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Lavo New York, Guide & Review

Lavo, a restaurant-cum-club is famous for its finesse in food and fun. Situated on 39 E 58th St, this place has been attracting the most sophisticated and trendy crowds from all over New York. Nights at Lavo club are something else, entirely different from regular nightclubbing. The restaurant is no less than perfection. The whole place is about distinction, class, and finesse.

The restaurant’s décor is based on the concept of nineteenth-century Italian bistro and has been established with repurposed bricks and tiles, open-air doors, Sidewalk tables, and much more to see. A bar and café are also there to enhance the coziness of the place. The main dining room past the partition glass door has red and white Italian banquettes and emits the vibes of sophistication. Dessert and coffee both are additional specialties of the dining room.

The menus at Lavo Restaurant entail all-day dessert, lunch, cocktail, wine, champagne brunch parades, riviera parades, and Sunday brunch. Each menu features an extensive list of options. With too many options to choose from, you can only be befuddled but never hungry. Whether you are going to dine in or avail our delivery option, you are making the right choice for your taste buds.

The Lavo Club has an interior of exotic and seductive nature. The ceilings have a multitude of LED screens installed. The walls and panels are tufted with thick and wood adding to the sensual appeal of the interior décor. Raised DJ booth keeps the ambiance alive with resonating sound of eclectic music. The bar booth, plush banquettes, and the sunken dance floor are pure traditional features of a nightclub. Lavo Nightclub stays open from Thursday to Saturday in the hours between 11 PM and 4 AM.

Reservations can be made in advance for private events, parties, and dinner as well.

Lavo New York Dress Code Guide

Lavo nightclub boasts of lucrative table packages and exquisite bottle service options in NYC. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive nightclubs in the city where people don’t hesitate to spend a fortune on decadent evenings.

Huge chandeliers and bright colors create a vibrant atmosphere in the Lavo nightclub. This is enough to attract DJs from all over the world.

Lavo nightclub can accommodate 500 people and serves the best cocktail you crave for. World’s most famous DJs perform here in front of a wild crowd who is ready to spend anything for good music.

Lavo nightclub is all about style, fashion, brands, money, and money. The guest list consists of celebrities and wealthy people. So, if you’re dreaming to have some nightlife fun at Lavo NYC, be ready to wear the best dress you have in your wardrobe. When it comes to Lavo, everything is lavish. So you have to think lavish and dress the right way. Otherwise, the doormen will simply turn you away at the door.

Lavo Club Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Lavo is all about brands like Gucci and Burberry. It’s about sexy clothes and branded accessories. Take out the prettiest clothes you have in your wardrobe and see if they accentuate your graceful curves. The dress should be both classy and sexy. Wear high heels to make a bold fashion statement at the nightclub.

Avoid beachwear or baggy clothes. Lavo Nightclub is neither a beach nor your home. Flip-flops, sportswear, ripped clothes are also strictly prohibited here. So don’t wear these clothes.

Follow the recent trends diligently. Check out the recent fashion magazines and see what celebrities are wearing. Top models and movie stars come at Lavo nightclub. Your dress should be high-class and classy.

Lavo Club Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Lavo nightclub has a very fashionable atmosphere where both elites and celebrities mix. Collared shirts, trendy shoes, and suit jackets are acceptable dress codes in the night club.

Avoid wearing casual and baggy clothes. Don’t wear shorts and athletic attire. Flip flops and sportswear are not allowed in the nightclub as well.

A brief snapshot of what is prohibited at Lavo nightclub

  • Baggy clothes
  • Sportswear
  • Torn or ripped clothes
  • Flip-flops
  • Sneakers
  • Short

Avoid wearing all these things when you’re getting ready for spending a beautiful night at Lavo nightclub. There is no point in spending $100 and then being turned away just for wearing sneakers. Act wisely if you want to have fun at the nightclub.

Dress you should wear to be a part of the elite class at Lavo nightclub:

  • Collared shirt
  • Dress shoes
  • Black pants
  • Button down

Our Suggestion 

The crowd mainly comprises of youngsters. If you desperately want to groove with celebrities, then dress like them. Otherwise, why would celebrities even care to give you a second look?

The bouncers have the last call. They can let you enter the nightclub or send you back to home as per their wish. Surely, you wouldn’t want to irritate them by breaking the dress code. Dress with finesse so that even bouncers can’t take their eyes off you.

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