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Floyd Miami, Guide & Review

Floyd Miami is not the most popular nightclub that you can find in Miami. However, it is a great place available for you to walk in and enjoy your time. It is located in downtown Miami, in between Heart and Space. Floyd Miami is more popular among the locals. However, it welcomes the tourists warmly as well. Therefore, no tourist should think twice before stepping into Floyd Miami. It is a great place with a great vibe, which anyone can experience and enjoy.

As soon as you walk into Floyd Miami, you will notice down to earth décor available. It is paired with a nice architecture to impress you. There are some amazing discounts offered at Floyd Miami during few selected days of the week. For example, if you can walk into Floyd Miami on a Thursday and order a drink at 10pm, you can get two drinks for the price of one. In general, Floyd Miami is not an expensive nightclub. Therefore, you can enjoy your nights in here, without spending a fortune. You will fall in love with the atmosphere and the unique vibe that is offered at this nightclub as well.

The bartenders who work at Floyd Miami will never fail to amaze you. That’s because you will always be served with the finest drinks that you can expect to receive. The drinks are outstanding and you will never have anything to complain. In addition to the drinks, there is a decent food menu available for the guests to enjoy. Paired with everything is live music, which can offer a perfect entertainment to you throughout the night. If you walk into Floyd Miami on a single night, you will get the need to come back again and again to grab the outstanding experiences offered to the guests.

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