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Avenue Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Situated amid the glitz of Los Angeles, Avenue welcomes everyone. Partying is forte of Avenue and those who visit us would never feel dismayed with the fun we have to offer here. If you love music and dazzling interiors, don’t miss out on Avenue. Remember! You need to be 21+ years old to be at Avenue.

The entrance is a glass greenhouse which also serves as the outdoor garden patio. Upon moving further you’d be descended to the club which portrays a lit scene. The interior of the club speaks for itself as it shines through your soul. The whole ambiance immersed in dull golden hues and the plush sofas to relax sounds excruciatingly inviting. If you prefer to be in a more serene and intimate atmosphere, Avenue has a VIP lounge to your taste.

The modern sound system and the vibrant lighting system together send the strong party vibes across the whole place. The Large-sized DJ booth rests at the focal position of the club where the DJ plays the eclectic collection of music genres. The gleaming disco ball emanates not only the shining rays of lighting but the wild energy which keeps the spirits high. The bar entails the extensive range of services and drinks along with bartenders who have some seriously remarkable mixology knowledge. Visit our bar and have your drink prepared and you will be impressed by the mixology we have mastered.

If you have an event lurking on your head and you haven’t decided upon a venue, Avenue nightclub can be the place you are looking for. No matter what’s the kind of event, birthdays, anniversaries, business dinner, and so on. Avenue has the best hosting services to offer. To book Avenue for your event, fill the online available form and we will get back to you. For table booking, the booking procedure is just the same but booking would be confirmed when our team contacts you back.

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