RnB Clubs in Miami

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best RnB clubs in Miami. (More in-depth further below)

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If Rhythm and Blues (R&B) is your thing – Miami’s after-hours clubs gonna be your favorites! The city harbors the world-class R&B clubs to be found anywhere on earth. The “rhythm” part of R&B finds its origin in the typical dependence of music on four-beat bars or measures. While, the “blues” part specifies the melodies and lyrics of the songs, which are usually ‘blue’ or sad. As time passed, R&B took in “soul” and “funk” music as well. These outgrowths resulted in more audiences of the parent genre. Miami is fortunate to have a miscellaneous range of R&B music clubs, where DJs and musicians keep the audience occupied until the wee hours in the morning.

1. Purdy Lounge

Among the dance clubs that you can find in South Beach, Purdy Lounge has earned a lot of positive reputation. People who are interested in experiencing utmost fun in the South Beach region are strongly encouraged to think about visiting Purdy Lounge. It is positioned at a convenient and an easily accessible location from the Miami Beach. Therefore, you can also expect to find a full audience in here at all times. But it doesn’t keep you away from enjoying your moments that are being spent inside the nightclub.

2. Basement

Basement can be considered as one of the most innovative nightclubs that you can find in Miami. The unique theme and vibe that you can discover in the nightclub would make you fall in love with it. This uniquely themed nightclub has been developed by Ian Scharger from Studio 54. It is often possible to experience the vibe of nightclubs located in New York while you are spending your time in Basement. That’s something you will love.

3. LIV

LIV Nightclub is one of the most popular nightclubs that you can find in Miami. On a Friday night or a Saturday night, you can expect hundreds of people to be present inside the nightclub. One of the key reasons behind the popularity of this nightclub is its location. In fact, the nightclub is located in close proximity to the Miami Beach. This is a crowded area and you can expect most of them to visit the nightclubs located in the neighborhood, including LIV Nightclub.

4. Cameo

Cameo is a nightclub that offers an electrifying atmosphere to the guests. The best thing about this nightclub is that it is located closer to the Miami Beach. Therefore, you can expect to find a perfect party loving crowd in the nightclub. You should also keep in mind that Cameo is not open in all days of the week. In fact, it is open only on Saturdays. Therefore, you can expect to receive a blast on the Saturdays that you spend in here. That’s something you will love about the nightclub.

5. Shots

Shots is a nightclub that is strongly linked with Miami. People who are interested in getting the best nightclub experience during the time that they spend in Miami can think about walking into Shots. The first night at Shots started back in 2012 and it is going strong since then. Back in the day, the founders of Shots discovered that there is a need for a different nightlife scene to emerge in Miami. That tempted them to go ahead and start this unique and one of a kind nightclub. The nightclub started in a small scale. In fact, it was just a 2,000 square feet space. But the popularity of Shots grew along with time.

In Conclusion

Among the top 5 R&B clubs of Miami include Purdy Lounge, Basement, LIV, Cameo, and Shots. Not only the locals but great music listeners from all over the world visit Miami’s clubs to have their exclusive soulful experience. Visit any of the aforementioned venues to make the most out of your lazy nights. It is a safe bet, you are going to experience anything but ordinary! A once in a lifetime kind of fun is seeing your way out there! Hooray!