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7. Jade Bar Scottsdale

There are many excellent bars in Scottsdale where you can have a drink and enjoy the views on the rooftop. One of them is the Jade Bar, packed with an exquisite menu and delicious cocktails. This Bar has it all. The chef specially curates the menu for people who like to come in for a cocktail made with passion and experience. Located on the rooftop of Sanctuary Camel Back Mountain Resort, this Bar offers a variety of drinks made by experienced bartenders in an upscale environment. The bartenders at the Jade bar continue to come up with different creations of their own or sometimes with the help of the patrons there since they are trained to appease you and help you get whatever drink you are in the mood for the day. Ambiance can either make or break a bar, and the people over at the Jade bar know this very well; hence the layout is pretty simple but contemporary. The patio is shaded to prevent people from feeling the unforgiving Arizona heat.
Moreover, there is a gas fireplace when the temperatures begin to drop in the evenings here. That fireplace turns this place into a cozy little spot in the evenings where patrons from all over the area come together in this beautiful place. This Bar offers a menu with hand-selected drinks and spirits and incorporates various fruity elements as well. Some of the most famous cocktails at this Bar include The Spy, which contains vodka and strawberry elements. Moreover, another famous drink has Flight of a Honeybee and the Lost Duchman. Flight of a honeybee contains imported Jamaican rum and egg white extracts, while the Lost Duchman incorporates tequila with saffron and vanilla.
These unique ingredients give these drinks an extra kick and make them hugely popular among the locals. The jade bar is open daily from 11 am until 11 pm, so you can come anytime with some company or alone; moreover, Happy Hours are going from 5 until 10 pm, the first four days of the week, where you can get these fantastic cocktails at discounted prices, doubling the fun!

6. Outrider Rooftop Lounge Bar Scottsdale

The outrider rooftop lounge is fantastic for people who want to enjoy their drink while taking in the best possible views of Arizona. Situated on the Hilton Scottsdale, this Bar offers panoramic views of the nearby Camel Mountain. Hence, it has gained somewhat of a cult following among the locals who want to enjoy hand-crafted cocktails in a cozy atmosphere amidst the beautiful Scottsdale landscape. The Arizona desert can get chilly at night; hence, this Bar also houses a beautiful fireplace that comes into life as soon as the sun sets and the cold winds start to blow.
Moreover, the ambiance is another plus point of visiting this café since the seating is causal and not cramped. One can feel relaxed here. Along with that, the owners of the Outrider Rooftop Lounge know the importance of social media. Hence, murals and decorative pieces around the Bar and throughout the premises can serve as the best background for your next Instagram story. Overall, this Bar has all of the critical attributes of a successful bar for it to come to life. The hand-crafted cocktails – which we will talk later about – delicious small plates and local brews which support the local industry are what make this Bar unique. The staff here at this Bar is accommodating and knows how to make your stay even better. The bartenders are skilled; hence, they can make quite a show out of the cocktail-making process. The ambiance works well with the lighting to give you a sense of exclusivity and relaxation, which is what this Bar is famous for. Sadly, this Bar does not take reservations; however, if you manage to get seats on a first-come, first-serve basis, you will not regret it. The Bar operates seven days a week from 11 in the morning until 11 at night. The evening menu with small plates and sizeable platters is another delicious product of this Bar. We urge you to try their meat and cheese board which features a variety of meats and cheeses along with delicious dips.
The drink menu is a different story altogether. They offer a variety of drinks and spirits: beer, tequila, wine, and cocktails with various spirits. This Bar has it all. We recommend the Riviera Punch, as it has Cognac and Lime elements and packs quite a punch!

5. Lon’s Last Drop Bar Scottsdale

Last Drop is another excellent rooftop bar for people living in Scottsdale. This Bar offers some of the best small plates and hand-crafted cocktails. The various menu items mean that there is a lot to choose from. Beers, tequilas, craft cocktails, wines, and this Bar has it all. Pizza and burgers are other things this Bar is famous for.
Moreover, the rooftop section of this Bar is something else altogether. The Bar sits high and hence offers a beautiful view of the city; the design language is also uncomplicated and beautiful. The ambiance is what makes this cafe unique. The fireplace on the rooftop roars into life in the evenings and ensures you get all warm and cozy. The all-day menu is new and includes all the latest items, including a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza to die for! Happy Hours is something to look out for when visiting these bars! Lon’s Last Drop offers a three-hour comfortable hour period where you can enjoy some of the best drinks in the area at affordable rates made by hand by some skilled bartenders. The shared plates on the menu also have a lot to offer, so you can order them alongside your favorite cocktails if you are feeling hungry. A vast selection of white and red wines also awaits you in this Bar. The star jewel of the menu includes Codigo 1530’S Tequila. The diverse Whiskey collection, which includes bourbon, rye whiskey, and Irish Whiskey, is also famous among the patrons.
We would, however, urge you to try out their signature cocktail called the Last Drop, which is made by High West Double Rye apricot and hints of blood orange, among many other exquisite ingredients which makes for a unique and refreshing drink.

