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La Cita Bar Los Angeles, Guide & Review

La Cita is a Latin bar/nightclub. It has been featured in various magazines such as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly. And Esquire, etc. La Cita has also won many awards, including the LA Weekly’s Best Bloody Mary and Best Michelada award. A stage which is used for live performances, Christmas lights, a dancefloor, and a disco ball are installed here. Flat-screen TVs are also installed here. They are used to watch major sporting events. An outdoor patio is also available here. It will provide you a change of scenery. This place has a laid-back vibe, which makes it easy for people to let loose and enjoy themselves.

On Mondays, we organize Moist Monday event. During which DJ Moist will play the 90s, R&B and Hip-Hop music. Every Thursday night, we host the Cumbia fever event. During which our resident DJs such as Ricky Guapo, Pump Police, Palomo, Soulcab, and Rayes play different soundtracks. Every month we will introduce new DJs on the Cumbia event. This way, you won’t end up getting bored and can enjoy different styles of music. On Fridays, we host the Punk Reggae Party. Attend at your own risk; it tends to get a little crazy. During the function, Punk, Post-Punk, Mutant Disco, Ska, and Reggae music is played. Our resident DJs Michael Stock and Boss Harmony run the show. On August 10, we will also host the Sylvain Black event as well.

La Cita also organizes Happy Hour parties on a daily/weekly basis as well. They are held on El Patio. Examples can be taken of Angry Hour, Afternoon Delight and Sunday Bloody Sunday. Various genres of music are played on all of them. You can also build your own Bloody Mary on the Sunday Bloody Sunday event.

Visit the La Cita now and dance the night away.

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