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Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

Listed in the 2018 list of the world’s 50 best bars, Sweet Liberty has the unusual feature of being a local spot, an industry hotspot, and a tourist favourite. The spacious bar has something for everyone to enjoy, including an elegant martini for $ 17, a $ 95 oyster, a $ 7 rose for happy hour, a beer, and a late-night shoot. It’s a family issue as most of the friendly staff have been there since day one and there is always some live music on weekends. The bar is open seven days a week. PURSUE HAPPINESS hanging on the wall like a neon sign — the saying of John Lermayer, the late co-owner of the bar — is Sweet Liberty always a good time for hip-hop in the 90s? Whatever you feel, Sweet Liberty is an excellent place to pursue it (and not just because the “Purse Happiness” sign is boldly hanging on the wall). The so-called bartender bar is a critical success and a favourite in the neighbourhood. Why? There is something for everyone. Stop by Saturday night to find people of all ages to dance to old-fashioned songs, sing to live bands (frequently spinning), or hide in booths and enjoy pints. When it comes to cocktails, the award-winning bartender John Rahmeier’s drink menu is a classic innovation and celebration with a slight twist, as in Black Salt Sour, named after the rare Black Salt. Used to decorate. During Daily Happy Hour (4 pm-7 pm), you can enjoy a $ 5 cocktail, $ 0.75 oysters, and other light meals. It is a good time to bargain in the area famous for its famous clubs and white restaurants.Smoking is not allowed inside but there is an outdoor smoking policy good for smokers.The patrons are also provided with free wi-fi and waiter services. This is one of the best bars that Miami has to offer. Sweet Liberty Drinks has an exciting vibe to it. We highly recommend you to visit this bar if you are in the city. This bar offers a top-notch cocktail bar experience. It is a great place for big groups of friends and families and also provides a great dancing experience. You will not even have to worry about the parking problems as it provides a parking service of its own. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, masks are a must at this bar. You do not even need cash to pay, as it accepts android pay and credit cards.

Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery

Swizzle flourishes in a quiet, sensual spot away from loud Collins Avenue, tucked discreetly down a tiny staircase off the Stiles Hotel lobby. The dark, narrow chamber, which resembles a miniature wooden pirate ship, is lined with more than 150 rums. Want to throw two or three sheets to the wind? Be warned: the lovely, smooth-tasting drinks are really strong. Cosy up with your main crush in the little bar, or grab some adjacent high-tops for a girls’ night out. The famous tiki-themed hotel bar unexpectedly closed in 2018 is back in a new location with a significantly greater beverage selection. Swizzle cocktails—the delightful forefather of the frozen cocktail—remain its speciality. Still, the craft cocktail bar has expanded to include a menu of classic drinks and new takes on old favourites. Mojitos and rum runners will be offered with new additions, such as the Madame Hong, a highly lauded innovation from lead bartender/partner Danilo “Dacha” Bozovic’s stay at New York City’s Macao Trading Co. The new Swizzle also has a menu of Miami-inspired snacks like steak croquettes and Cuban sandwiches and an unprecedented happy hour that runs every day from 7 to 10 p.m. Masks are required at this bar due to the Covid wave. This is why the staff wears masks for their safety and the patrons’ safety. Swizzle accepts credit cards as a form of payment. They provide outdoor seating as well. We can say that Swizzle Rum Bar and Drinkery have an intimate and classy vibe. Valet Parking is available for the patrons, so you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle. This venue has free Wi-Fi for its patrons. With their impeccable full bar, they provide Happy Hour Specials! There is a TV at the scene which adds to the audio-visual experience of the bar.

