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Avenue New York, Guide & Review

The entry hall of Avenue speaks bundles of this place. This is a place where you are going to find the fun you have never found before. This place exuberates with the fun-spirit. It’s not only fun that Avenue offers; but have you heard of an exotic ambiance ever? This place is all about the exotic experience. Situated at 116 10th avenue at 17th street, Avenue appeals the fun-seekers.

If you need to experience an overflowing exotic tour of a good time, you have got to visit Avenue. The vibrant interior is quite a sight to the sore eyes and never fails to create an ambiance which lifts your soul to the unknown heights. LED lights on walls and the ceilings exhibits only liveliness, sparkle, and energy. 30 feet high ceilings encompass pleasing to the eye ornaments, a classic design, and technology to back the luxurious environment.

Avenue is a 2 story lounge and is notorious for throwing world-class events. We have hosted parties for various businesses including entertainment, fashion, finance, business, and technology. At Avenue,we havecapacity to contain as much as 50 to 250 guests. The customers who had had us to arrange their events are convinced of our hospitality and premium services. Avenue has accommodated for private events for Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs, Derek Jeter, and the list would go on.

We are open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. To not get in the queue, you can make reservations prior. All you have to do is type in your essentials in the form available on our official website. Keep in mind, there’s no way your reservation is confirmed but until our team responds to your reservation request.  Reservations are also open for special events. Fill in the form about your upcoming event and we will respond to you promptly.

Avenue New York Dress Code Guide

Avenue is yet another popular nightclub in New York. Located in Chelsea, Avenue is open from 11 am to 4 am six days a week. Saturdays, Friday, and Monday are the busiest days in the week. If you don’t want to groove with a maddening crowd, then avoid visiting this place on these days. The nightclub is closed on Wednesday. So don’t arrange a private party at this nightclub on this day.

Celebrities from the glamor world can be easily seen in this nightclub. You can also find models from the fashion world. The rest of the crowd consists of youngsters from the age group of the 20s and 30s. So you can very well understand from the guest list that you got to be no less than a fashionista when it comes to attending a party in the nightclub.

Here are a few guidelines you need to follow when it comes to dress code. Your dress should talk more than your mouth.

Avenue Club Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Just like in 1 Oak NYC, the Avenue nightclub also demands that women show their thunderous thighs and graceful figure through short but stylish dresses and heels.

Consider buying a pair of white stilettos since they go very well with all kind of dresses. Plus, white can never go wrong.

Avenue Club Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Like most good nightclubs in New York, here also the typical dress code is collared t-shirt and jeans. Button downs and suits are equally popular and acceptable in this nightclub.

You can go to a businessman attire if you want. But that would be too formal.  If you’re going there for a meeting, then wear a suit. Also, much depends on how you carry a suit. If you have a good figure, then a suit can draw the attention of the girl’s attention instantly. A suit can give you an extra edge in this situation. Otherwise, jeans and collared t-shirts are a nice option.

Light colored shirts and black pants are also a good combination. I feel that black pants can never go wrong. If you’re confused about the shoes, then go for black shoes. Avoid sneakers and hats if possible.

Our Suggestions 

The dress code at Avenue is elegant but casual. So try to follow it. Avoid wearing beachwear in the nightclub, especially swimsuits, and flip flops. Other than this, avoid wearing torn clothes. Shredded clothes are a big ‘no’ in the nightclubs.

Avoid wearing athletic clothes and baseball caps. Most good nightclubs in New York don’t allow people who wear t-shirts with logos or some specific brand names. So avoid wearing these types of apparels also.

The Avenue nightclub management has the full discretion to stop anyone from entering into the party. So, don’t wear anything that may go against you and ruin your enjoyment.

Just remember this quote, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” So, if you want to enjoy with your girlfriend or boyfriend in the most premium nightclubs in New York, follow the proper dressing etiquette.

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