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Lizard Lounge

Lizard Lounge Dallas


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Lizard Lounge Dallas, Guide & Review

Are you young at heart and love your wild side? Lizard Lounge is the befitting place for you. Things only get brighter at Lizard Lounge when the nights travel into the darkness. Make your weekend nights glorious with Lizard Lounge. The fun awaits you, don’t keep it waiting long. Come, join it while the night is young. Each time there is a new event happening based on a new theme.

The bar offers an extensive range of drinks. You can’t resist buying yourself your favorite on a night out. Sip along you dance, rock, or twerk. The energetic vibes entice you to indulge in the happening fun at Lizard Lounge. The mezzanine floor overlooks the dance floor. The dance floor is immersed in the intensive lights emanating from the lighting system. The Lizard Lounge has always strived to five the best kind indulging ambiance. The exclusive at Lizard Lounge ambiance has always lifted the moods of the crows and no soul feels low when he/she is at Lizard Lounge.

The national and international DJs play the Goth industrial music, neo-Gothic, EDM, and several genres. The bar and the dance floor are the peculiar features of the Lizard Lounge. Sunday Nights: The Church exclusively bring the Goth themed events. The dress code is strict and all the visitors are recommended to wear fashionable clothes. No tennis shoes, tennis cap, baggy shirts, or sporty attire is allowed. When you are coming to join the themed events, you must dress accordingly.

The club doors open at 9 pm sharp and the partying goes on till it’s 4 in the morning. You have to be 18, 21, or above to enter through the doors. People under 21 would be charged $15 and the 21 or above will be charged $10.

Bring your valid ID along or otherwise you will not be allowed entry.

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