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Tao Downtown New York, Guide & Review

Ever been to a subterranean restaurant? If no, then you’ve got Tao Downtown located right in the heart of Chelsea, awaiting you to visit. The ambiance of Tao Downtown feels like one out of this world and leave deep impressions on your mind forever. Once you are in the confines of this place, you certainly feel a distinguished sense of being somewhere arresting.

The entryway is a long corridor with walls showing Chinese calligraphy murals and a screen displaying dragon scale pattern. This whole arrangement makes your entry similar to a walk-through surreal dimension.

The grand staircase comes in view when you enter the place and this is the jaw-dropping moment as you behold the 40-foot staircase with banquettes fitted in the stairs and oddly placed statues and sculptures. The main dining area has a floor-to-ceiling high screen which displays Quan Yin with all her 24 hands.

The menus proffered at Tao Downtown are elaborated. The menu entails Small Plates, Dim Sum, Soups, Yakitori, Barbeque, Tempura, Noodles & Rice, The Sea, The Land, The Sky, The Sides, Sushi & Sashimi, and Specialties. An extensive list of options come under all these menus. Given the diversity, you are likely to feel bewildered but will never starve.

We are known for throwing distinguished mega-events in the past for all fields; finance, business, entertainment, fashion, and technology. Celebrate your special and intimate occasions may it be birthdays, anniversaries, or any other celebratory. We also handle corporate events. Worry not about the size of your guest list, as we can accommodate up to 1500 people.

Reservation can be made one month prior to your plan. If you are a party of 5, the credit card will be needed to secure your reservation. Accommodation for up to 14 people is a possible option. Fill in your form now to make a reservation.

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