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The Viper Room Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Do you want to have fun every night throughout the week? Then you must know where The Viper Room is located. The Viper Room is located on Sunset Blvd of Los Angeles. This place has served plentiful to the fun-junkies over the two decades. Since its foundation was laid in 1993, The Viper Room has remained the major hub for musical amusements. The regular visitors have got addicted to the live musical performances that happen every night at The Viper Room. The history rock genre has seen many famous legendary events held at this place.

There are two bars which provide the visitors with the most necessary element to light up your nights – the drinks. The professional and amiable staff at The Viper Room makes your visit an awesome one as they never pass a drink without passing a warm smile along. The interior of The Viper Room is sunken in the dark hues. The whole atmosphere is deliberately kept in the dark in order to emphasize the stage. The highly lit stage surrounded by the reveling audience standing in the semi-dark atmosphere creates a perfect rock-band concert environment. The smoke machine, the hi-tech sound system, five booths, and a rock-band concert environment are the highlighted features of The Viper Room. The Green Room and the Lounge are other sections of this place which are worth exploring.

With the capacity to accommodate 250 people, The Viper Room qualifies as the best event venue in the town. No matter what upcoming event you have, we have mastered the art of hosting. So, be not afraid to book us for your event. Each night there’s a musical show happening and the tickets can be bought online. No individuals below the age of 21 are allowed to enter here. So, if you do not forget to bring your ID along, no one can keep you from entering The Viper Room.

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