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The Crocker Club Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Everyone deserves a perfect weekend. The one that is filled with fun, peals of laughter, and party vibes. The Crocker Club is the perfect place to have all these things at your weekend. If you can’t decide where to go on your weekend night, then you need not think anymore and pick The Crocker Club. Your friends’ squad won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer here. The Crocker Club was built in 1920, it was originally the building of Crocker Citizens National Bank. Once there were bankers busy monitoring their safe deposit boxes.

The Ghost Bar is one of the most highlighted features of The Crocker Club. The bar is laden with many types of drinks and cocktails. You would only have to tell our mixers what you need and you will be served the drink of your choice with a warm smile. The ceiling of The Crocker Club is hand-painted. The vault is the area which has a several tons heavy door which stays open so that all the visitors can sit and drink in the Vault room.

The comfortable seating is uniformly distributed all over the place. The visitors can sit, relax, and enjoy anywhere at The Crocker Club. The VIP stage, chamber rooms, and the dance floor; each place emanates the elegance and splendor. The dress code is strictly followed at The Crocker Club. Hoodies, baggy jeans, baggy shirts, baseball caps, beanies, sandals, tank tops, crocs, loungewear, or so on is prohibited. Button-down shirts are recommended for men.

On Friday and Saturday nights, we open the doors at 10 pm and the party goes on until the clock ticks 2 in the morning. Moreover, for an additional dose of fun, The Crocker Club open every second Thursday of the week at 5 pm and closes at 2 am. To book our bottle service, call 213-239-9099 or email at

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