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Basement Miami, Guide & Review

Basement can be considered as one of the most innovative nightclubs that you can find in Miami. The unique theme and vibe that you can discover in the nightclub would make you fall in love with it. This uniquely themed nightclub has been developed by Ian Scharger from Studio 54. It is often possible to experience the vibe of nightclubs located in New York while you are spending your time in Basement. That’s something you will love.

Basement encourages guests to come and dance and bowl at the venue. A perfect atmosphere has been created for them to enjoy their time and get the most out of the experience. The best entertainment providers from the Miami region will gather around Basement to provide the entertainment options to the guests. Therefore, you don’t need to keep any doubts or second thoughts in mind when you are visiting. It is a classy nightclub, which can provide you with a classy experience at the end of the day.

There is a mini ice rink located inside Basement. That’s one of the most unique and innovative features that you can find in here. All the guests are provided with the chance to go for a ride in this ice rink. There is only one rule, which the guests who come to Basement will have to follow. That is, they will have to keep everything classy or they will have to behave badly. You should expect that kind of a vibe when you are visiting Basement as well. In this nightclub, it is believed that being boring is the greatest crime that a person would commit. Therefore, you should never act boring or sound boring while you are spending your time.

Basement Miami Dress Code Guide

Fancy yet trendy – this is the fashion statement of the Basement South Beach Club. The nightclub is located on the Miami Beach, below Edition Hotel where you can enjoy various kinds of pleasurable activities like bowling, ice skating, and of course dancing.

World-renowned DJs like Stretch Armstrong, DJ Khaled, Diplo, and many others perform in this beach club. So, you can very well imagine the kind of music you can expect to hear in this nightclub.

The nightclub is open for only three days a week – Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. If you’re into a club-hopping mode, then reach there between 11 am and 5 am. Check out their official website to know about their upcoming events.

Basement Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Do you want to dance or bowl or skate? What do you want to do? If you want to dance, then you can wear a cute short dress. But what if in the midnight, you feel like bowling or skating? You can’t possibly skate wearing a short skirt or dress. So, it’s always better to wear a cute top, jeans, and stilettos. This dress code is a clever choice because it can help you enjoy all kinds of activities.

If you have a slender figure and a suntanned skin, then you can wear a short yellow dress. Wear a bright lipstick to catch the attention of the male species. Make a top-knot ponytail and apply shimmery eyeliner to make your eyes look alluring. If you have a long and beautiful hair, then you can even leave it open. It’s completely your choice.

Open your wardrobe and see if there is a long dress preferably in white, black, red or electric blue color. If you don’t plan to skate in the ice skating rink, then you can wear it.

Basement Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The dress code is relaxed and casual. You can wear a button-down with dark jeans. As far as shoes are concerned, you have the liberty to wear dress shoes. You can get bowling shoes at the nightclub if you want to bowl.

Be casual and chic in the Basement nightclub. Apart from the bars, there is a selfie photo booth in the beach club. If you want to have captivating selfie memories, then try to be the best-dressed man in the beach club. Your dress should do all the talking instead of your mouth.

No backpacks, please! You’re not going to the office. You’re not at work. You’re here to party. So dress accordingly. Don’t wear shorts because they are not allowed here.

Our Suggestions 

Like in all the South Beach Clubs, Basement also has a strict dress code. The bouncers at the door won’t allow you to enter the nightclub if you’re wearing a jersey or shorts or athletic shoes. Don’t wear old, baggy, and haggard clothes also. Don’t carry arms and ammunition because bouncers won’t allow you to enjoy the delicious food, awesome music, and the super-fun bowling alley if they see them in your bag.

Be classy, charming, and stylish. As the tagline of the Basement Miami beach club informs, be anything but boring.

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