Hip Hop Clubs in Los Angeles

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You cannot enjoy clubbing without having to listen to Hip Hop or Rap music. Hip Hop music is one of the most attractive music genres, which give a come-on to partygoers. The partygoers and clubbers always watch out for some good Hip Hop clubs in the town. If you are watching out for them, we have come up to help you out. Los Angeles is nothing short of a hub for the top of the range nightclubs. The city prides itself on presenting some of the most paramount Hip Hop clubs to be found anywhere on the earth. Amidst best Hip Hop spots include Playhouse Nightclub, Elevate Lounge, Mayan Theater, Das Bunker, The Reserve, The Argyle, and La Boom.

1. Playhouse Nightclub

Listen up! All those Hip-Hop lovers out there, Playhouse Hollywood is exactly what you were looking for till now. No worries, if you are not so-hip-hop type, this place still has got plenty to offer. The busy nights at Playhouse Hollywood depict the perfect LA nightclubbing scenario. As the night travels into the darkness, things start to get brighter at the Playhouse. The diverse types of events are held at Playhouse regularly. Bring your friends, siblings, or coworkers to this place, if really want to rock your nights.

2. Elevate Lounge

Elevate Lounge situated at the 21st floor amid Downtown LA is the main hub for all those who love elegance and fun going hand in hand. This place speaks for its elegance. Partying at this place would be entirely a different experience just as the environment at Elevate Lounge. This place gives off a strong vibe of uniqueness.

3. Mayan Theater

The Mayan is a location-friendly spot to reach from anywhere in Los Angeles. To rock your nights with your loved one, The Mayan nightclub has every necessary element to bring on the party vibes. The potential this place expresses can only be experienced after you have stepped in through the entry door of The Mayan

4. Das Bunker

Das Bunker is a pure musical venue at Catch one Bar & Lounge. This intimate bar-cum-club is eccentric in its all aspects. The weirdos and those with twisted flavors of music, this place is for you! Beware. The faint-hearted are not meant for this place. The ultimate raw vibes of energy prevail over this place. If you feel courageous enough to go with these vibes, you are always welcome here at Das Bunker.

5. The Reserve

Who doesn’t crave for an extra dose of fun when it’s weekend? Well everyone wants. And the fun certainly becomes something divine when it gets to blend with a considerable quantity of class and sophistication. Ever seen that happen? If not, then you need to visit The Reserve this coming weekend. Grab your pals and drive your wheels to the heart of Los Angeles where The Reserve is located waiting for you with all its splendor. The Reserve originally built in the 1920s once was the property of wealthiest Angelenos. Till this day, The Reserve has kept its glory alive. So, wait not and think no more, just visit this place to enjoy a broad range of luxuries.

6. The Argyle

The Argyle resides on 1600 Argyle Avenue of Los Angeles. This place is the true representative of the glamour. If you want to experience something out of the box, glitter, and covered in the wraps of glamour, visit The Argyle Nightclub. If you don’t get rocking weekend nights, you are clearly missing out on what we have at The Argyle. Do not pretend to have fun while you are wasting your bucks at someplace you don’t deserve to be. When, instead you can have much, much better at The Argyle.

7. La Boom

La Boom is an ideal place for all Latin music lovers. Three dancefloors, a VIP area and a stage for live performances are installed here. The light show, combined with smoky rooms creates an excellent environment. We also host Live shows during which various DJs and musical artists perform. They will have you moving to the music in no time. An outstanding sound system is also installed here. It ensures that music reaches every corner of the club.

In Conclusion

All the aforementioned clubs are equipped with the finest and state of the art sound and lighting systems. The best parties of L.A happen out there. The ambiance is chicest. The crowd is lovely and energetic. And last but not least, the music scene is on point. The internationally-acclaimed guest DJs and artists rock the stage in addition to the local and resident talent. So, what are you waiting for! Get up and rush to any of our suggested Hip Hop clubs to have the ultimate club experience! Good Luck!