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Playhouse Hollywood Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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Playhouse Hollywood Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Listen up! All those Hip-Hop lovers out there, Playhouse Hollywood is exactly what you were looking for till now. No worries, if you are not so-hip-hop type, this place still has got plenty to offer. The busy nights at Playhouse Hollywood depict the perfect LA nightclubbing scenario. As the night travels into the darkness, things start to get brighter at the Playhouse. The diverse types of events are held at Playhouse regularly. Bring your friends, siblings, or coworkers to this place, if really want to rock your nights.

With 40 feet high ceiling, located in the heart of LA, Playhouse nightclub is the true escapism for those who long for it. Three levels with the capacity to accommodate 750 persons at one time, this place is perfect for all kinds of events. Whether it’s a wrap party, red carpet premiere, film screening, award show, conference, concert, corporate event, or an intimate personal celebratory event, Playhouse is fully equipped to arrange a large- or small- scale event. The huge stage with modern DJ booth played by talented DJs, lighting system throwing vibrant-hued light rays, and hi-tech sound system, all together create a magical party-like environment which urges you to feel thrilled and rock along with the energy swaying across the whole place. VIP reservations are available for your events. Our bottle service serves to make you feel special. You just have to call us and we will confirm the reservation.

On Fridays, TBA Friday events are hosted by celebrities where everybody dances along with the hip hop music booming across the Playhouse. Cultura Thursdays are all about Reggaeton and Latin style hip hop music. The Scene Saturdays give you a high dose of best hip-hop music. Aerial dancers are a feast along with the hip-hop and energetic-filled atmosphere. The fashionable, upscale dressing is appreciated while individuals wearing casual, sporty, and baggy dresses will not be allowed entry in the club.

Playhouse Hollywood Los Angeles Dress Code Guide

Touted as one of the best nightclubs in the heart of Hollywood, a night out in Playhouse is incomplete without a stylish attire. Whenever, you think of attending an event, make sure you dress to impress. Top-notch celebrities often come to Playhouse nightclub during the weekends. So you never know who you might meet in the nightclub

Playhouse Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

You have full liberty to choose a dress that you wish to wear. However, if you want to get undivided male attention, then choose a vibrant color. The safest choice is a cute black short dress with a stylish stiletto. Wear a bright wine color lipstick with a fashionable earring to get the complete look.

Look at your body shape and choose a dress that would suit you. Something that you can carry. Don’t follow fashion blindly. It might backfire.

Tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts are abhorred here. So even if you love wearing tank tops, restrict yourself from wearing it here.

Oversized jeans or tops or dresses make you look fat. They don’t help to enhance your look. As such, avoid wearing baggy clothes. Plus, the doorman won’t allow you to enter the nightclub if he finds that you’re wearing baggy clothes. This gives you another reason not to wear baggy clothes.

Playhouse Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Dress code is a bunch of rules that tell you what you can wear or can’t wear. Almost all the nightclubs in America have laid out dress code guidelines for the guests. And they give a lot of importance to them. If you want to visit any nightclub in Los Angeles or anywhere else, make sure you check out the dress code guidelines first. Check out the official website of the nightclub. You’ll get tons of information.

In most nightclubs of Los Angeles, the standard dress code is a collared shirt, jeans, and dress shoes. At Playhouse nightclub, you can follow this dress code. There is no issue. But this is not mandatory. Okay.

But there are a few things that you can’t wear. For instance, jerseys, shorts, sports shoes, baseball hats, track jackets, joggers, etc. Sports attire is prohibited here.

Fashionable sneakers are allowed, but you shouldn’t wear work boots or leather boots or tennis shoes.

Don’t wear plain white t-shirts since you may not get an entry here. Avoid wearing ripped jeans and t-shirts too. They look ugly. Plus, they are against the dress code policy of the nightclub.

Our Suggestions 

If you don’t want to follow the official dress code policy, then book the VIP table with Playhouse bottle service. You can wear pretty much anything you want. The dress code policy is extremely relaxed there. However, if you don’t know anybody and you are just a normal guest, then you should adhere to the dress code guidelines of the Playhouse nightclub.

Get information about the latest events and dress code rules from the Tweets and Instagram Pics of Playhouse nightclub. Stay updated and enjoy.

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