Margot Natural Wine Bar

Miami needs more wine bars, and Margot delivers approximately 100 natural brands. We’re talking about low-intervention wines, organic wines, and wines from small growers. Everything in the bright, bi-level wine bar is delicious. It’s a daunting menu, but there are plenty of enthusiastic somms on hand to assist you through your natural wine trip. On the other hand, the food selection is limited yet carefully curated to enhance your experience. Choose one of the cheeses and a crudo on the fly. Margot is the bright and airy wine bar by Bar Lab, the people behind Broken Shaker, the nationally famous cocktail bar. It is scheduled to open in 2020 as a pop-up at Nikki Beach before moving into its permanent location at the Ingraham Building in downtown Los Angeles in June 2021. Margot specialises in natural and low-intervention wine, with roughly 75 different bottles available and low-ABV drinks. Chef Jimmy Lebron (of 27 Restaurant) has designed a modest menu of wine-friendly snacks to accompany the wine. Upon entering, the colours, atmosphere, and interior are all welcoming. This bar is so aesthetically pleasing, and it has such a cosy, warm and welcoming vibe. Their menu has a selection of small bites and various wines and cocktails. One of the best things about Margot Natural Wine Bar is its availability. This bar is open throughout the week. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, it is open between 5 pm, and 12 am. The bar is available only on Friday and Saturday from 5 pm till 1 am.

Esotico Miami

Dalla, Daniele Pola’s ground-floor drinking nook is a jungle of banana-plant wallpaper, neon signs, and odd glasses (check out the sacred Elvis drinking vessels, vintage tiki mugs and random Hawaiian knickknacks displayed in the towering glass case). Pola’s love of tiki culture is infectious, and he’s been collecting for decades. On your first visit, he’ll have you sipping Polynesian-style rum beverages with the same passion that he does. It’s a fantastic venue for, say, a birthday celebration, thanks to a vast selection of colossal drinks and alcoholic punches. A new tiki club has opened in town, with typical Polynesian cocktail lounge trappings but a fun, Miami twist. The indoor/outdoor environment is lush and expansive, with neon highlights and palm fronds (natural and printed on wallpaper) that lean more on South Beach than South Pacific. Though rum—the trademark of every excellent tiki bar—is available in over 200 kinds and is used in all the mixed cocktails served in the distinctive tiki containers. (If you’re tempted to steal one of the cute mugs, they’re really for sale.) Try a Nu Mai Tai, a twist on the classic drink with a hidden ingredient, or go big with the Treasure Chest, one of many large-format drinks. If you’re also into sharing food, try the pu pu platter—a tasty Hawaiian starter you build with options like black truffle dumplings. Fancy hot dogs, fish cakes and poké bowls round out the themed offerings. Esotico Miami takes reservations. So, if you want to cook a table at this bar, feel free to contact the venue page. Their food services include delivery and takeout. Masks are compulsory to visit this bar because of the Covid virus wave. Staff wear masks as well, for their own safety and for the patrons’ safety as well. Their food options cover veganism as well. So, if you’re looking for vegan food they’ve got you covered.

Gramps Bar

People from various walks of life come to Gramps for the greatest Moscow Mule in town. The Wynwood staple is still popular thanks to its never-ending stream of programming: Go see a spectacular drag act, play bingo, or put your skills to the test during trivia night. Check their Instagram for announcements about travelling bands, flea markets, comedy acts, political rallies, and other events. The name says it all: air conditioning, beer, and drinks. In perennially hot Miami, what more could you want? Perhaps weekly karaoke or a rotating selection of local beers on tap? Don’t forget about the drinks (especially the Moscow mule). After a few of those, go outside and get a slice from Gramps’ modest eatery, Pizza Tropical. This Wynwood pub is famous for a reason. It also features live comedy (Hannibal Buress and Eric Andre have swung by for surprise appearances) and live music from rising musicians like Angel Olsen and Mitski. Masks are required to be worn if you want to visit this bar. All the staff at Gramps Bar wear masks to stay safe and keep the patrons safe as well. They accept credit cards as a payment method. This venue provides outdoor seating for its patrons. It is safe to say that this bar has a hipster and casual vibe. This bar can be loud at times. So, you can freely visit wearing casual dress attire. It is an excellent place for groups to relax, unwind and have fun. So, it is a great bar for dancing with enough space to bust a move. DJ and Live Music are unique factors of this bar. They provide street parking for the patrons. So, there is Free Wi-Fi available at the scene. Best nights at Gramps Bar are usually on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


