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The Best Places to go Clubbing in New York

1. New York Beach Club Crete

New York Beach Club Crete

The New York Beach Club Crete is one of the most popular nightclubs of Hersonissos. The club is frequented by crowds of young tourists and offers good music selected by the best local DJs. New York Beach Club was initiated 30 years ago and it has been the number # 1 party spot for locals and tourists alike ever since. Its name is legendary and this year it was even awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor, making it the first club on Crete to have received this honour!

2. 1 Oak New York

1 Oak New York

1 OAK New York is all about elegance, class, and its art-like environment. 1 Oak has always livened up to New York City’s nightlife culture. Nightlife trends have never been persistent but 1 Oak has outlasted all those trends. The visitors once tasted the flavor of nightlife at 1 Oak had always come back in search of the same flavor. Located at the center of Chelsea, this place has always been the heart of New York’s City nightlife.

3. PHD Terrace New York

PHD Terrace New York

PHD Terrace resides with elegance on the top of Dream Hotel Midtown. This place offers a glorious view of Manhattan and Times Square. PHD Terrace is favorite among all those who seek pleasure after work and/or at the weekend. We welcome fun-revelers, party-lovers, and all those who understand the charm of New York City nightlife. If you seek the same flavor of nightlife, PHD Terrace is the answer to that call.

4. Tao Downtown New York

Tao Downtown New York

Ever been to a subterranean restaurant? If no, then you’ve got Tao Downtown located right in the heart of Chelsea, awaiting you to visit. The ambiance of Tao Downtown feels like one out of this world and leave deep impressions on your mind forever. Once you are in the confines of this place, you certainly feel a distinguished sense of being somewhere arresting.

5. Avenue New York

Avenue New York

The entry hall of Avenue speaks bundles of this place. This is a place where you are going to find the fun you have never found before. This place exuberates with the fun-spirit. It’s not only fun that Avenue offers; but have you heard of an exotic ambiance ever? This place is all about the exotic experience. Situated at 116 10th avenue at 17th street, Avenue appeals the fun-seekers.

6. Black Flamingo New York

Black Flamingo New York

Black Flamingo is a dream come true for New Yorkers. It was the year 2015 when Black Flamingo was established with the intent to spread rampant joy in your nights. This place is one true hub of delight which has always livened up to the New York nightlife expectations. You will feel a spontaneous surge of fun vibes all around you when at Black Flamingo club, bar, or should we call it a restaurant! This unique combo will blow your mind away, believe it or not.

7. Marquee New York

Marquee New York

Marquee depicts the true face of modern bars. The nights at Marquee are more than just lit. The place has an incredibly elegant interior with LED walls from the floor to the ceiling. The magical, sophisticated interior of the place is an exact match of the enthralling music-filled atmosphere of the bar. We have a premium quality sound & lighting system, DJs, and live music to light up your nights.

8. Lavo New York

Lavo New York

Lavo a restaurant-cum-club is famous for its finesse in food and fun. Situated on 39 E 58th St, this place has been attracting the most sophisticated and trendy crowds from all over New York. Nights at Lavo club are something else, entirely different from regular nightclubbing. The restaurant is no less than perfection. The whole place is about distinction, class, and finesse.

9. Up & Down New York

Up & Down New York

Up & Down lets you ride all night with the waves of thrill and fun. Established in 2014 only, the place has gotten fame across the town among partiers and fun-revelers. Anyone who wants to experience a true cultural nightlife must visit the Up & Down. We promise our crowd luxury, delight, and fun. And we never fail to provide what we promise.

10. The Blond New York

The Blond New York

The Blond is a place which emits style from every inch of its nooks and corners. The subdued floors, calm colors of curtains and furnishing, elegant ornamental pieces, and dimmed lights produce a seductive environment which gets on your nerves and casts its spell on you. The whole ambience does its specific magic which only makes you feel amused and immersed.

