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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Antwerp

1. Ampere Antwerp

Ampere Antwerp

Ampère club is located in Simonsstraat 21, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium. Ampère is one of the coolest clubs in town, if you’re into house and techno this is the place for you. The club is located beneath the central station and even though it’s only been here for 2 years, it’s already an institution in Belgian nightlife. They have a state of the art sound system and eco-friendly dance floor. Nightclub is simple down-to-earth and really appealing to the fans of underground electronic music. The lights system is nice as it tries to be minimalistic and to keep it generally dark and somehow intimate. The sound system is excellent, aimed  to provide a sound that ensures good entertainment.

2. Club Vaag Antwerp

Club Vaag Antwerp

Club Vaag  is located in Rijnkaai 4, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. The club scene in Antwerp has always been dynamic, with different clubs popping up every season. This fall we have a new crazy venue to go to. The Shop is a new place where three different clubs are located under one roof. Last weekend was the opening weekend of one of three clubs. Club Vaag is here to stay. An underground venue where you can go to celebrate their ‘Vage Nachten’.  (ed. Dutch for Vague nights) But they will also host external party concepts. An intimate atmosphere is created by being located in the basement of the building.

3. IKON Antwerp

IKON Antwerp

Ikon Antwerp is located in Straatsburgdok noordkaai 3 Antwerp, Belgium. Ikon Antwerp is a premium event location where you will find all different styles of music, with the best international artists & DJ’s around. Ikon will turn your nightlife upside down.  Ikon is a premium event location taking away the boundaries within all styles of music! The perfect mix of Music, Drinks, Art, Foods and Fashion. Ikon is the perfect place to loose yourself and escape from the everyday life.

4. La GARE 27 Antwerp

La GARE 27 Antwerp

La Gare 27 is located in Damplein 27 , 2060 Antwerp , Belgium. It’s located in the north of Antwerp, near the bustling Park Spoor Noord. This former train station in neo-gothic style is recognized as a protected monument and therefore the impressive backdrop for various corporate parties, B2B events, weddings, seminars, exhibitions, and known for various nightlife concepts.  La Gare 27 is a creative event venue and can be divided into 2 establishments: the large classical room and the smaller lounge area. But the spaces can also be used as 1 large venue. La Gare 27 is nicely decorated, logistically simple and professionally supported.  It is the ideal setting for your next event.

5. Pekfabrik Antwerp

Pekfabrik Antwerp

Pekfabrik is located in Kattenberg 93, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium. The Pekfabrik is well hidden from the mainstream eye. An old, industrial site in the heart of Borgerhout. Here it may be a little less obvious. The renegades of the stingy valentine events find their way here this weekend during the second edition of Pekzwart.”This was once a real pitch factory,” says Eef Lommelen. “And although this location has been around for ten years, it has remained wonderfully under the radar. The place has something rough. People often say that you will find something of Berlin. You are led here via a small alley. That all contributes to the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds the location.”

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