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Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas, Guide & Review

Intrigue nightclub welcomes you with an astonishing view which is a replica of an erected rocky mountain with the fountain flowing at its base. The sky, the trees, and the lights illuminating the view collectively create an enchanting scenery. Once you are at Intrigue nightclub, you’d forget all the rest but the surge of happiness within you. You will find yourself completely immersed in the music- and fun-driven environment. Among the lights, drinks, and the electrifying music you will feel a new fun-loving version of yourself emerging out of you.

The vibrant lighting system and the state-of-the-art sound system do magic along with with the DJs eclectic music collection. The vast dance floor resides in front of the elevated DJ booth. The lighting system illuminates the whole place and fills the whole place with dynamic fun vibes. The famous DJs at Intrigue nightclub are RL Grime, Dillon Francis, Virgil Abloh, Salvatore Ganacci, Elephante, LostKings, and the list continues. The bar service is extensive and elaborate, keeping all the club-goers satiated through the crazy-fun-night going on. Hold your drinks, sip them along while you dance to the music beats.

Here’s the great news for the club-goers and fun-seekers; clubbing at weekend nights is conventional but clubbing on Wednesday nights is for rebels. Are you rebel enough to join us on Wednesday nights? If yes, we await your arrival. We promise nothing less than the wild experience of partying. Show your dance moves and get crazy on the dance floor. If you are a lady, you’ll pay $20 and for gentlemen, it’s $30. Cover charges may change on the basis of the night and the guest DJ. Costume makeup and clothes won’t be allowed near or in the pool. No baggy clothes are allowed. We want you to look sharp and trendy while you relish the nightlife experience at Intrigue Nightclub.

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