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Welcome to Scottsdale’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Scottsdale. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Welcome to Scottsdale – a fantastic city that gives everyone the textbook experience of a vibrant holiday filled with heart-warming culture and hospitality. Globally known for its ultra-premium luxurious resorts AND boutiques, Scottsdale is the old-school sweetheart of Arizona ruling every Arizonian holiday. It is elegant and a ground to witness the amalgamation of all multicultural heritages contributing to being one of the holiday capital of Arizona. 

The significant advantages of roaming in Scottsdale are the warm weather, less pollution, a clear sky, and an abundance of space. Also, if you are looking for a nightlife that allows you to roam around for a post-evening recreation, then Hello Scottsdale! But before we move ahead with the article, let us first get to know a bit about this amazing city.

A little bit about Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a beautiful city founded by Winfield Scott – a retired U.S. Army Chaplain. It is located in the eastern part of Maricopa Country. Scottsdale generally is known as the “West’s Most Western Town.” The city scaredly occupies the Sonoran Desert and gives a beautiful contrast to all the Arizonian ranchland. 

With the laid-back culture of the resort, posh properties, spas, and other indulgences, tourists here at Scottsdale can choose endless activities from the wealth of Scottsdale activities. Visit this city would be incomplete without trying out some of their extravagant, self-care oriented spas. An interesting fact about spas here is that Scottsdale is considered to have more spas per capita than anywhere else in the United States. 

Therefore anyone looking or craving for a warm, soothing, and relaxing vacation, Scottsdale has a full vibrancy of pampering treatments to offer. Our recommendations would be to opt for indulgences inspired by the blend of the Sonoran Desert and Native American healing traditions. 

Nightlife in Scottsdale

If you are a nightlife enthusiast, chances are you are already in love with Scottsdale. While there are plenty of activities to indulge in during the day, Scottsdale at night becoming charmingly animated? Scottsdale offers all attractions for people who wish to drink, dance, eat, or do all. 

There are enough late-night attractions to keep any visitors going until dawn. Getting a glimpse of their exciting bar and party culture would want you to be coming back for more. So let’s dig deep into the best nighttime activities you can do venture out when at Scottsdale. 

Party Bike in Scottsdale

Scottsdale locals can never get enough of their party bike culture, and as a tourist, neither will you. To those who do not know what a party bike is, it is a pub on pedals. The customized bike is a major tourist activity that is promoted by Arizona tourism. The bike is installed with high-quality sound systems and party lights to get the bikers on mood. 

To ride on a party bike, a prior reservation needs to be made. The bike pub can hold up to 15 people for a private party. The party bikes offer adult beverages for any occasion from birthday parties, bachelorette, company meets, reunions, night-outs, and any other special events. However, only selected alcohols are permissible when on-board. 

Party bikes all around Scottsdale are known for hosting visitors with a great collection of wine, beer, and seltzers. One need to purchase their choice from their on-site booze store and can be brought onboard for consumption. 


Old Town Scottsdale has the best nightclub culture in Scottsdale. When it comes to living the best nightlife in Arizona, there is nothing quite like fun that throbs amazing ambiance and good music like Old Town Scottsdale. The dance clubs in this vicinity are impressive with their cozy features and space for dance emporiums. 

Young, beautiful, multicultural crowd gather after the sunset to enjoy the dark with an elaborated dance floorshow. Not just this, most of the bars have extra fire-breathers, dancers, additional entertainers to get you moving on the dance floor instantly. 

Stand-Up Comedy

Apart from partying hard and dancing to the floor attitude of people in Scottsdale, Stand-Up Comedy is one serious art form that is taken seriously by the local people. There are endless options on bars, clubs and comedy club that offers stand-up shows. Scottsdale loves comedy shows, and if you are into slapstick, unfiltered comedy, then watching at least one show should make it your bucket list. 

A few of the best comedy clubs in Scottsdale, Arizona, are J.P.’S Comedy Club, Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy, Improv Comedy Club, and JesterZImprov Comedy. 