One of the most excellent zoomed-out views of Miami’s expansive cityscape is from this breezy Little Havana rooftop at the stylishly bohemian Lifehouse Hotel. Get comfortable among the glittering bistro lights, giant umbrellas, and sofa setups sprinkled around the lush, retro-tiled digs for picture-perfect sunset beverages and snacks. While you’re up there, check out Terras’ herb garden. Various vegetables and herbs are cultivated and harvested to flavour drinks and the different plant-based foods on the menu. In Little Havana, a rooftop bar? How endearing. The neighbourhood’s only open-air, elevated location is above the similarly beautiful Life House hotel, in a district where buildings are rarely taller than three or four levels. Oversized umbrellas and sofa setups dot its retro-tiled surroundings, which shine at night under rows of bistro lights. There’s also a herb garden on the roof, where various vegetables and herbs are cultivated and harvested to flavour drinks and the numerous plant-based foods on the menu. For example, the mushroom appetisers and the heirloom tomato salad are fresh and flavorful. It is a tropically overgrown rooftop haven overlooking the Miami skyline with a bar & restaurant. Dine, drink, dance, or lounge to your heart’s content. Terras’ food menu has Vegan Options available. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. The whole setup is outdoors on the rooftop, so outdoor seating is available. We can safely say that Terras’ vibe is Romantic, Trendy and Casual. You can wear casual dressing attire to visit the bar as well. It is a good place for groups to relax, unwind and have fun. Terras offers street parking to its patrons. Their waiter service is impeccable, and they have free Wi-Fi. The best nights at this bar are usually on a Friday. They have gender-neutral restrooms available. It is a bar that is open to all individuals and identities.

Dante’s HiFi

Follow the sound of the music (it’s piped from a speaker positioned above a plain door) to find Miami’s first all-vinyl listening bar. Book a table at this modest 50-seat establishment hidden away in the courtyard of an off-the-beaten-path Wynwood strip, where the soundtrack is just as essential as the beverages. Dante’s, which draws influence from Japanese listening bars, has a cutting-edge sound system and a growing collection of approximately 8,500 vinyl recordings maintained by resident DJ and musical director Rich Medina. Miami’s first vinyl listening bar is a tiny 50-seat establishment where the music is just as essential as the drinks. Dante’s HiFi is inspired by Japan’s listening bars, which were popular in the 1950s and were gathering places for people to listen to and discover new music. It’s a simple pleasure that the secret Wynwood bar hopes to recreate for Miami’s music-obsessed, thanks to a cutting-edge sound system and a growing collection of roughly 8,500 vinyl albums curated by Rich Medina, DJ and Dante’s musical director. Everyone needs a seat at Dante’s, which, unlike other bars, takes reservations and even provides membership for the true believers. The value is $14 for assorted Cocktails. Dante’s HiFi is located in the Wynwood area of Miami. A few blocks from the main stretch of Wynwood, this quiet bar is in the centre of a little courtyard. They have the music pumped outside, which should help you find the spot. Inside is an intimate lounge with comfortable chairs and couches and some bar seats. Pieces of vinyl are at the centre of everything, with a DJ showcasing unique music in the middle of the bar and a wall of records behind him. It was jazz and gospel during many visits, which was a wonderful mix. There are friendly bartenders and interactive DJs.

