in the city. Most of these events are in the magnificent parks that the city is famous for. These parks offer freshness and calm to any visitor.

But, once the sun sets and the city is engulfed in artificial lights that is when the other side of New York, the night life face of New York comes alive. Though most of the pubs, bars, bar restaurants are open through the day, they offer special settings or events for the evenings. These events could include a live music performance or an instrument show. These are held mainly in the evenings.

Flatiron Plaza, 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan

Wait, if partying hard is what you are looking for then you got to have patience my friend, because they start late in the night and go on till the early hours of the morning. These parties peak around midnight, they witness maximum crowds around this time with the best line-ups of the evening. So, it would always be a good idea to visit one of the bars where you can grab some food and a few drinks in the early evenings and then head to these party places during the midnight. That way one can experience the best of both the world that the city has to offer. Put those dancing shoes on, loosen your clothes and get ready to dance your way off in New York.  

Best Nightclubs of New York

The night club scene in New York has come a long way. With so many choices of late-night spots in this city that never sleeps, it can quickly become overwhelming to pick out the cream of the crop. Each of these spots are unique in their own ways and provide a good amount of diversity to any of the visitors. Luckily for you, we’ve spared you the stress of having to do so. Here are the very best clubs in NYC, which extend from Ridgewood to the Meatpacking District and Bed-Stuy to the Financial District.

Here is the list of best night clubs in New York:

House of Yes

House of Yes

The house of Yes is located in the Bushwick region of the New York city. The place is relatively new. Opened in the year 2016 and it quickly established itself as a reliable way for Brooklyn revellers to wear insane costumes and lose their inhibitions just about every weekend. With exhibitionist parties like “House of Love” and the immersive “Little Cinema” film tributes, along with a panoply of aerialists, magicians and dancers on retainer, House of Yes is constantly inventing new ways to make a night out more than just drinks at the bar. It is highly advised to grab a ticket at the earliest and get to the venue well in advance as the crowds can swell at this place.


Judging by the neighborhood’s flashy vibe, you’d never guess that this club has almost zero attitude—at least once you make it past the bouncers guarding the door. On the dance floor, hip-to-hip crowds gyrate to deep beats from top DJs, including NYC old-schoolers François K, Tedd Patterson and Louie Vega. With its crystal-clear sound system, Cielo has won a bevy of best-club awards over the years—and it deserves them all. It is located in the Meat packing district of the New York city is one of the best in the town.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

If tropical fantasy dance bar is what you are looking for, then wait and look no further than the Bossa Nova Civic club. Located in the Bushwick area of the New York city, this place sets itself apart from its competitors with a legitimate sound system and consistently hot line-ups of underground house and techno DJs manning the decks. The bar-meets-club has made a big name for itself since opening in 2012, curating its own stage at Sustain-Release and hosting numerous industry pioneers. Bossa’s “DJ résumé” continues to impress—highlights include: Adam X, Ron Morelli, Heather Heart, Marcos Cabral, Reade Truth, Jamie xx, Henning Baer and Mike Simonetti.

Le Bain

The pleasant weather of New York would make anyone want to grab some fresh breeze outside, soak in some Sun and grab a cold glass of beer. And what better place to do so from a rooftop bar? The rooftop bar of the still-trendy Standard Hotel, Le Bain boasts two floors with sweet views of the Hudson River and New Jersey, not to mention a jacuzzi (taking a dip is optional) and a dance floor for house heads. As far as the crowd is concerned, think the children of the Meatpacking clubbers of yore—not their literal offspring, but models and model types. Things heat up on Wednesday nights during Eli Escobar’s sweaty Dance Dance Dance, named after the classic disco track by Chic, when a see-and-be-seen crowd lets loose. 



With its top-flight sound system, sophisticated menu and deeply chill vibes, Nowadays is a slice of Neverland for club kids. Opened by Mister Saturday Night cofounders Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, Nowadays’ ample outdoor space is the home of its day-party incarnation Mister Sunday and the Ridgewood Market as well as a regular slate of readings and discussions. A 5,000-square-foot indoor venue was unveiled earlier this year, so now DJs can spin harder stuff into the wee hours for those who still haven’t adopted the habit of going to bed early.

China Chalet

Chinese food along with an anything goes attitude and an extremely spacious dinning room has made this place in the financial district an unlikely destination for world-class DJs and fashion-forward clubbers for a decade. Pop-up parties there regularly bring in taste making talent like Total Freedom and Brooklyn’s Mixpak crew, but China Chalet has also been the incubator recurring events like the celeb-studded see-and-be-seen party GLAM and the diva-worshipping Heaven on Earth. 