Best Nightclub in Scottsdale:

Let us now talk about a few of the best nightclubs in Scottsdale. 

Rockbar Inc.

Rockbar Inc. is one of the most renowned nightclubs in the city. The club bills itself as Scottsdale’s top rock ‘n roll destination, which started with an objective to fill the missing requirement of Scottsdale’s nightlife entertainment. The club has a rooftop bar, and the doors open as early as 12 PM in the afternoon until 2 AM in the morning. Though the drinks options here at Rockbar Inc. are unique and diverse, the bar bites make this place stand out. 

Twice-baked potato skins topped with delicious bacon & mozzarella, seasoned hot pretzel bites, kettle chips with marinara, corn dogs with mustard are a few of the items that are served as their famous bar bites. Not just this, Rockbar Inc. offers finger-licking options on baked wings, sandwiches, flatbreads, pizza, and other specialties. 

Address: 4245 N Craftsman Ct, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

Phone: +1 480-331-9190

Website – 

Social Tap Eatery

Next on the list is Social Tap Eatery that focuses on customer service with nothing but great food, creative cocktails and puts special emphasis on locally produced craft beer. One should head to the place only if they wish to experience everything from early afternoon to late night just under one roof. The Eatery has a large outdoor patio with several local drafts making you experiencing a hard time finding reasons to leave this amazing place. 

Every staff at Social Tap Eatery welcomes their customers with utmost care and attends to every demand as the highest priority. Sometimes, the owner themselves greet you and help you get a seat. Though Social Tap Eatery is known for its one-of-a-kind hospitality, one thing that makes STE stand out is the amazing food. The food served here at STE is really good. The best to start from the STE menu is the BBQ Chicken Wings paired with Skinny Press – one of their best cocktails, pinnacle citrus vodka muddled with berries, mints, and agave nectar. 

Their social hour menu comprises fish & chips, crispy chicken tenders, quesadilla, buffalo chicken sliders, pulled pork sliders, and much more. Therefore, Social Tap Eatery has everything that makes this place an excellent place for food, drinks, and socializing with your loved ones.

Address: 4312 N Brown Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

Phone: +1 602-432-6719

Website – 

Wasted Grain

It is the one bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, that hosts everyone with its vibrant nightclub featuring 3 bars, an upscale lounge, an open concert area, and a huge dance floor. The bar is notoriously famous for offering the city’s most unique nightlife experiences with ample comfortable seating, oversized games, and pet-friendly. Wasted Grain has been vocal about promoting local artists and performers since its inception. Therefore they proudly showcase some of Scottsdale’s best bands live, making you have the best night in the city. Some of its great features are seating, wheelchair accessibility, over 30 televisions, outdoor seating, full bar, wine and beer, free WiFi, table service, and takes prior reservations. 

Next, talking about the menu, the bar has quite an exotic option to serve the visitors. The shared platters consist of Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls, Grilled Chicken Drumettes, Taco Trio, and the signature Nachos. The Real McCoy Pizza made with Italian sausages, pepperoni, meatball, Pomodoro sauce, provolone, jack, and onion is one of the must flatbread pizzas to try in Scottsdale. 

Finally, suppose you wish to indulge in a guilt-free calories adventure. In that case, we recommend you try their gluten-free Prohibition Plate – the chef’s seasoned chicken breast served with Caprese salad, grilled asparagus. 

Address: 7295 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

Phone: +1 480-970-0500

Website – 

Maya Day and Nightclub

It is one of the coolest and highly reviewed dance halls cum bars located in the Indian Plaza in Scottsdale. This indoor/outdoor pub offers Las Vegas partying vibe with its amazing collections of bottled services and D.J. nights. For any party-hard individual, Maya is the perfect place. The place, despite its outrageous price, is fun. The vibes are good, the security and staffs are ultra-friendly, and it keeps the ancient principles of the deity alive with its breath-taking spinning illusions and dreamy music. 