Oasis Wynwood

This is an indoor/outdoor bar, club, music venue, and food hall in the heart of Wynwood has several locations to dance, lounge, grab drinks or grub, and just out, making it great for extensive group evenings out. Check the events calendar for weekends and late evenings when the Oasis might become crowded. Tiesto and Honey Dijon have already performed, and Travis Scott had his Rolling Loud after-party here. This Wynwood outdoor food hall and entertainment complex has six eating concepts, a towering Tower Bar, and a stage where big-name bands perform virtually every weekend. There is always music playing and plenty of patio seating. They have a variety of food spots. If you’re craving something specific, they probably have it. Oasis is a fantastic place to dine and drink. So, their pizza is fantastic. The spicy vodka slice is the way to go. The slice isn’t too spicy, so if you’re sensitive to spice like I am, you should still be able to enjoy it. The Oasis opened in 2021 and advertised itself as Miami’s cultural centre. You walk under an archway and what seems to be an alley before entering a 35,000 square foot garden-lined courtyard event area. There is a large stage along one side, and opposite it is six shipping container restaurants serving food and beverages. The Oasis’s food concepts include Alidoro serving Italian sandwiches, Buya Dumplings + Buns, CHICKEN, Mr Mandolin, and Prince Street Pizza, whose most popular dish is a spicy vodka pizza, and Los Buenos, which is a taqueria. There is also Huacachina, a restaurant with outdoor seating, a full indoor bar, and a private dining room. In the centre of the courtyard and visible throughout most of Wynwood is the Tower Bar made from shipping containers covered in a colourful mural by Spanish artist Antonyo Marest. 


The longest-running drag bar in Miami Beach commands Ocean Drive with two bottomless brunch seatings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a single sitting on Mondays. Not to worry if you’d rather avoid all the favourite looks, renowned lip-syncing, and downright death-defying feats. The entire bar is available every day from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. Pop in around sunset, when the shirtless DJ plays Madonna; the area changes into a flirtatious tea dance while the queens finish picking up their dollar notes. The Palace’s rooftop also holds pool parties occasionally, so ask your waitress for more information. Following a short scare when its original location was forced to close, the famous Palace—the establishment that pioneered drag brunch in Miami—is back and as ferocious as ever. Thankfully, it is still on Surf Drive, where an agile drag queen can be seen doing splits on pavement only feet from crashing ocean waves. And all while sipping bottomless mimosas. Palace’s drag brunches are recognised as talent incubators, with alumni including RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Latrice Royale. The concerts never disappoint, and it’s advisable to make a reservation if you want a sure seat. The palace takes reservations. So, if you need to book a table, feel free to contact the venue page. They offer takeout services as well. Masks are required to visit this bar. The staff at this bar wears masks as well. Their food menu includes Vegan options for patrons as well. Palace accepts credit cards, android pay, and apple pay as payment methods. They have outdoor seating available. So, if you wish to go out for a breath of fresh air, you can! It is safe to say that the vibe of this bar is Casual, Touristy and Trendy. It can be loud at times. This venue is a good place for groups, brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night activities.

Paradis Books & Bread

Paradis turns from a little café into one of the city’s top wine bars by night. Choose from dozens of reasonably priced natural and organic varieties, cork them at the register, and drink them outside at one of many mosaic tiled tables spread beneath gloomy bistro lighting, among a garden from which Paradis draws ingredients for its rotating pizza menu. Regular programming includes film screenings, wine tastings, vinyl DJs, and other activities. Paradis Books & Bread is happily stuck in time. From the natural wines on its shelves to the organically leavened bread it bakes every day to the books it stocks—actual, physical paperbacks!—there’s a genuine sense of nostalgia and reverence for the way things used to be. However, simple and healthful does not always imply simple: Audrey Wright, Ben Yen, Bianca Sanon, Brian Wright, and Sef Chesson, the most of whom met in New York City and have a hospitality experience, have been working toward this aim for years—moving down to Miami to launch the concept together. Paradis is a hybrid retail business that sells books and bottles, a wine bar and café where you can drink and dine from breakfast to evening, a bakery that sells fresh bread, and an urban garden adjacent to a gorgeous terrace with seats. Sanon, the project’s lead wine sommelier, serves a carefully curated selection of low-intervention wines (hand-harvested organic grapes and small-production vineyards are among the strict guidelines she adheres to). The cheeseless onion is a beautiful example of Paradis’ straightforward approach to food and drink. The group handpicked a selection of new and secondhand books on timely topics such as Black studies and queer identity and zines and novels from small presses. There is also a small library service where people can borrow books to read. Finally, there is a selection to peruse, buy, and generate thought-provoking conversations—all while sipping darn fine wine, of course.