4. The Grapevine Bar Scottsdale

The grapevine is probably the oldest Bar on this list. This Bar came into existence around 51 years ago and had very loyal patrons due to the consistency it offers in its food and drinks. Handmade cocktails, along with craft beers and delicious food as well. The environment at this Bar is very relaxing as well. This rooftop bar has something very rare, and that would be karaoke with around 18000 songs in it. You can enjoy your favorite drinks and sing along to your favorite hit songs! The atmosphere is very laid back and attracts many people around the area. There is a two-hour happy hour period every day from Monday till Friday where you can get discounts on appetizers, beers, wines, and liquors. This is good when you factor in the diverse menu, chill atmosphere, cozy ambiance, and good music. Appetizers like Loaded Potato Skins, Chips, and Salsa are some things you can pair with your artisan cocktail to enjoy. The drink menu has a host of drinks from White wine, red wine, and sparkling wine. Domestic brews are also very famous among patrons and are sourced locally. The menu also offers imported liquors and ingredients, which can make a lot of difference since they are sourced only from the most authentic dealers. They also offer non-alcoholic beverages for people who like to stay sober and alert. The menu is very diverse so you will not get bored soon! Make sure to check this rooftop bar out if you are in Scottsdale.

3. Cottontail Lounge Bar Scottsdale

Cottontail Lounge is one of the most fun bars in Scottsdale. The ambiance is unique and allows the people to experience a different vibe from most of the bars in the area. The bartenders and the staff are trained to provide a chill and relaxed atmosphere. The outdoor pool is another plus feature, which allows you to beat the Arizona heat while sipping delicious cocktails. Moreover, shaded poolside tables will enable you to flaunt your summer body while sipping craft cocktails, which can be brought to you to buy the waiters who are attentive and responsive to your needs. The whole space is very sophisticated and has great furniture as well. The poolside can be decorated or set up within short notice for your poolside parties. Small gatherings with delicious cocktails and live music are an excellent way to spend time with your friends and family, and the Cottontail Lounge is the perfect place to do just that. The Bar is open all seven days a week so that you can enjoy your schedule. Moreover, you can make online reservations as well for convenience.
The brunch menu is quite diverse; it includes an Acai Bowl – famous among the patrons – and a BLT sandwich, unlike your regular BLT sandwich. This sandwich can fill you up nicely and has turkey bacon, wild arugula, fried egg, and cheese and is served with a side of fries. This sandwich is among the best brunch options at the Cottontail Lounge, pair this with a cocktail of your choice, and you can have the perfect brunch option.
The shareable platters range from $12 to $20, so you can eat as much as you like without going too hard on your wallet. Sandwiches and other sides are other things that you can enjoy with craft beers and cocktails.

2. Coach House Bar Scottsdale

The Coach House is one of the best bars in Scottsdale due to the party ambiance this Bar provides. You will meet people from all sorts of backgrounds, and these bars are also great for socializing. The Coach House is a good place for tourists since you can also witness the local culture. The Bar has grown over the years and now has an outside seating space and a patio where you can chill and relax with your friends. The menu is quite diverse as well. The Coach house is known for its ambiance and is known to be a party spot as well. You can enjoy their raves and parties if you have a long weekend ahead and want to relax.
This Bar is decorated with string lights and bulbs, making it quite beautiful to look at at night. The bartenders are also very professional, allowing for a fantastic bar experience. This Bar has gotten many four-star views, so you can be sure that it is not a waste of your time and money. Several Christmas deals are also going on on the cocktails, so you can enjoy them.
The Bar offers a diverse menu with craft cocktails, local brews, and wines for you to enjoy. This is one of the best dive bars in Scottsdale, and you should visit it!

1. Rusty Spur Saloon Bar Scottsdale

Rusty Spur Saloon is another famous bar in Scottsdale, which is also fun to be at. This Bar offers a cowboy-themed ambiance as well. The Bar also offers live music seven days a week, which allows you to enjoy with the patrons in an old west-inspired atmosphere. You will feel like you have traveled several decades in the past when you enter this Bar through its swinging doors. As we discussed, live music is also offered, with many famous local and up-and-coming musicians performing. The Bar is open seven days a week to enjoy it.
This Bar held excellent historical value and was the first to open in Scottsdale around seventy years ago. This Bar has welcomed many famous personalities like Post Malone and is quite renowned in the area. This Bar is also known as a historical landmark, so you should visit this Bar if you are in Scottsdale.
The menu also includes traditional Arizona touch in certain foods, which makes you feel like you are from the old wild west. There is bottled beer also available. Moreover, there are margaritas available as well. Some of the best wines include Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot. Tequilas are also available, Clase Azul and Don Julio Silver, among others. If you are not a fan of these spirits, you also enjoy a variety of sodas.
This Bar also has dedicated merchandise available as well for those of us who love Arizona and Scottsdale! This Bar also donates to the Arizona Phoenix Children’s Hospital, so make sure you donate dollar bills to them.
One should visit this Bar if they want an authentic bar experience in Scottsdale with a lively ambiance.


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