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1 Oak Las Vegas, Guide & Review

1 Oak is not just a nightclub, rather it is a feeling, a vibe which can only be felt through your veins and mind. You won’t even realize when you got addicted to the vibe that prevails at 1 Oak. This nightclub displays an atmosphere which is an exceptional blend of art and fashion. 1 Oak harbors all those party-essential elements a club goer would look for in a nightclub. Simply put, 1 Oak has dragged the New York nightclub environment to Las Vegas. Let us give you an outlandish experience at 1 Oak nightclub!

The high-tech sound system along with the extensive lighting lifts the ambiance of the entire place. No soul under the roof of 1 Oak can evade the magic that prevails at this place. The DJs at this nightclub are of no ordinary talent, their music generating skills would render an electrifying surge of booming energy across the whole place, making everyone sway and groove. The bar service proffers the elaborate drinks menu which suffices your thirst and refreshes your mood. Besides all that, you never know which celebrity guest you will be seeing tonight at 1 Oak. You will find that the star-studded celebrations are a common thing at this place.

1 Oak has two separate rooms. Each room has its own DJ booth and extensive bar service. The main room has the capacity to contain 1300+ people while VIP room can contain up to 274 people. It is a perfect venue for private events including birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, or more. The elaborate catering services are also available to host the guests. For making VIP reservation, you can either fill out the form available online or call us at 702 693 8300. Our team will contact you promptly, till then hold on!

1 Oak Las Vegas Dress Code Guide

1 Oak nightclub at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas symbolizes the ultimate nightlife you can ever imagine. Touted as the favorite nightclub of the top celebrities and upcoming talents from the music industry, 1 Oak gives you an experience that you won’t ever forget in your life.

1 Oak is open only on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:30 pm to 4 am. The nightclub has witnessed eclectic performances by Jessica Alba, Pitbull, Fergie, Wiz Khalifa, and many more in the recent past. So if you’re visiting a nightclub where you can watch your favorite stars, you should make it a point to know and abide by all the rules and regulations. No one would want to be turned away from a premium nightclub like 1 Oak in Las Vegas.

1 Oak Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Women have lots of liberties when it comes to dress code. They can pretty much wear whatever they want. But the dress should be classy. It should complement their body shape.

Girls! The basic rule is you have to dress according to your body type and shape. You should look beautiful and sexy. If you have a slender figure, a little black or white dress can make you look wonderful.

Don’t forget to wear killer stilettos to announce you have arrived at the party in style. Carry a small purse with you because oversized bags are not allowed here.

The doormen will check your purse. So make sure you don’t keep anything objectionable inside the purse.

Dare to wear these things and be ready to go back home

  • Sandals
  • Unkempt clothes
  • Shorts
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops
  • Sports shoes
  • Hats
  • Too much jewelry
  • Baggy or oversized clothes
  • Athletic clothes
  • Chains
  • Work boots
  • Sneakers
  • Capris
  • Cut off

What else you can’t bring in

  • Backpacks
  • Bags
  • Parcels

1 Oak Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The dress code guide at 1 Oak nightclub in Las Vegas is considered as ‘upscale chic.’ If you want to experience the colorful and musical nightlife of Las Vegas, then you have to dress accordingly.

Men can wear good jeans, dress pants, collared shirts, sports coats, a button up shirt, etc. Since the 1 Oak has a strict dress code guide, so men should better play it safe.

If you’re comfortable in a collared shirt, then try a slim fit shirt from branded stores.

As far as shoes are concerned, dress shoes or leather shoes are acceptable. Don’t wear sunglasses in a nightclub as they look too funny and stupid. Let your eyes speak to strangers.

Our Suggestions 

The doormen follow the dress code rule by heart. If you dare to break the dress code guideline, then the doormen will immediately send you back home. Always remember that. Dress with care and look your best because you never know what is in store for you at the coolest nightclub in Las Vegas. Enjoy and live your dream at 1 Oak nightclub. May the night never comes to an end.

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