11. Rumpus Room New York

Rumpus Room New York

Rumpus Room is all about the wild things, craziness and letting loose. On the lower east side of Manhattan, Rumpus Room is an intimate nightclub. All those of you who wanna go crazy on the dance floor, this is your kind of place. The ambiance at the Rumpus Room supports your energy and resonates with the fun-seeking attitude. The crowd at this nightclub are never afraid of having the kind of fun they are seeking all along and letting it all out on the dance floor. We bet, visiting our place is going to be the one of a kind experience of your clubbing life.

12. Mission New York

Mission New York

Mission remains the major hub of clubbing in Chelsea. This is a bi-level nightclub which is equipped with all the necessary fundamentals to render the premium class fun to all its visitors. Mission nightclub imitates the Korean nightclub environment. The unique Korean style nightclub seems like something that is out of the box among the traditional style nightclubs of New York. Unlike other American nightclubs, the well-dressed would serve you here instead of the cocktail waitresses.

13. Le Bain New York

Le Bain New York

Le Bain has gained recognized fame among the penthouse disco bars of New York. Since the days it was opened, this nightclub has lived up to the expectations of New Yorkers. The fun-seekers and party-revelers are always contented with the ambiance and amenities provided at Le Bain. Dance, laugh, drink, and live away your nights to the fullest at Le Bain.

14. Hudson Terrace New York

Hudson Terrace New York

Hudson Terrace offers the most magnificent views of the Hudson River to behold and relish all year round. This place has some incredibly amazing features which you can never be able to resist. Visit this place once and you are gonna wanna come over and over again. Hudson Terrace is a multi-featured nightclub and an event venue visited by Yonkers frequently.

15. Good Room New York 

Good Room New York 

Good Room offers safe heaven to people from all walks of life regardless of their beliefs and sexuality. This place was initiated by those who loved music in tremendous measures. This nightclub is no ordinary one as it manifests its immense love for music. The sound system of d&b audio technic and massively talented DJs craft an atmosphere which none can resist but fall into its magic. Good Room was only established in 2014 and it has continued its journey of fun and amusement in a most quixotic way since then.

16. Doha New York 

Doha New York 

Doha a nascent nightclub residing in LIC Queens. This place serves your absolute need on weekends. Have a furious fun experience at Doha. Spend your nights and enjoy our amenities specially crafted to render amusement and thrill. State-of-the-art lighting system and audio system enthrall everyone at the club and fills the place with energy.

17. Club Cache New York

Club Cache New York

Club Cache is open for all. Those who need to have a fabulous experience of clubbing, they must visit Club Cache on their weekends. This is the place where you are going to find all those things which play the major role to push all the worrying burdens aside and let you have an enthralling fun-filled night. Let us provide you with amusement, delight, and music on weekend nights. The sizzling fun at Club Cache once tasted is never forget and it induces a longing to experience the same energy over and over again.

18. The Copacabana Times Square New York

The Copacabana Times Square New York

The Copacabana Times Square situated in Manhattan serves you with the fun-filled nights. This is not just a nightclub but an icon of New York City nightclub. This place not only makes your nights colorful but is also up for your events accommodation. Copacabana has 3 portions; the lounge, the main floor, and the rooftop. We welcome everyone with the indiscriminating generosity. We are always finding and implementing new ways to improve our services in order to provide our visitors with the best experience at Copacabana nightclub.  Our appetite to become better is never satiated which is the very reason why our visitors always return home delighted.

19. FREQ New York

FREQ New York

FREQ is a modern night club along with a classic event menu. Those who want to have a clubbing experience in style would want to visit a place like FREQ. And here we drop the warning, there isn’t a place like FREQ in the town. We empathize with your hunger for a fun time and understand what you’d exactly need to calm your qualms away

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Either business casual or smart casual.

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NYC parties usually start a little earlier, between 10pm and 11pm.
After 11:.30pm, parties tend to be crowded and there are lines forming outside the shop, making it a bit difficult to get in.

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