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Club Space Miami, Guide & Review

Club Space has earned reputation for offering an outstanding party vibe for all the guests who walk in. It is located in downtown Miami. Therefore, you can expect a huge crowd to be present in the nightclub, especially during Friday and Saturday nights. However, a perfect atmosphere is available for you to enjoy the time that you spend in here. You will be able to stay up until late and dance while you are spending your time in Club Space. In fact, most of the people who visit Club Space tend to dance until they see the sun in the following morning. This is an experience that you should never miss out.

The reviews that Club Space has received from satisfied customers is outstanding. Most of the people out of them have left positive ratings on the layout of the club. They strongly believe that this club is in a position to offer one of the most glamorous layouts. When you are at Club Space, you should never expect to receive the trappings of a typical Vegas club. You can experience a hassle free time.

In the terrace located at Club Space, all the main events are taking place. On the other hand, you can find a loft room, which is located adjacent to the terrace. This loft room is being used for the secondary acts. In addition to these places, there is a possibility for you to find a ground floor at Club Space as well. Even though such a large number of places are available inside Club Space for you to breathe and enjoy your time, it usually gets packed at night. But still, you can enjoy the time that you spend, along with the best drinks and food menu that is available.

Club Space Miami Dress Code Guide

Club Space is undoubtedly one of the best night clubs to hang out with your friends in Miami Beach. It’s a place where you can relax your over the exhausted brain with the music of talented DJs like Deep Dish, David Guetta, Mark Knight, Erick Morillo, and many others.

Back in 2011, a nasty incident happened in the nightclub. Since then, Club Space maintains a strict dress code policy for men and women. If you’re a member of this nightclub, then you must be having a clear idea of what to wear and what not to wear here. But if you’re planning to visit this place for the first time, then this article is for you. Read it within a minute and know everything about the new dress code policy of Club Space.

Club Space Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Be comfortable because you’ll be dancing the whole night. Heels are sexy and give you beautiful moves. But heels are damn uncomfortable also. Just imagine what will be the condition of your legs after dancing for 8 hours? Both your butt and legs will be paining like hell. Wear flats at Club Space and dance like a beautiful fairy.

Dress in style when you’re heading to Club Space nightclub. Be it a short dress or a long dress; make sure it fits you well. If you don’t love to wear a dress, then you can even wear a short skirt and a cute top. Highlight your cheeks, eyes, and lips. Now you’re ready for the party.

Club Space Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

You can wear jeans, trainers, collared shirts; button up dress shirts, etc. Retro-wind pants teamed with nice t-shirt are also acceptable. So you can even wear that. But your dress should be sober.

As per the new dress code policy of Club Space, you’re not allowed to wear shorts, tracksuits, sports shoes, gym wear, jerseys, or any sportswear. Baseball caps are not entertained at Club Space. So try to avoid wearing these clothes.

Baggy clothes make you look fat and haggard. So try to avoid wearing old and baggy clothes. Wear them when you’re organizing a party at your home. No one will judge you there.

Dress shoes are highly recommended here. If you don’t have a pair of nice dress shoes, then buy them whenever there is a sale online. But don’t even dare to enter Club Space wearing sneakers or tennis shoes. You’ll be shown the door immediately.

Our Suggestions 

Be yourself. That is the ultimate dress code guide for Club Space nightclub. Just remember one thing. This nightclub is in business for 15 years. It’s not a rave. So you should maintain a minimum level of decency when it comes to attire.

Club Space takes its dress code policy very seriously. If you don’t give a damn and dress as per your whims, then you’re in trouble. The management won’t allow you to enter the nightclub if you wear banned clothes. It has absolute power to make the final decision.

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