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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Las Vegas

1. Commonwealth Las Vegas

Commonwealth is a stylish bar that you can find in Vegas. It can introduce you to a unique and an exciting social scene. This is a massive cocktail bar, which spans across a total area of 6,000 square feet. It provides a combination of architectural and art influences. You will also be able to experience many libations and artistic work at the bar. Commonwealth is not just an average bar, where people can go ahead and enjoy a drink. Instead, it is considered as more of a meeting point for the people to come together.

2. Beerhaus at The Park Las Vegas

Beerhaus at The Park is a bar that is located in a classic beer hall. The menu that is offered at this bar is perfectly composed. In fact, the menu provides something for the casual drinkers as well as people who love to enjoy the best beers. When you take a look at the food items served at the restaurant, you will notice that there is something for everyone as well. They include sandwiches sausages and snacks. All these foods are made out of locally produced meat, which are free from hormones. You can also play some bar games while you are at Beerhaus at the Park.

3. Beauty Bar Las Vegas

Beauty Bar is one of the most happening bars in the city. It was established back in 2004. The bar is located within the East Fremont Street. It has got the ability to introduce a casual retro vibe to the region. At Beauty Bar Las Vegas, the guests will be able to experience live music gigs, which belong to a variety of genres. In fact, live music is offered on every single night of the week. It has got an intimate seating space, which can accommodate around 125 guests. You will also be able to find an outdoor seating area at Beauty Bar Las Vegas.

4. Atomic Liquors Las Vegas

Atomic Liquors is a bar that was established back in 1921. Since then, it has been able to maintain a solid reputation by offering an outstanding service to the visitors. One of the best features about Atomic Liquors is that they organize a range of events throughout the year. Therefore, many guests prefer to take part in the events and enjoy their time. The taps that you can find at Atomic Liquors are rotating on a regular basis. Therefore, you will be able to discover new beer types as you go. Therefore, you will never get bored by visiting this bar.

5. 107 SkyLounge Las Vegas

107 SkyLounge is a not a typical Vegas lounge. You will be able to receive an impressive experience during the time that you spend in here. While you are at 107 SkyLounge, you will notice how you are being surrounded by the clouds. There is a fascinating view around you to enjoy. It would be a great experience to enjoy your drinks, while being seated in such an environment. In the meantime, you will also be able to dance to the beats of the DJs. 107 Sky Lounge offers an outstanding bottle service to the guests as well.

6. Founder’s Club Las Vegas

Founder’s Club is a cocktail lounge as well as a gaming club, which is based in Las Vegas. All the people who walk into Founder’s Club are provided with the chance to gather some outstanding experiences, which they will love. The best thing about Founder’s Club is that there is an excellent family atmosphere available in here. Therefore, you can get along with your loved ones and enjoy the moments. To complement your experience, it is possible for you to discover a large number of performers at the Founder’s Club as well. Therefore, it is a great place where you can enjoy throughout your night.

7. Terrace Afterhours Las Vegas

Terrace Afterhours is the place for you to be! We always welcome those whose spirit last longer than the after-hours. We believe in those who want to bring the fun to the party after the party hours have passed the due time. Dance under the stars at Terrace Afterhours. As the party here starts after the party. Those who are of rebellious nature and want to bring the rebel out shall join us at Terrace Afterhours. We await you all, visit us this Saturday night.

8. XS Las Vegas

XS Las Vegas is one of them. XS Nightclub is truly exhilarated and influenced by the sexy human-body curves. Around 10K light sources keep illuminating the club at night. The focal features of XS Nightclub include VIP outdoor cabanas, floodlight outdoor pool, gold-leaf bodies, and a stupendous dance floor. XS Nightclub is nothing less than a most innovatory, sophisticated, and ultramodern nightclubs around the world. XS extends a passionate and elegant club atmosphere that edges Encore’s bubbly pool. The venue is conceived and designed by Roger Thomas and is themed in black, bronze, browns, and rich gold.

9. Treehouse Las Vegas 

Treehouse is a latest, multi-purpose, and an awesome entertainment venue. The entertainment industry of Las Vegas has completely changed for the good since this venue has come into being. All the entertainment aspects are now available under the Treehouse Las Vegas roof.

