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Exchange Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Exchange LA tops the list of vibrant nightclubs in LA. Another peculiar feature about Exchange LA is that its building was former Pacific Coast Stock Exchange enlisted as a Cultural Monument. Who knew that renovating this place into a nightclub would have turned out so amazing. The name itself speaks much about Exchange LA’s history. Till now, Exchange LA has been rendering the precious fun times to the party revelers of LA. To experience some heavenly fun, everybody looks at Exchange LA.

This place not only serves as a nightclub but is also available as an event venue 7 days a week. The whole place can easily accommodate 1500 guests at one time. To reserve your upcoming event at Exchange LA, visit our website and fill in the form available online. We will get back to you for confirmation. The intense lighting system of 50 moving lights, 90 LED fixtures, and a huge 30 x 40 ft LED screen behind the DJ booth, all function simultaneously to boost the mood of the whole environment. The DJ booth resides at the focal point of the main dance floor while two full-service bars are located facing each other on the lateral sides of the dance floor. Moreover, there is a total of seven full-service bars spread across the Exchange LA.

The crowd never feels crowded under the high ceiling. A gallery just above the main dance floor also serves several purposes. There are two VIP rooms which can satiate the desires of those who want to party in personalized style. The dress code is strictly followed at Exchange LA. No casual hoodies, shorts, sandals, or sporty clothes are allowed but exceptions for jeans and tennis shoes. Exchange LA strictly observes the California Alcohol Beverage Control and you must be 21 years or above to enjoy the Exchange LA.

Exchange Los Angeles Dress Code Guide

The dress code in Exchange nightclub is more casual than the rest of the nightclubs in Los Angeles. But even then, I must say one thing. Exchange nightclub has a dress code rule, which you need to follow. Otherwise, you don’t have a minute chance to enter into the nightclub.

You have to look your best. Be comfortable and look classy. These are the primary dress code guidelines of the Exchange nightclub in Los Angeles. Rest you will come to know from this article

Exchange Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Exchange nightclub has a few strict dress code rules for women too. For instance, they can’t wear white t-shirts or tank tops. Similarly, they can’t wear sandals and flip-flops. It’s mandatory to wear heels.

Yes. It can be a big problem for women who are comfortable in flat shoes. But what can be done? Rules are rules. They have to follow them. A smart trick is to wear comfortable shoes because the dance floor can get sticky sometimes.

Wear a cute short dress with proper accessories. Or wear a beautiful skirt with a top. But don’t wear anything that has a sports logo.

Exchange Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

I think the dress code guidelines for men are more on what they can’t wear rather than what they can wear in Exchange. If you visit the official website of Exchange at least once, then you’ll realize what I’m speaking of.

You can wear dress shoes and jeans. You can wear collared shirts and button downs too. But you can’t wear baggy pants. Special events are often organized on Sundays. Do watch out for those events and dress the best.

Sports attire is strictly prohibited. No baseball caps or shorts. No hooded sweatshirts or jerseys. And, this rule is applicable to both men and women.

General dress code guidelines for both men and women

Wear something in black because the color suits both men and women. Irrespective of the body shape, people look smarter and leaner than in other colors. Plus, when you’re in a crowded nightclub like Exchange, there is always a possibility of spilling drinks and making your clothes dirty

Exchange has more bathrooms than other nightclubs in Los Angeles. So, you can take frequent bathroom breaks if a bottle of beer spills on your favorite shirt. But when you’re in a nightclub with friends, you would want to spend more time with them on the dance floor rather than in the bathroom. Black color can save you from the ordeal of taking frequent bathroom breaks at Exchange.

Our Suggestions 

There are a few things you shouldn’t carry in your bag while entering into the Exchange nightclub. Carry valid identification cards with you. And, avoid carrying drugs because the nightclub management is extremely strict regarding these things. If the management finds that you’re carrying marijuana or cocaine, then they will deny you entry.

The Exchange nightclub has the ultimate power. So always follow all the rules when you are in the nightclub from 10 pm to 4 am.

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