Known to be the home for an elaborate dance floor, this place has some of Arizona’s best performers, making this gathering place a must-visit. The only con about Maya would be the budget. The cover charge for a female is $10, and for males, it is $15. Also, the club has a recommended dress code they get seriously. Men are expected to show off their shiniest shoes paired with a collared shirt, whereas women are expected to dress to impress. Gym wears, Sneakers, Hats are not allowed unless one is a celebrity. 

Talking about the menu, the list is endless, and it is super comprehensive. Their best on the lists are Chicken Tenders Fries served with honey mustard and ranch, District Burgers made from Angus beef, white cheddar, district sauce served with pickles and onion, and their famous Fuegio Fries, a house cut fries topped with ranch served with chopped boneless buffalo wings, parsley, and green onions.

Address: 7333 E Indian Plaza, Scottsdale AZ, United States

Phone: +1 480-625-0528

Website – 

Paris In Scottsdale

This is a very unique, small yet elegant nightclub known for being a place for dance and live music. PIS is known for bringing in a Latin edge to nightlife. The dance club offers some of the city’s best nightlife experiences with its rich Latin and hip-hop music. The place often hosts D.J.s from all around the States and pours music with electrifying reggaeton and salsa-infused beats. 

The favorite thing about the place is the endless options for drinks. They are not over-priced like the others and offer the best gin & tonic in the city. The customer service is amazing, and the staffs are very hospitable. Paris in Scottsdale surely stands up to its hype. They have a strict protocol for dress codes. Though the club recommends people with their “dress to impress” persona, they still want you to be comfortable. But casuals and gym wear are a no.

Address: 4280 N Drinkwater Blvd Suite #100, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Phone: +1 480-442-6018

Website – 

Best Spas to visit in Scottsdale for a relaxing night

When it comes to Scottsdale, there are tons of activities that make one party hard. But to those who are not really outgoing and would rather spend their holidays relaxing in self-love, then this city has got you covered too. From facial massages to body treatments, the wellness facilities at Here are the top list of spas that one must try when in Scottsdale. 

Luna Spa

Established within the province of The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, this wellness center speaks all about beauty and relaxation. This spa offers unmatched opportunities for any holiday goer to deeply hydrate and utilize the native botanicals and minerals for thorough nourishments. 

Our favorite from their service is their Cranialsacral Energy Therapy. It is a 50 min massage that releases your facial restriction and unwinds your soul from deep with. 

Address: 7700 E McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Telephone: 800-540-0727, 480-991-9000  


Medspa810 Scottsdale

This unique medical-infused spa offers a unique mix of cosmetic and medical services that revitalizes any guest’s physical and mental health. They are what they claim as “much more than just a spa.” Medspa810 is highly famous for its hospitable approach and focused on the guest’s needs based on their result-focused care. In addition, they are highly affordable and convenient for budgeted individuals. 

Their best medical facial is the Luxury Hydrafacial – a multilevel customized facial that gives a healthier complexion through its deep cleanse, extract, hydration, and antioxidants infusion. 

Address: 23425 N. Scottsdale Rd. STE A103 Scottsdale AZ, 85255

Telephone: (480) 513 8813


The Spa at Adero

This spa has superpowers when it comes to harnessing the native minerals and treating customers with healing power. Their signature treatments reflect the aura of mother nature herself. The Spa at Adero is a holistic wellness place that can open your mind, body, and soul through its endless beauty and spa treatments possibilities. 

Our recommendation is to opt for their Spirit Stone Therapy – a special basalt stone therapy that uses the ancient art of total body healing to soothe away your tensions.

Address: 13225 North Eagle Ridge Drive Scottsdale, Arizona 85268

Telephone: 480-333-1900


Best Neighborhoods in Scottsdale to visit at Night

The Shea Corridor

This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Scottsdale. This is because it shares its closeness with Shea Boulevard – the city’s most iconic thoroughfares. In addition, there are many recreational operations for visitors to indulge in, making it one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods. The time to visit The Shea Corridor is after 7 PM in the evening. 

