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XS Las Vegas, Guide & Review

Want to take a look at one of the best Las Vegas’ nightclubs? Arguably, XS Nightclub is one of them. XS Nightclub is truly exhilarated and influenced by the sexy human-body curves. Around 10K light sources keep illuminating the club at night. The focal features of XS Nightclub include VIP outdoor cabanas, floodlight outdoor pool, gold-leaf bodies, and a stupendous dance floor. XS Nightclub is nothing less than a most innovatory, sophisticated, and ultramodern nightclubs around the world. XS extends a passionate and elegant club atmosphere that edges Encore’s bubbly pool. The venue is conceived and designed by Roger Thomas and is themed in black, bronze, browns, and rich gold.

The music scene of XS Nightclub is vast. Most popular for ‘The Chainsmokers’ duo of Alex and Drew. People from all over the world come to enjoy their music. XS also extends a variety of the resident DJs include Afrojack, Cedric Gervais, Anna Lunoe, Guy Gerber, Gianluca Vacchi, Jamie Jones, Salvatore Ganacci, Major Lazer and many more, who keep XS alive and kicking all the time. The music scene of XS cherishes all sorts of tastes. Primarily electronic and all house music is played.

The management of XS has made some rules for the XS Nightclub attire, which are strict to be followed such as no work boots, tank tops, baggy jeans or shorts, and chains are allowed to be worn. In addition to that, no flip flops, swimwear, and shorts, except for any scheduled night swim parties. The table minimum and pricing vary on account of guest DJ or special events. We suggest you arrive as early as possible if you want to get a preferred table. Otherwise, you will face a house-full. Age restriction is 21 years or older than that. The club operates from Friday to Sunday. Valet car parking is also available.

XS las Vegas Dress Code Guide

Voted as the number one club in the United States for five years in a row, XS Club is, not surprisingly, one of the most popular and sought after night clubs in Las Vegas. Some of the most popular trendsetters, both local as well as international, visit this night club to have the best nightlife experience that the city has to offer. With some of the most popular DJs and artists visiting this club to play their sets as well as party at the club, XS is a must visit night club in Las Vegas.

XS Club has a pretty strict dress code policy for its party lovers. If you wish to gain entry into this night club, then there are a few dress code rules that you will need to follow. Here is a short guide on the dress code policy of XS Club, Las Vegas.

XS Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

XS Club has a very strict door policy; the dress code policy being Business Casuals. If you are wondering what this means, think about something that you might wear to an interview or an opening of an event. Keep in mind that the club is quite relaxed when it comes to the ladies dress code, so feel free to dress sexy or alluring; however, don’t go overboard. You want to opt for something stylish and classy rather than skimpy and overtly revealing.

Opt for a nice body-hugging dress. While opting for a Little Black Dress might be the first choice for many ladies, you can always be experimental with colors, cuts, styles, and designers. Don’t be afraid to accessorize and put in your unique sense of style into your club outfit. You can also wear trousers and a fancy blouse, or designer jeans paired with a nice top.

It is best to pair up your dress with heels, but of course, you can opt for flats as well. It is best to stay away from sandals and flip flops as they seem too casual.

XS Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Unfortunately, there isn’t so much leeway when it comes to the dress code policy for the men at XS Club. Your best option would be to choose a nice collared shirt, some designer jeans or trousers, and a nice pair of dress shoes. Pay special attention to your shoes, as a lot of men tend to be rejected at the front door for choosing the wrong kind of shoes for this club.

It is best to stay away from sandals completely, flip slops, sneakers, trainers, work boots, gym wear, and sportswear of any kind. Also, don’t wear shorts or casual jeans, such as loose, baggy jeans or distressed jeans to this club. These items are a strict no-no, and you will just be sent back from the front door.

Our Suggestions 

If you have any doubts or are in two minds about any outfit that you want to try on for XS Club, it is best to play safe and play by the rules. You do not want to be sent back home just because of the wrong choice of clothing. You can always visit the official website for XS Club, Las Vegas, and find out more about the dress code guidelines and what kind of clothes you can wear to this club.

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