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Sevilla Nightclub Los Angeles, Guide & Review

You have a thing for intimate ambiance? Then, congrats. You have just found it – Sevilla Nightclub. We do party in an elegant style only. Those of you partiers who have courageous hearts and are not afraid to experience the burning, thrilling fun. Sevilla Nightclub awaits you at Pine Avenue. We discriminate, every fun-seeking soul is welcome at Sevilla Nightclub. Exploring this place is sheer fun as it reveals its great wonders when night travels into the darkness. Don’t believe? Visit to see it for yourself.

The huge dance floor allows you to let yourself loose and be yourself while an enormous crowd dances alongside you. The modern, energetic music is played by the in-house talented DJs. The talented DJs at Sevilla Nightclub knows how to make use of the hi-tech DJ booth. The state-of-the-art sound system spreads each sound wave booming across the whole place. the lighting system entails several vibrant hues that sway across the crowd twisting each person’s mind to get on the dance floor and just be in the moment. The tables to sit are placed here which you can avail if you take our bottle service. The bottle service saves you from taking the strain to stand up and wait in line. Avoid lineup and avail our bottle service.

Sevilla Nightclub is also available for all kinds of events. To book your upcoming event/s at Sevilla Nightclub, visit our official website and fill in your credentials in the request form available online. Our team will confirm the reservation by calling you back. Our restaurant menu also entails many items to savor your taste buds. The fashionable and sophisticated dressing is advised to both men and women. We stay open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Rest of the week, we would host private events.

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