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They say that Vegas only comes to life at night, so there are more night-time activities here than any other city. The Strip is famous for its four and five-star casinos where you can place your bets till your money runs out. But the town also offers activities other than gambling with their world-renowned theater companies, concert halls, and massive buffets booked weeks in advance. You can find all forms of entertainment in Las Vegas and sample the high life during your stay. We have put together a list of the best activities and places of interest in the city that you should visit.

Witness the Captivating Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most awe-inspiring production in the entire city. They have five different shows designed around a unique theme that combines music, acrobats, and dance. The extravagant custom-built opera stage with synchronized lighting and props dazzles the audience while the performers move to the music’s beat.

The performance highlights different elements like water, fire, and world cultures, to add another excitement level. The company hires a world-class cast that has perfected its routine and showcases a flawless act for several public nights a week. You do not want to miss out on the elegant and unforgettable show synonymous with Las Vegas’ reputation.

Dance the Night Away at Omnia

Caesars Palace is known for its elaborate gambling set up, but it also has a happening nightclub sprawling over 75,000 sq. ft and multiple floors. A large dance floor with a glamorous décor accented by antique mirrors and leather sofas.

A gigantic LED chandelier hangs overhead projecting psychedelic designs matching the rhythm of the beat. The upper level has a terrace with a magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip. You can escape into the cool breeze and enjoy drinks and dancing with your friends with the light of Vegas, serving as a glorious backdrop. The club is decked in lighting from the LEDs in the ceiling to the illuminated glass floor tiles to create a modern and luxurious setting. – .X8EJXGgzbIV

Party in Style at Lily Bar & Lounge

The Bellagio is famous for its hourly fountain show, but inside the building is a stylish nightclub called Lily that is a must-see stop for every tourist. Upon entering the club, you will see the main room decked in the rich trimming of gold and black.

 The club has many VIP booths to host private parties, and there are many opportunities to socialize on the dance floor. Lily is a happening venue that often hosts select parties and events, so make sure to check their calendar before visiting. 

Let David Copperfield Ensnare Your Mind

David Copperfield has been blowing people’s minds with his illusions and tricks for years and continues to take the stage and wow his audience at the MGM Grand Hotel. He casts a spell on the spectators using elaborate props, instruments, and techniques.

The Grand Illusion does not employ showcase female assistants, and the magician uses members from the audience as volunteers for his demonstrations. The show has a personalized touch, and guests can also buy the tickets for a Meet and Greet session with Mr. Copperfield accompanied by a souvenir photograph.

Lounge in a Pool at Encore

Do you enjoy poolside lounges and want to spend a few relaxing hours in a heated pool while you sip on champagne and listen to the carefully curated setlist by your DJ? You can reserve a cabana at their swimming pool and order bottle service for you and your party. 

The warm lighting, palm trees, and pool games will make you reminisce the old school parties from college days. For those who do not enjoy crazy, wild parties, Encore Beach Club is the perfect spot to laze around at night after a fully booked day of sight-seeing.

Take a Walk Down Freemont Street

Freemont Street is a destination in downtown Las Vegas that should be on every tourist’s itinerary. The brilliant lights and spectacular displays are enough to catch your fancy. The street hosts a free light show called Viva Vision every night featuring music from a celebrated artist. 

You can pose iconic imagery and many attractions to keep you busy the entire night in including a 12-story zipline, neon museum, and fine-dining restaurants. You can take part in many events hosted here, including pub and bar crawls. There is something for everyone in Downtown Vegas.

Bungee Jump off the Stratosphere

A casino hotel spire is a home to the SkyJump, which is free-fall from a height of 829 feet controlled by a safety harness, of course. If you are a daredevil and willing to experience the exhilaration of falling from the sky, then this should be on your list.

There are other thrilling rides at the Stratosphere, and you can always hear the joyous shrieks of people from the tallest building in Nevada. Other attractions include Big Shot, Insanity, and X-Scream, which are as intense as they sound. If you love amusement parks and scary rides, then do not miss out on this experience.

Rejuvenate at The Linq Spa

The Linq at Caesar’s Palace is a health and wellness facility specializing in relaxation and treatments. They have a Himalayan salt cave inside the facility, which offers a unique destressing environment for massages and soothes allergies or decongestion.

You can recoup from a hectic trip and unwind with music and scents of your choice. There are also pre-defined playlists and aromatherapy combinations to help you recover from the evil of the previous night.  

Indulge in the Massive Spread at the Bacchanal Buffet

Las Vegas is also known for its extravagant buffets, and Bacchanal prepares a massive feast for its diners every night. It has been dubbed the best buffet in the city by many magazines, and the long lines at the tables are proof of that testimonial’s credibility.

There are over 15 daily specials with cuisines from around the world. You better bring your appetite because each of the hundred dishes on offer is one-of-a-kind.