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Cameo Miami, Guide & Review

Cameo is a nightclub that offers an electrifying atmosphere to the guests. The best thing about this nightclub is that it is located closer to the Miami Beach. Therefore, you can expect to find a perfect party loving crowd in the nightclub. You should also keep in mind that Cameo is not open in all days of the week. In fact, it is open only on Saturdays. Therefore, you can expect to receive a blast on the Saturdays that you spend in here. That’s something you will love about the nightclub.

Apart from entertainment, you can also notice people who come to Cameo for business dinners. If you are looking for a place to have a next client meeting with a fun vibe or a farewell party, Cameo is a great nightclub to consider. The time that you spend near the beach, while enjoying the drinks at Cameo will be an outstanding one. No matter for what reason you walk into Cameo, you will be greeted promptly by the staff who works there.

The restaurant is open on the other days of the week. If you are interested only in visiting the restaurant, you can go there at any given time of a week. Then you will be provided with the opportunity to experience some of the best dishes. In fact, Cameo has earned reputation for offering some of the best dishes to the guests who come here. Out of those dishes, mayo shrimp is the dish, which has received a lot of attention. The hostesses that you can find in Cameo are friendly and you will be able to receive a perfect experience from them. You will also be able to get seated in a blink of an eye because of the outstanding service that is being offered by them.

Cameo Miami Dress Code Guide

Located in Miami Beach, Florida, Cameo nightclub is the perfect destination for all those who love hip hop DJs and music of renowned artists. The dress code is casual as seen in South Beach. But shorts are not allowed. But if you’re a girl, then you can get away with wearing anything.

Cameo Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

What more can you expect from a nightclub hosted by the likes of Kim Kardashian or Henry Hefner’s babes? Girls, you can wear the boldest dress you have in your wardrobe. You can experiment with your makeup, dress, hairstyle, everything. Just avoid wearing shorts and sneakers. But if you can look super hot and sexy in shorts and sneakers, then go ahead and wear them. The bouncers won’t stop you from grooving to music on the long dance floor of the Cameo nightclub in the Miami Beach.

You can wear 2 to 3 inch long stilettos because that’s what smart girls wear. Flip flops and sandals are usually not worn by women at South beach clubs. But the choice is ultimately yours. If you think that it is impossible for you to dance with those heels, then you can wear sandals and groove to music till the wee hours.

Cameo Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

There is no strict code for men. Collared shirts, jeans, and dress shoes are enough to complete your look. Just avoid wearing athletic clothes like jerseys and track pants. Don’t wear sports shoes also because you’re going to a party. You won’t play baseball there. So keep your baseball cap at home.

However, if you’re a celebrity, then wear anything you want. No one will say anything to you. But if you’re not a big shot celebrity, then it’s better if you don’t wear shorts. Once a guy was charged $60 just for wearing a short, which is $20 more than what you have to pay normally. Are you ready to pay that?

Avoid wearing the types of clothes you wear in a gym. So if you’re planning to visit Cameo after exercising in a gym, then change your dress first.

Our Suggestions 

Cameo beach club is extremely crowded and busy during the weekends. Saturday is the busiest day of the entire week. Hip hop parties are extremely popular amongst youngsters.

So if you’re planning to party there with your friends, and then make sure you reach there early. The night club is expensive. So make sure you carry a good amount of money when you go there. They charge almost $20 for cocktails and $700 for bottles. Be prepared to pay around $40 for cover. I guess these figures are enough to give you a rough idea of how much you may have to splurge here.

Even though the night club is expensive, then also I would recommend it to youngsters. It’s a place where celebrities like Christina Aguilera dances the whole night with her friends. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to spot someone as popular as her and dance till 5:30 am.

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