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You can’t miss the House Music clubs in Las Vegas as the city has got the finest of them. The most acclaimed live DJ performers and artists grace the nightclubs in Vegas to get you the upbeat and cheery listening experience. Good music listeners from all over the world hold Vegas very dear for the clubbing it has to offer. If you are on a hunt for the finest House clubs in the city, we have got something for you! All you need to have a knack for House Music and Vegas’ clubs will never disappoint you. Our list of 5 top House Music clubs in Vegas has got the best clubs on it.

1. Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

Hakkasan Nightclub doesn’t deal in ordinary. Everything about Hakkasan is of extraordinary nature. This place has brought the exotic feel to the nightclubbing culture of Las Vegas. The voyeuristic interior plays a major role to get you in the nightlife mode. This is a five-level nightclub which is actually a complex that has several opportunities to offer. This place is packed with fun, food, drinks, music, and so much more that can only be explored.

2. Omnia Nightclub

Omnia Nightclub

Opened only in March 2015, Omnia has gained great fame in so little time. Omnia is not only a nightclub, but it is also an experience, a feeling, a form of divine energy that can only be felt. If one must have to describe this place in words, that won’t be fair. Only it can be experienced by being here and joining the madness it has to offer. Omnia is among the top-tier nightclubs of Las Vegas. Disappointment isn’t the word our customers have ever known while they are at Omnia nightclub. So, worry not about your fun, as providing you with well-deserved fun is our duty.

3. Oddfellows


You don’t like typical dance clubs but still, want to go to one? No problem, we have brought something that is perfect to solve your dilemma. Oddfellows is the place which is based on a concept. It is a video night club where you’d have to listen to the DJ or our Vinyl records collection and enjoy your night in a cozy, tranquil environment. There’s no obligation for you to dance or hop around. You can just sit around and enjoy your night away in your own style.

4. Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown Cocktail Room
Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown Cocktail Room is an intimate cocktail room that you can find in downtown Vegas. It can provide the guests with an upscale cocktail vibe, along with clandestine. It is one of the most prominent places available in Vegas for the people to enjoy great cocktails.

5. XS Las Vegas

XS Las Vegas

Want to take a look at one of the best Las Vegas’ nightclubs? Arguably, XS Nightclub is one of them. XS Nightclub is truly exhilarated and influenced by the sexy human-body curves. Around 10K light sources keep illuminating the club at night. The focal features of XS Nightclub include VIP outdoor cabanas, floodlight outdoor pool, gold-leaf bodies, and a stupendous dance floor. XS Nightclub is nothing less than a most innovatory, sophisticated, and ultramodern nightclubs around the world. XS extends a passionate and elegant club atmosphere that edges Encore’s bubbly pool. The venue is conceived and designed by Roger Thomas and is themed in black, bronze, browns, and rich gold.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for the finest nightclubs in Vegas where you can go to shed your worries off, our recommended House clubs are what you are watching out for! Vegas’ House clubs are all set to give you the ultimate listening experience. No matter what age you are, all you need to be young at heart! Be prepared for dancing all night away with your loved ones. Vegas’ clubs are going to take the edge off your House cravings, fantasies, and desires. Wishing you All the Best!

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