South Scottsdale

It is best known for hosting the entry of Arizona State University. With a young crowd visible all across this town, this neighborhood is one of the city’s most family-friendly areas. Also, it is recognized as the most creative community that attracts artists from the worker class to perform their creative.

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is highly cosmopolitan. Despite its multicultural feature, this neighborhood is quiet and private. Paradise Valley is known to have clean air, unaltered natural beauty, and a spectacular night view. In addition, it’s extremely friendly and welcoming. For those who wish to relax just by strolling around and crowd watching, then Paradise Valley is just the place for you. 

Must Foods to Eat in Scottsdale at Night

Scottsdale is all about avocado, tortilla chips, chorizos, and street corns, just like any other south-western state of the USA. But, late night cravings have all the solutions in this city. So let us finally explore a few of the most late night foods to eat during your stay in Scottsdale.

Chorizo Elote

Elote and Chorizo is the combination that can make you experience heaven right here on earth. Offered exclusively at Grenada, Embassy Suites, Chorizo Elote is Chef Ken Arneson’s best-prepared thing to try before ending your holiday in this city.


The perfect bar bite, you can have this Latin delicacy from anywhere in the city. Guacamole is a staple in any of the Scottsdale households. Since guacamole traditionally is versatile enough, people at Scottsdale like to top it with pomegranate to give an extra sweetness.

Butterscotch Pudding

This is a crowd-pleaser dessert made with fresh cream, nutmeg, and fresh butterscotch. The unbelievably delicious butterscotch is the perfect vacation combination flavored with caramelized brown sugar and butter with a splash of bourbon. There is no way this luxuriously creamy pudding can go a miss when in Scottsdale. Of course, it tastes better after a pint of beer, just saying!

Frequently asked questions about Scottsdale

When is the best time to visit Scottsdale?

Though Scottsdale is an all-year holiday destination, it is always recommended to choose spring or autumn. The weather then seems perfect, making it the best time to visit for any occasion.

Does Scottsdale have good nightlife?

Scottsdale, Arizona, is the perfect holiday spot for anyone who wishes to enjoy eating, singing, dancing, live music, drinking, and partying hard. There are high chances that visiting Scottsdale would make you never want to leave the city, thanks to its swankier nightclubs. 

What to keep in mind while roaming the streets of Scottsdale at night?

Scottsdale loves visitors. With multiple party zones placed here and there in the city, it is always to be taken care not to overdo alcohol, especially if you are a solo traveler. Walking around Scottsdale can be exhausting; therefore, it is always advised to wear something comfortable.

Is it safe to walk in Scottsdale at night?

The rate of crime in Scottsdale is one of the lowest in Arizona. Therefore, it is one of the safest places for solo travelers and female tourists. If you are visiting the city to experience its nightlife, you would be glad to know that Old Town Scottsdale (where the major party activity happens) has very low to zero criminal activity. The city is very lively at night and is very safe.

Are there bad parts of Scottsdale?

Like any other city in the world, Scottsdale to have its flaws. However, with a few break-ins and theft persisting, the overall good part of the city cannot be denied. The crime rates in the city are the lowest in the state and mark itself as the safest Arizonian city to visit during the holiday season.

What food is Scottsdale known for?

Scottsdale is known to have a distinctive taste that comes out of the weirdest food combination. The locals here adore smoked salmon, Brussels sprouts, and salads of all kinds. However, the one thing everyone here can fancies is Nachos and Guacamole.


Scottsdale is known for many acclaimed things, right from ultra-premium tourism, local dining, and starry nightlife, making it one of the best tourist destinations for everyone around the group. As mentioned earlier, this desert city has endless opportunities to offer. 

For tourists preferring adventure to urban getaway or vice-versa, Scottsdale has you covered 360 degrees, be it via food, nightlife, or just arts. There is so much more to discover in Scottsdale, but it needs your presence to unfold everything there is to know about the mighty Scottsdale.

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