10. Stoney’s Rockin’ Country Las Vegas

Stoney’s Rockin’ Country is one such nightclub which doesn’t discriminate among the audience, rather the goal is to focus on how to bring the fun to life. As our focus aligns with the customers’ focus, the joy-filled ambiance is created within no time. Be our guest on any night from Thursday through Sunday. You’ll be surprised to see the harmony this place brings among the dancers and the whole atmosphere.

11. On The Record Las Vegas

On The Record would suffice your wish, as it is one of its kind Speakeasy nightclub and bar. If you haven’t been there yet, you are missing out on something really big. The ambiance of this place is exotic, stylish, and retro which has a unique taste to it. If you are someone who seeks to have fun and do the clubbing in an outlandish environment, then On The Record would be the place for you to visit. And we promise that you would come back over and over again once you have tasted the flavor of fun we provide here.

12. Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

Omnia Nightclub has gained great fame in so little time. Omnia is not only a nightclub, but it is also an experience, a feeling, a form of divine energy that can only be felt. If one must have to describe this place in words, that won’t be fair. Only it can be experienced by being here and joining the madness it has to offer. Omnia is among the top-tier nightclubs of Las Vegas. Disappointment isn’t the word our customers have ever known while they are at Omnia nightclub. So, worry not about your fun, as providing you with well-deserved fun is our duty.

13. Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas 

Hakkasan Nightclub doesn’t deal in ordinary. Everything about Hakkasan is of extraordinary nature. This place has brought the exotic feel to the nightclubbing culture of Las Vegas. The voyeuristic interior plays a major role to get you in the nightlife mode. This is a five-level nightclub which is actually a complex that has several opportunities to offer. This place is packed with fun, food, drinks, music, and so much more that can only be explored.

14. Gold Spike Las Vegas

Gold Spike would serve you just right. To explore the secrets of this place and the wondrous possibilities for fun, visit our place anytime you want. DJs, a multitude of games, excellent bar services, backyard games, special events, and live music are just the names of the features this place has to offer. To know how it really is at Gold Spike, you have to be at Gold Spike.

15. Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas 

Marquee Nightclub is the place which you must visit for yourself. You will learn a new kind of fun-reveling experience here. This place isn’t for clubbing at night only, as it also becomes the magical day club for adults. To view and indulge in the traditional beach club scene, come to the Marquee day club. The day club and night club individually have numerous amazing features that would just blow your minds in no time and you will feel obliged to dive into the raging ocean of fun at Marquee.

16. The Sayers Club Las Vegas 

The Sayers Club is known for its many best features but the most loved one is it being a live music venue. Love music performances? Well, who doesn’t! Visit this place for the love of music or to simply have a sophisticated night out experience. The Sayers Club has a culture of its own to perfect and preserve. Live music performance, retro interior, and the crowd with a great sense of taste would elate your experience at The Sayers Club. Be not afraid to have a fun-filled night wrapped with style and music.

17. Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas

Jewel Nightclub is the jewel of the nightclubs in Las Vegas. Each nook and corner of the Jewel nightclub gleams with the artistically adjusted lighting system. The place is a pure artistic design which is quite a sight for the sore eyes. LED lights are embedded within the walls and ceilings which illuminate the place at right place creating a dreamlike scenery. Those who want to enjoy their nights among the vibrant ambiance and electrifying booming music, they got to visit the Jewel nightclub. If you are ready to feel some magic, come along your party to the Jewel nightclub.

18. Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas

Intrigue Nightclub welcomes you with an astonishing view which is a replica of an erected rocky mountain with the fountain flowing at its base. The sky, the trees, and the lights illuminating the view collectively create an enchanting scenery. Once you are at Intrigue nightclub, you’d forget all the rest but the surge of happiness within you. You will find yourself completely immersed in the music- and fun-driven environment. Among the lights, drinks, and the electrifying music you will feel a new fun-loving version of yourself emerging out of you.

19. Inspire Nightclub Las Vegas 

Inspire Nightclub is a three-story complex offering a befitting ambiance to let the clubbing vibes take over you. Inspire nightclub is known for its energetic DJs who are so immersed in their own music while they play it. DJs are passionate about bringing you to the dancing and clubbing mood. Their energy and the booming music along with the entire exotic ambiance induce a bursting energy within you that you can’t resist falling in love with this place.

20. Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas 

Hyde Bellagio is an outdoor-indoor nightclub with huge space capacity. It is spread on the 10,000-square-foot area which makes is a spacious event venue. Its prime location makes it desirable amongst the club-goers. Las Vegas certainly haven’t seen a place which offers the clubbing experience with the majestic view of the Fountains of Bellagio. But just wait yet, as there is still more to this place than meets the eye.

21. Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Brooklyn Bowl, a hub of fun, thrill and peppy vibes. If you are all about these things, this place is the right match for your seeking. Come along with your party to experience what has never been seen before. Beware, this isn’t just an expression we’re throwing at you casually. We are serious about our business. And your fun is our business. You will be caught in awe upon visiting the Brooklyn Bowl. Here you will find food, music, bowling, and the sophisticated crowd in one place at a time.

22. Fuso Nightclub Las Vegas 

Fuso Nightclub is one of those nightclubs of Las Vegas which are harder to describe in words. Fuso offers you the kind of fun which you would only have imagined. But Fuso had made it real for you! To behold and indulge in the outlandish fun, come visit Fuso. The location, the amenities, and the staff at Fuso are all sufficed to rock your nights. If you care enough to rock your nights with skyrocketing fun vibes, then you’d have to visit Fuso nightclub for yourself. we are always up to have you as our visitor.

23. Foundation Room Las Vegas

Foundation Room resides on the 63rd floor of Mandalay Bay. The back side of the guest elevators will take you to Foundation Room nightclub where many secrets are to be revealed to you. The Foundation Room is a spacious nightclub with the display of an exotic décor and furnishing. This place has leather chesterfield sofas that go perfectly well with the wooden floors, brick-patterned walls, and wooden tables. The door frames are wooden and are engraved with immaculate and intricate designs.

24. 1 Oak Las Vegas

1 Oak Las Vegas is not just a nightclub, rather it is a feeling, a vibe which can only be felt through your veins and mind. You won’t even realize when you got addicted to the vibe that prevails at 1 Oak. This nightclub displays an atmosphere which is an exceptional blend of art and fashion. 1 Oak harbors all those party-essential elements a club goer would look for in a nightclub. Simply put, 1 Oak has dragged the New York nightclub environment to Las Vegas. Let us give you an outlandish experience at 1 Oak nightclub

25. Embassy Night Club Las Vegas

Embassy Night Club is all about those things which surround a Latin nightclubbing destination. If you are seeking for a platform where you can calm your qualms and feel the positive vibes, then we have got you covered. This is no hollow promise but we are serious about our business in the true meaning. Come visit our place and let us serve with what you are seeking for!

26. Drai’s Nightclub Las Vegas

Drai’s Nightclub is not a mere nightclub, rather it’s a mood for the weekend nights. Drai’s is famous for the best live concerts in Las Vegas. If you want to spend the weekend nights at a musical place, this is the right place for you to be. In fact, you are going to be surprised by the fun elements this place has for you. Plenty of options to create an elated ambiance are there. We warn you to not be surprised when you first visit this nightclub. As we have all those things which a fun-seeker can ever fantasize about!

27. Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas

Chateau Nightclub is situated beneath the replica of Eiffel Tower. Another auspicious feature of Chateau nightclub is it being residing on the rooftop of Paris Las Vegas. The panoramic view of the city is quite a sight to behold. To have an outrageous experience of nightclubbing, one must never miss out on Chateau nightclub. T grab the fun and visit Chateau nightclub.

28. Tao Las Vegas

Tao Las Vegas serves the pleasure-seekers in many aspects. It has a multitude of features that you can indulge yourself in. Whether it’s the day time, night, or you want to dine in a sophisticated place, we’ve got you covered in all those areas. Tao lets you have fun in the most artistic manner. This place has to offer so many colors that you can easily paint a good picture of your time spent here. If you were looking for some top-tier place to spend your time in Las Vegas, you just have found one.

29. The Light Vegas

The Light Vegas is one such a place. This place promises each visitor an outlandish experience. If you are up for stepping into a new dimension of the nightclub world, then The Light Vegas is a place tailor-made for your taste. Satiate your thirst for fun and rejuvenate your senses with the open collection of music played at The Light Vegas. Performances, dancers, and the variegated ambiance would let you forget all your qualms in no time and you’ll be drowning in a whirlpool of raging fun. Be wild and feel LIGHT when you are at The Light Vegas.

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