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FREQ New York, Guide & Review

FREQ is a modern night club along with a classic event menu. Those who want to have a clubbing experience in style would want to visit a place like FREQ. And here we drop the warning, there isn’t a place like FREQ in the town. We empathize with your hunger for a fun time and understand what you’d exactly need to calm your qualms away.

We have never failed to amuse our visitors since the day of our beginning. At FREQ, this is the ride which our visitors and we have mutually enjoyed. As we take bliss in serving you and you being our visitor likes to be served. The dance floor is a capacious, roomy room where seating is installed. You can either sit with your party or dance on the floor. On one extreme of the dance floor there resides the elevated DJ booth while on the other extreme of the room, there resides an expansive bar service.

The lighting system is an outlandish one. The lights installed in the ceiling keep moving and illuminating all the space. The fluctuating lights and the loud, energizing music combined are a mood booster. The whole ambiance makes you want nothing but feel positive vibes, bliss, and enthralling fun. Have the drink of your choice and join the fun.

FREQ not only serves in the field of partying and clubbing but handling events and everything that surrounds this topic is also our concern. If you have an event coming, whatever may it be; a birthday, a wedding, a celebratory event, a corporate event, or it is a fashion or entertainment ceremony. We have space enough to accommodate your upscale events and intimate events as well. Write in your essential details in the form available on our website to book your event with us.

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