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1 OAK New York, Guide & Review

1 Oak is all about elegance, class, and its art-like environment. 1 Oak has always livened up to New York City’s nightlife culture. Nightlife trends have never been persistent but 1 Oak has outlasted all those trends. The visitors once tasted the flavor of nightlife at 1 Oak had always come back in search of the same flavor. Located at the center of Chelsea, this place has always been the heart of New York’s City nightlife.

LED lights, classic-looking walls, and posh leather sofas bring an exotic feel to the interior. The floors display beautiful patterns and each wall display unique design and decoration. Ceilings showing beautiful lights of peculiar shapes only add to the whole elegant ambiance. The whole interior is one of a kind in the town and each visit to the place would be a tremendous one.

We openly boast about having the famed DJs to host the events. Our guests have also enjoyed the surprise performances from thefamous DJs. We have state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting systems installed. The music booms all over the place filling each soul at the 1 Oak with holy thrill. We are fully equipped to serve your wild partier nature.

We have 13 individual restrooms which can be availed by any of our prestigious customers. Treat your taste buds well while you’re at our place. The in-house catering services proffered at 1 Oak are also one of a kind. You can always get your table reserved. What all you have to do is fill in the form on our official website.

Those who seek to have fun-in-style would always choose 1 Oak in the town. This place can never be fully described in words, one has to see it for one’s own self. Come, visit us to have an out-of-the-world experience.

1 Oak New York Dress Code Guide

Usually, 1 Oak nightclub is the last destination of the party hoppers since the nightlife begins there at around 11 pm and ends at 4 am. A warm lounge, attentive staff, excellent food, and top celebrities from Hollywood make 1 Oak one of the most sought-after nightclubs in NYC.

1 Oak nightclub is considered as the hottest nightclub in NYC. If you want to enjoy a rocking party at 1 Oak nightclub, then you need to follow its rules and dress code diligently.

New in NYC and don’t have any idea about 1 Oak’s dress code? Don’t worry. We are here to guide you in just 1 minute.

Dress code is an integral part of the nightlife. Although, top-notch nightclubs may not openly accept that there is a dress code, yet their bouncers won’t allow people to get in if the proper dress code is not followed. ​

1 Oak Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Girls! You have to look hot and classy. Wear a short dress and team it up with high heels and bold eyeshadow. Show your legs but hide your cleavage. Display your hair boldly to all the members of the club. The style and the length don’t matter. Just show it to the world.
What you must wear

  • Cocktail dress
  • Short skirts
  • Stiletto

Apart from short dresses, you can also wear tank tops and jeans. Wear something in pink, black, white, or blue as they are the hot favorites.

1 Oak Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The businessman looks – that’s what you need to adorn at 1 Oak nightclub. Wear a classy slim fit suit before heading toward the nightclub. If you don’t want to adorn a perfect businessman look, then your next option is to wear a collared shirt and jeans.

Check out the Facebook page of Oak nightclub in NYC and look at the photos. You’ll find most guys are dressed casually in collared shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Although the businessman looks commands respect, the jeans and shirt look is more popular among the party goers. If you’re going to a party, then wear something white or black. They are quite popular among men.

Our Suggestions 

Bouncers won’t allow you to enter into the club if you’re not adhering to the club’s dress code guideline. Surely, you wouldn’t want to face that. So here are a few more suggestions for you.

  • Girls should give special attention to their eye makeup. It should make their eyes alluring and dramatic.
  • Practice walking on stilettos because surely you wouldn’t want to fall in front of the doormen and go back to your home in shame.
  • Girls should keep their flats at home if you’re determined to spend a night in the city’s hottest night club.
  • Avoid wearing flip flops and tank tops. Skip wearing baggy attire.

1 Oak nightclub is all about glitz, glamor, and grandeur. Celebrities like Joe Jonas are a common face here. Fashion shows are also a popular event in this nightclub. Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days with the maximum footfall. If you wish to see a big crowd at the party, then be there at Oak nightclub on these days. Have fun and good food with the busiest celebrities of Hollywood.

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