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The Blond New York, Guide & Review

The blond welcomes everyone. The guests would find all the essentials to mingle, relax, and do more. The blond resides boastfully in 11 Howard, its windows facing Howard Street. This place offers myriad of finest amenities to make your nights and evenings memorable and worth-living.

The blond is a place which emits style from every inch of its nooks and corners. The subdued floors, calm colors of curtains and furnishing, elegant ornamental pieces, and dimmed lights produce a seductive environment which gets on your nerves and casts its spell on you. The whole ambience does its specific magic which only makes you feel amused and immersed.

The bar service is available throughout from Monday to Saturday during hours from 5 pm to 10 pm.  Cocktails are served as a specific from 5 pm to 10 pm. The nightlife at the blond officially commences at 10 pm sharp and then it stays on into the night. DJs would add to the flavor of the alluring night.

Our expert chefs at the restaurant would not let your cravings remain unserved.  At the blond, your taste buds are going to get some wonderful treatment. We follow no intricate policy around serving our guests. Instead, first come, first serve is the only policy we follow. If you’re planning to come along your party counting up to 15, then the reservation is recommended.

After 10 pm, we have DJs who play eclectic dance genres. you certainly can’t feel yourself dull anymore once the music hits this magical interior of the blond and the two disco balls get glowing. This place is obviously not for the faint-hearted as it portrays a nightlife which betrays the usual nightlife. While you are at our place wait till the atypical environment grips you in its magic. So, just sick and enjoy the ride of being in a captivating atmosphere.

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