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Das Bunker Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Das Bunker is a pure musical venue at Catch one Bar & Lounge. This intimate bar-cum-club is eccentric in its all aspects. The weirdos and those with twisted flavors of music, this place is for you! Beware. The faint-hearted are not meant for this place. The ultimate raw vibes of energy prevail over this place. If you feel courageous enough to go with these vibes, you are always welcome here at Das Bunker.

The strong hued lighting from the dynamic lighting system sway over the whole crowd filling them with a raging sense of fun. While the modern quality sound system spread the electrifying music sounds to every nook and corner of the place which reflects back on fun-seeking souls. Such energetic environment is just impossible to evade for a true passionate of fun.

The entry hall is unlike what most clubs have, as it’s like a maze which leads you to the main dance floor. The bar booth here has a large collection of drinks. Choose which suits your taste and mood and sway along with the music beats. The bar is a bit at a considerable distance from the dance floor, DJs, and performers which makes it easier for you to talk and mingle. Metal bands and Gothic bands perform at Das Bunker regularly. They even have some of their original tracks to play which you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Our shows sell out quicker than one can imagine. To avoid disappointment at the last minute, get your tickets online before it’s too late. We are open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Each night there’s a new event, new excitement but the same crude energy. If you’re 18 or above, you can walk in here by all rights. Don’t wait for any more to visit Das Bunker because Das Bunker awaits you.

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