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One Sette is counted as one of the top-tier nightclub lounges in Dallas city. This is a perfect place for a friends’ night out. You and your friends must have been looking for some decent place to be. If that’s the case, One Sette needs to be on your priority listing. This is a promise that you will love every moment at One Sette. Music, drinks, and great atmosphere; that’s all you are gonna need to light up your night at One Sette.

The modern interior has a unique vibe about it. The tables and the plush leather banquette-style sofas provide comfortable seating. There is enough distance between all the tables representing enough spaciousness. The walls are decorated with the unique arrangement of books and other ornamental articles in bookshelves. The wall hangings add more elegance to the wall beauty. The main entryway is like a narrow path which opens into a spacious place. the DJ booth is just around where the entryway ends. The bottle service breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners are a routine thing at One Sette. To make reservations, you can go to our official website and fill in your credentials in the online available form. Our staff will respond to you soon after you have put in your request for reservation.

The patio is another noticeable part of One Sette. The patio has comfortable sofas placed by the glass walls which shows the street view. If you love to watch the usualness of the street, you can always grab your drink or order your food to enjoy it by the street view. Being the spacious lounge, One Sette is capable of accommodating any kind of party. You can plan your next event with us. We have all the required expertise to make your event a success. Place a request by submitting the online available form to book your event with us.

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