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Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas, Guide & Review

As the name suggests, Jewel nightclub is the jewel of the nightclubs in Las Vegas. Each nook and corner of the Jewel nightclub gleams with the artistically adjusted lighting system. The place is a pure artistic design which is quite a sight for the sore eyes. LED lights are embedded within the walls and ceilings which illuminate the place at right place creating a dreamlike scenery. Those who want to enjoy their nights among the vibrant ambiance and electrifying booming music, they got to visit the Jewel nightclub. If you are ready to feel some magic, come along your party to the Jewel nightclub.

The entryway has a reception desk surrounded by LED walls and illuminated staircase that leads you to the main club. The main club has a dance floor facing the DJ booth. Behind the DJ booth, the wall is a display of shape-shift light technology which energizes the crowd to the ultimate limits. The bar booth is an elongated one, harbors all kinds of drinks. Red plush leather sofas are placed all across the main club. The mezzanine floor has a VIP seating area with a separate bar. VIP suites can also be availed to have a more personalized and private kind of fun. There are five VIP suites available on the mezzanine floor; The Blind Tiger VIP Suite, The Studio VIP Suite, The Gallery VIP Suite, and The G.O.A.T VIP Suite.

Spread over more than 24000 square feet area, Jewel Nightclub is a masterpiece. The DJs play the electrifying music that lights the already lit place. E-tickets can be purchased online and received by email. Age restriction would be applied strictly. Those of age 21 are allowed donned in a non-casual dress. For VIP reservations, fill in the form available and we’ll respond quickly. Jewel nightclub is open on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Join us to light up your nights!

Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas Dress Code Guide

A night club which looks like it has been studded in Jewels, Jewel Club in Las Vegas is a highly popular and mystifying night club which is a must visit when in town. With an extremely psychedelic style interior décor, complete with neon lighting and a brilliant sound system, Jewel Club is one of those very intriguing and unique night clubs in Las Vegas.

Of course, for those who wish to gain entry into this club, you will need to follow the dress code guidelines strictly. While the dress code policy for Jewel Club is Smart and Sexy, the rules are slightly different for the men and women here. Read this short guide on the dress code guidelines for men and women to find out exactly what you need to wear and what you need to avoid for this night club in Las Vegas.

Jewel Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

In Las Vegas, the ladies can pretty much get away with anything when it comes to what you need to wear at night clubs!

Opt for a classy or a sexy dress for this club, preferably something that fits your body type. While you are always welcome to dress sexy and alluring, do not opt for something which is very obviously provocative or super revealing; it is best to leave something to the imagination!

You can always opt for a skirt and top combination, trousers or a nice pair of jeans or shorts. When it comes to your shoes, pick something which you will be comfortable all night. While you can always opt for flats, it is best to avoid sandals and flip flops completely. There have been cases where women have been turned away for this choice of shoes, so it is best not to take that risk altogether. Opt for a nice pair of heels as this will go best with the rest of your club outfit.

As for your makeup, be experimental and creative! You can always opt for some funky glow in the dark makeup or accessories, as the neon lighting in the club will draw some eyes on you with this choice of color!

Jewel Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

For the gents trying to gain entry into Jewel Club, it is best to stick to the basics.
Opt for a nice collared or button up shirt. Pair it up with some fancy jeans or trousers. Of course, make no mistakes when it comes to your shoes! Formal shoes or dress shoes are your best option.

As for what you need to avoid, steer clear of all kinds of loose-fitting, baggy, ripped and distressed clothing. You want to dress smart for this club, not homeless!

Avoid any gym wear and sports gear as well. Hats and caps are also not allowed at this club. Shorts, tank tops, casual t-shirts, sneakers, running shoes, and work boots must also be avoided.

Our Suggestions 

Follow the dress code guidelines for Jewel Club, and you should not face any difficulties when it comes to gaining entry into this fun and adventurous night club. Be sure to check out the official website for Jewel Club to find out more about the dress code guidelines for this club.

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