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Sound Nightclub Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Located on 1642 N Las Palmas Avenue, Sound Nightclub is a true picture of splendidness. Want the overdose of some ranging fun? Look nowhere else when there’s Sound Nightclub. You and your friends need to hear about this absolutely fabulous place. all those who are looking to have rocking weekend/s, Sound nightclub provides you with all the necessary elements to rock and sway your weekend nights.

The elegant unique interior is the auspicious part about Sound Nightclub. The floor panels used in this place were stripped from the legend Frank Sinatra’s house while the staircase railing was taken from the Colorado railroad track. This alone speaks volumes about the antiquity and exceptionality associated with this place. the gourmet kitchen prepares the perfect food which will be served at the comfortable seating. Seating is arranged on the considerable distance to create a sense of privacy.

The elevated stage and the DJ booth look over the sunken dance floor which is spacious enough to contain the outrageous and superfluous fun-vibes and dance moves from the gorgeous ever crowd of LA. The unique zigzag patterned lighting panel on stage and the modern, vibrant lighting system illuminates the whole place and enhances the whole ambiance. The hi-tech sound system and the 3D projectors are the other highlighted features of Sound Nightclub. Many full-service bars are spread across the whole place. You will find the friendliest bartenders and staff at Sound Nightclub. Just ask them to provide you your favorite drink and receive it with the heart-warming, generous smile.

The 8000 square feet area makes Sound Nightclub qualified for any type and size of the event. To reserve your table or book your event, call 323.962.9000 or email at On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, you will find us open. Visit Sound Nightclub to enjoy great food, music, and the environment.

Sound Nightclub Los Angeles Dress Code Guide

As the name suggests, the Sound nightclub is known for its cutting-edge sound system that would help you forget all the worries of the world and enjoy the music till you leave the place. It’s a small place where you can find California redwood furniture, a big dance floor, and top-notch DJs.

Like most nightclubs of L.A, Sound also has its unique dress code. But the good part is that the dress code is a bit more relaxed than other ones. During the weekdays, the dress code is more relaxed than the weekends. So be careful.

If you wear something objectionable during the weekend, then the doorman can turn you away from the entrance. Nothing is more insulting than that. So always try to follow the dress code properly.

Sound Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Women are in a much better position than men. All they need to do is choose something fashionable and trendy.
A cute skirt or a long dress can make them look beautiful. Vibrant colors can make them alluring to men and catch the attention of most women. When in doubt, choose black color. It will help you look sexy and slim.

The only problem is that women are not allowed to wear sandals here. They have to wear heels even if these things break their bones. If you can’t dance while wearing heels, then you have three options.

1. The first option is that you can practice dancing while wearing heels at home. Buy a heel that you can manage somehow.

2. The second option is you wear heels but don’t dance much in the nightclub.

3. The third option is that you wear sandals and give up your hope of having a night out with friends in Sound.

Clothes you need to forget inside Sound

  •  Shorts
  •  Beach attire
  •  Distressed clothes
  •  Baggy clothes
  •  Ripped jeans
  •  Tank tops

Sound Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

What should men wear? Can they wear collared shirts and jeans? The simple answer is yes. Can they wear sneakers and flip-flops? The answer is no.

Men can wear dress shoes. But they can’t wear leather boots, sneakers, and flip-flops. They can’t even wear tennis shoes because sports shoes are not acceptable here.

Gym clothes and athletic attire are not allowed here. So men can’t wear anything related to sports here.

Clothes are that are not permitted in the Sound nightclub

  • Joggers
  • Track jackets
  • Shorts
  • Baseball Hats
  • Sunglasses

Our Suggestions 

Backpacks and t-shirts with offensive graphics are not allowed inside the premises. In addition to that, ripped or shredded clothes are not acceptable here.
So make sure you don’t wear something which is torn or in bad shape.

Nightclub management has the power to make the final decision regarding whom they allow based on what you wear. So dress as per the guidelines.

Good news for you. Do try their mini burger. It’s nice, yum, and succulent. Sweet and tasty. You’ll love it.

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