Midtown Garden Centre

Non-profit plant nursery and ecological education centre by day, sparkling hipster jungle by night, this unassuming, DIY-driven spot in Little Haiti has been steadily ramping up its programming to include live music, art shows, dance parties and more. There’s a bonfire and 2 bars. Check Instagram, where the Centre posts its ever-changing lineup, from daytime flea markets where DJs spin vinyl to chill jazz nights, poetry reading and serious raves. Patrons went to the Centre For Subtropical Affairs for their Jazz In The Garden Evening Event. It was pretty magical. As an artist cooperative, the venue not only serves as a performance venue but on certain days, they sell plants and other items. It’s a great place to relax and walk around, and they seem to put on the coolest events. Great discovery! Fascinating, beautiful, different. The atmosphere is bohemian and magic. You will feel that you are on an island or in a set for Survival. Everybody is friendly and happy as a crowd. The bar is super cute. So, the drinks are delicious and economical. You should try their Hibachi at the food truck because it is delicious, fresh and has a significant portion. The best part is the amazing live music and incredible jazz band. Although the fire helps, getting mosquito repellent will be a good idea! The venue is excellent, with many tables and chairs in a massive, lush backyard. There’s a bonfire and 2 bars. The ground is covered in grey gravel, so I recommend wearing appropriate shoes. The DJs are great, and people dance for fun.

Tipsy Flamingo Cocktail Bar

The motto of this bar is “No flocks given.” A Miami-inspired cocktail bar from the group behind RedBar Brickell & Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar. Experience the classic flavours of Miami with an elevated twist in a fun and flirty atmosphere. Tipsy Flamingo has guests sitting during the day and then morphs into a more loungey ambience at night, with cocktail tables and luxurious seats to the right of the venue, providing a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Every night, local DJs perform open format type music. It was established in 2021. Last Call Hospitality, behind RedBar and Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar, has moved into Downtown Miami with Tipsy Flamingo. Tipsy Flamingo is a Miami-inspired cocktail bar in the heart of Downtown Miami, where Miami vibes meet cutting-edge drinks in a lively and flirtatious setting. It takes the most significant aspects of Miami, from the tropical ambience and colours to the sounds, and combines them to create a unique and intimate environment uncommon in this city. This bar takes reservations. So, if you need to book a table or a spot, feel free to contact the venue page. They accept credit cards as a payment method. We would describe this bar as a bar with a classy vibe. So, it is a good place for groups and can accommodate a crowd quite well. There is street parking available for the patrons. This venue provides free Wi-Fi to its patrons. One of the most exciting things about his bar is that it has a DJ, and live music is a vital aspect of the fun experience. Best nights at this bar are usually on Saturdays. Their full-fledged bar also provides happy hour specials to the patrons. Tipsy Flamingo has wheelchair accessibility for the patrons. There is a TV present at the scene which adds to the audio-visual experience at the bar.


Miami’s Caribbean and Cuban-influenced cities create a more laid-back atmosphere, but its vibrant nightlife strikes a balance between laid-back atmosphere and a striking electrical feel. The Miami bar scene has everything from the sounds of Latin music to the pink colour palette of South Beach to the luxury of the waterfront. Whether you want to relax on the rooftop overlooking Biscayne Bay or prefer a slightly submerged location, this list includes some of the unique bars in Miami. People are preparing to plan their trips for fun, but visiting the same place continues to be boring. Suppose you want to go on an adventure or visit a famous city. And the best place to see is Miami. The city of Miami in southern Florida is a place for many things  there. However, the city is known for its transportation and business centers. Apart from that, people are welcome to visit the unique bars in Miami.

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