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Up and Down New York, Guide & Review

Up & Down lets you ride all night with the waves of thrill and fun. Established in 2014 only, the place has gotten fame across the town among partiers and fun-revelers. Anyone who wants to experience a true cultural nightlife must visit the Up & Down. We promise our crowd luxury, delight, and fun. And we never fail to provide what we promise.

Up & Down has two portions; upstairs and downstairs. The staircase that connects these two floors is lit with attractive geometric lighting. The ground floor exhibits an environment of a traditional nightclub. This is the very place where you should be dancing your nights away. Elevated DJ booth alongside a large bar service serves all your clubbing essential needs. Crown moldings on the ceilings, luxurious lighting system, and a high-quality sound system create an environment where nothing would stay but delight. On banquettes, you can sit, laugh, relax, and drink. There are also drop-down screens, DVD player, and a built-in stage to inflate the hype among the crowd.

On the lower level, we have space which our guests can avail for a more customized and private experience. we have a private karaoke room with 12 television screens installed where 12 to 15 guests can accommodate. We can make screens display the content of your choice befitting your event.  Another interesting feature of Up & Down is Sharingbox photo booth which has the option to customize your photos and even print them.

Other features include pinspot lighting, couches, and coffee tables spread across the whole place add to the tranquility of the place. Smokers can have their joyful moments in the private outdoor smoking area. The hidden staircase can be used to enjoy your moments of secrecy. The catering services are also available and guests can offer what suits their taste buds.

We are open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 pm to 4 am. Get your table/s reserved prior.

Up & Down New York Dress Code Guide

An extremely high energy and vibrant club in New York, Up and Down Club will have its patrons jumping ‘up and down’ in delight as they discover the exhilarating atmosphere of this night club. Complete with blue lighting, a dark yet cozy ambience, and even a pool table, Up and Down Club, New York, has designed the interiors in a mind-boggling fashion. With each level of Up and Down being different and exciting, this is one of the most popular and fascinating clubs in New York.

If you wish to gain entry into this night club venue in New York, here is all you need to know about the dress code policy of this club.

Up and Down Club Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

An extremely elegant and seductive club in New York City with two secret rooms to explore, Up and Down is very selective about who they allow into the club.

As for the dress code policy, Up and Down Club has a strictly Smart and Classy dress code policy.

For the ladies, this means putting on your finest dresses, be it a Little Black Dress, or something slightly more experimental. It is best to avoid the extreme low cut, revealing or short and skimpy kind of dresses for this club, as the atmosphere of the club simply exudes style and elegance.

As for your shoes, stick to the classic high heels. Opt for a pair of red bottom heels (if you can afford them!) or go for a classic black pair which will look great with any outfit you choose.

When it comes to your hair and makeup, you can choose to experiment with colors and styles. Opt for a high ponytail or a tight bun, which always looks classy with any outfit. You can also keep your hair open; however, opt for a clean hairstyle instead of the messy look which you might be able to get away with at other clubs.

Up and Down Club Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The gents at Up and Down Club are required to dress Smart and Classy.

Opt for a nice dress shirt or a classic collared shirt. Pair it up with some nice formal trousers. However, you can also opt for a nice pair of jeans if you wish to. The only thing to keep in mind is to stay away from baggy, loose, or distressed jeans, as they look overly casual. If you can opt for designer jeans instead.

When it comes to your hair and beard, it is best to opt for a clean and neat hairstyle and well-groomed beard.

As for your shoes, opt for dress shoes as the best option. Avoid any sports gear or gym wear. Sneakers and running shoes are also not allowed at this club. You should stick to the dress code guidelines in you want to avoid being sent back from the front door of the club.

Our Suggestion 

Up and Down is a very popular club in New York, and of course, enforces a strict dress code policy. Be sure to check out the official website for Up and Down, New York, to find out more about the dress code guidelines for this club.

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