Good Room

Located in the greenpoint region of the city of New York. Well, it’s a few rooms, actually. Designed with the DJs in mind, the main one has a perfectly placed booth, a solid sound system, an expansive dance floor and a small stage for performances. Another space has a massive square bar, while a smaller spot—the Bad Room—houses a wall of vinyl and another DJ setup for more tunes. Embraced by night owls over its four years in Greenpoint, the club is home to Joshua D. Houtkin and David R. Pianka’s FIXED affair, among other popular soirees.



The scale of a megaclub when it meets the Bushwick style gives rise to a sprawling entertainment complex tucked away in a burgeoning nightlife district off the Jefferson Avenue strip. The big room fits 700 peeps and boasts a sensory-overloading laser-and-LED light show. And the talent’s decidedly left of the dial, featuring indie-rockers and DJs with a foot still in the underground as well as all-nighters, such as the queer Latinx party Papi Juice. Elsewhere also features a smaller side room that offers its own programming, a second space for larger shindigs and a quiet cocktail lounge upstairs, plus a spacious rooftop deck.

These are some of the best nightclubs located in the city of New York. If you are in a mood to grab a few drinks and dance the night off, then you should certainly head to one of these destinations. One can see the energy of New York in these places.

Live Music Bars in New York

No matter how many discotheques open up, how many dance bars open up and how many night clubs open up the charm of a live music bar is something that cannot be matched by anything else. If you are more of a silent, classy music lover and want to spend the night listening to some groovy music with some excellent food and a few drinks then there are plenty of options that the city of New York has to offer. Here are a few live music bars in the city of New York.

Skinny Dennis

Honky tonk bar is not liked by everyone because of its cheap and disreputable nature. It is a club or a dance hall where typically high energy country music is played and one can witness the rawness of the local music and true energy in such places. If that is the kind of place that you are looking for then you need to seriously consider Skinny Dennis. Most nights there is a band and the alcohol is cheap.

The Flatiron Room

Live Jazz music or blue music is the taste of this place. It is a mature and an old place ideal for a classy date. And wait, there is also whiskey and lot of it. The place has classy and cozy interiors. Make sure you book well in advance as the place gets quite crowded especially during the weekends.

11TH Street Bar

Alphabet city is a neighbourhood in the city of New York. It is a very warm neighbourhood where people seem to like each other and almost all of them know each other. Ideally one should head to this neighbourhood first and then head to the 11th street bar. It’s a dim lit pub that has live music most nights. Sometimes its jazz, sometimes its folk and sometimes is something else, let it surprise you with its music. Also, one more thing make sure to eat at Babu Ji first before heading to this place.


Mona’s is deeper into Alphabet City than 11th Street Bar, and even fewer tourists make it over. Maybe that’s why we like it so much. It isn’t the nicest bar in the world, but at the nicest bar in the world there’s probably a huge line for drinks. Not so at Mona’s. Mona’s is small, dive-y, and people seem to know one another. The house specialty is New Orleans jazz, but you can also hear bluegrass on Mondays.

St. Mazie

St. Mazie is an excellent date spot in Williamsburg. Bring someone you like, order at the bar, then listen (and maybe dance) to live flamenco. We can’t promise it’ll always be flamenco, but there’s some form of live music most nights around 10. The bar itself is dark and cozy, and there’s an excellent patio. Should you get hungry, there’s also a full restaurant in the basement.

They say music is soul to the ears and a trip to the city of New York would be incomplete without providing one of these souls to your ears. And the city provides multiple options of live music bars that one can choose from. So, head to a music bar, grab your drink and listen to your music.


The city of New York located on the east coast of the United States of America is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world. The city is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is home to some of the biggest names in the media, finance and reality industries in the world.

The city is made up of five boroughs namely Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and the staten Islands. And these five boroughs together constitute the city of New York. The city is blessed with abundant parks, some pristine beaches, magnificent sky scrappers and efficient public transport system.

East village, Greenwich village, Meat packing district, mid-town Manhattan, financial district are some of the most happening places for experiencing night life of this ever vibrant and energetic city. The city has a dense population and receives millions of tourists every year. This has given rise to numerous restaurants, pubs, bars, bar restaurants, discothèques and nightclubs to entertain the crowds.

There are events happening through the year in the city of New York and one can visit the city to witness any of these events. These events are mostly related to history, arts, seasons or modern-day events. But, be assured all these events are celebrated with a lot of fan fare and charm.

The nightlife in this city starts generally late in the night and peaks around mid-night and goes on till the early hours of the mornings. Most of these places get very crowded during the weekend so make sure to grab those tickets early and get to the venue.

Overall, New York is a city that never sleeps, and one must visit this city at least once in their lifetime. And be assured that the energy and the charm of this city will take you by storm!

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