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The Argyle Los Angeles, Guide & Review

The Argyle resides on 1600 Argyle Avenue of Los Angeles. This place is the true representative of the glamour. If you want to experience something out of the box, glitter, and covered in the wraps of glamour, visit The Argyle Nightclub. If you don’t get rocking weekend nights, you are clearly missing out on what we have at The Argyle. Do not pretend to have fun while you are wasting your bucks at someplace you don’t deserve to be. When, instead you can have much, much better at The Argyle.

The high rising, perfectly lit hangar style ceiling, panel-covered walls, chandeliers, and much more to relish at The Argyle nightclub await you. The modern lighting system emits the rays of vibrant hues which move across the whole dance floor, illuminating the environment and elevating the souls among the crowd. The full-service bar and the friendly bartenders have plenty of several kinds of drinks to quench your burning thirst. So, fear not to drink away your qualms while you are at The Argyle. Scotch, rum, gin, champagne, whiskey, vodka, beer, or any other type you want, all are available. The plush sofas are arranged at adequate distances where you can sit, drink, and laugh with your favorite people. The music plays a greater role in any kind of atmosphere. The DJs are laden with profuse talent who know how to work their fingers to boost the mood of the atmosphere.

The Argyle has proved itself as the perfect venue for all types of venues as well. To make your reservations for your upcoming event, visit the official website to fill in the request form for reservations or email at For table reservations, you can fill in the online form or call 323-461-1600. The Argyle is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 10 pm to 2 am. Remember, upscale and fashionable dressing is a must.

The Argyle Los Angeles Dress Code Guide

In Los Angeles, nightclubs are synonymous with three words, and they are – drinks, dance, and dress code. A night out in Argyle nightclub is incomplete without these three things. Out of these three things, the third one (dress code) is extremely important because if you don’t follow it, then the doorman won’t allow you to enter inside.

Argyle Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Women are special, and perhaps this is why their dress code is relaxed. They can choose any skirt or a dress. But they can’t wear tank tops or swimsuit.

Although there is no restriction on color, black is the safest color since it can be easily maintained amidst the hustle and bustle in the nightclub. Red and electric blue are two other top favorite colors of the girls.

Try to avoid wearing ripped or shredded clothes if you want to avoid any trouble. They are not appreciated in these places.

What else you should keep in mind

Well, there are a few other things, which you must keep in mind when it comes to dressing code. For instance, baggy clothes are unacceptable for both men and women. Backpacks and big bags are not allowed. Small clutch or bag will do. Drugs, arms, and illegal medicines are not allowed too.

Special mention should be made about heels and sandals. Women are not allowed to eat, drink, and dance wearing sandals. They can only wear heels. Yes. Stilettos are a must whereas backless sandals are blacklisted here.

Makeup should be vibrant but not loud. Accessories should be subtle but gorgeous. Perfume should be mild and alluring. And most importantly, your clothes should be crisp and clean if you want to catch the attention of the celebrities and the promoters.

Argyle Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

When it comes to dressing code and style, men don’t have too many options. They can wear collared shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. Leather boots, work boots, and sneakers are not accepted here.

Sports attire is not accepted here. You can’t wear track jackets, joggers, jerseys, shorts, and baseball caps. Like for women, beachwear is not allowed here. Avoid wearing sunglasses if you don’t want to look like a fool in the nightclub.

White t-shirts are not at all acceptable here. And, don’t choose any t-shirt that has a sports logo or any vulgar graphic image or quote.

Our Suggestions 

Unless you’re a Hollywood celebrity, you shouldn’t even think of dressing as per your whims. Follow the dress code and the nightclub rules diligently. Don’t do something that can raise the temper of the doorman. Don’t carry arms and banned medications in your bag. These things are enough to expel you from the Argyle nightclub.

For the recent updates about the upcoming events, do check out the Facebook news feed of the Argyle nightclub. To get an idea of the dress code, check out the photos in their Facebook account and the gallery section of the Argyle nightclub.

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