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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Brisbane

1. Retros Brisbane

As the title suggests, Retro’s is a cocktail lounge that is well… Retro! The venue is inspired in the 80’s, 90’s and noughties. But interior design isn’t where it stops. Be ready to rock your socks off with music exclusively from those decades. Funky eyewear, groovy hats and moustaches from a bygone era – the whole vibe transports you in time. The walls are colourful, much like the lights, creating an atmosphere that brings back memories for anyone born 20 years ago. Order yourself a milkshake and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a Tarantino movie.

2. The Met Brisbane

Just huge! This is literally Brisbane’s biggest nightclub. The multi-levelled venue offers an astonishing three levels with four different dance floors, each one with it’s own DJ. Electronic music reins here, in a variety of styles. Drum’n’bass, trance, psy; if you like electronic music of any kind, there is a night for you. In fact, The Met is proud of throwing in an indoor rave party every now and then. The club doesn’t spare expenses in bringing in international talents to disk jockey their many dance floors. Their sound desks have seen DJs from the UK, the U.S., Japan, Israel and others. They keep a regular calendar of events and shows. Check their website for more details.

3. Sky and Lotus Brisbane

Located in the heart of Brisbane, is this glamourous city bar/night club. The classic venue in Brisbane’s nightlife offers an upper class luxurious experience, at the same time as maintaining an urban culture and lifestyle. Sky is for the bar. On the top level, Sky Bar has a panoramic view of the surroundings. You can sit for drinks a catch a glimpse on what is happening below, on the bustling Brunswick St Mall and Wickham Street intersection, in the Valley.

4. Our Place Brisbane 

Our place, as the name suggests, is made to be homey, to make you feel cozy. The walls are covered with portraits of family and friends (real photos provided by the owners and the staff), giving it an undeniable personal touch to the venue’s atmosphere. But portraits aren’t the whole decoration. The entire place is filled with garden gnomes, wicked-looking furniture and all the funky paraphernalia that is expected from a place where the creative design was set free.

5. Flying Cock Brisbane

Bang on in the heart of Brissy, The Flying Cock is a great place for an epic night out; or as Barney Stinson would say, a night that is “legen- wait for it… dary. Legendary!” There is a grungy and cool vibe to this place. It looks like a pub, but it suggests that some mad parties took place in here. Nothing fancy, just lots of character. No lasers beaming across the stage, just some basic lighting and the good old disco balls.

6. Birdees Brisbane

Brisbane’s mecca for backpackers and international students. A modern, but chilled place, where you can grab a drink with friends, play a board game (yes, they have those available), and relax. But, if you are looking for a mad night out, they also got you covered. Located in the heart of Fortitude Valley, Birdees’ three floors are fully equipped with three separate bars (meaning little lines to get a drink), a beer garden, a rooftop that is tiki-inspired, and of course, room for live performances.

7. X Cargo Brisbane

A great, and typically Australian watering hole. The relaxed atmosphere offers plenty of outdoor spaces and greenery, with slick wooden tables and light coloured umbrellas, the vibe almost feels as if you were chilling at a beach house. It is the perfect place to meet the mates for a drink and a bite to eat, any time of the day or night. In fact, they actually open for breakfast, with a breakfast menu to go with it, including hangover cure recommendations.

8. Prohibition Brisbane

Most people don’t know this, but it was during the prohibition era that many of today’s cocktails were born. Since drinking was illegal, those drinking against the law would try to disguise their drinks in order to make them appear alcohol free. The Prohibition Brisbane does not leave the history of its name slide. The venue is fully decorated and designed to give their patrons the feeling that they are somehow being cheeky and sneaky, drinking and partying the forbidden night away.The venue is proud of using mostly recycled materials for creating this 1920’s atmosphere.

9. Players Brisbane

Looking for topless barmaids and nude lap dances? Players is where you will have that, and loads more! Situated in the central business district is Brisbane’s longest established premier adult club, popularly known as Players. As the name suggests, those sweet, gorgeous girls you will be seeing at this club are just low-key players. They can and will control you, your desire, and your time! You will be compelled to come back!

10. Sub Rosa Brisbane

If you wanna dance to some electronic music, Sub Rosa is where you should head! It will serve you a night full of pure underground music. Spicy house, techno, prog, psytrance, glitch, dub, D&B, you name it. Formerly known as Capulet is by far the most iconic nightclub in Brisbane for underground dance music! With super comfy lounges, state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, full of talented DJs performing here, and new spicy events hosted every weekend, this is the only place in Brisbane for whatever your penchant might be in the underground electronic music realm. This club will make you move your body through their delicious VOID system! Sub Rosa also features a courtyard with its own bar, so you can enjoy the valley of Queensland stars at night while sipping their skillfully curated collection of cocktails and beers. And when the weather turns harsh, unlike some other clubs where you will have to move inside and resume your party there, here you don’t have to move an inch, the courtyard’s retractable roof will save your day!

11. The Valley Social Club Brisbane

Located in the busiest fortitude valley of Brisbane, just next to Sub Rosa is this friendly venue for casual hangouts. Welcoming nature is in its name itself; The valley social club is your own delightful local club in the heart of Brisbane’s valley! The Interior is designed eco-friendly; the room is well lit with a comfortable seating arrangement, a DJ area, and a bar at one end of the club. This vicious club features theme parties every other night to serve all tastes. Some nights it is Salsa land, others it is Eclipse, flunky, mixtape, or random Thursdays! Every night of every week, this club brings more and different reasons for you to visit! Salsa parties turn into a particularly resonant night when sexy Latin tunes and a rowdy crowd will make you shake to the music and dance all night long!

12. OMFGs Adult Lounge Brisbane

Looking for someplace to throw your man a best Buck’s party? OMFGs Adult Lounge, situated at 351 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley with its seductive ambiance and hot ladies are bound to impress! This is an alternative-style venue with something new and innovative to offer. This extravagant club is decorated lavishly with red and black themes. Walls, sofas, cups, and bars everything is either red or black, giving this place a sensual vibe. The club features two Level three Private Booths, three bondage rooms, two Function Rooms, and Brisbane’s largest lap room. With a place this big, stunning dancers and private service, this place tends to please every kind of person! The atmosphere is cool, and it attracts a mix of age groups. OMFGs Adult Lounge hosts Multiple Girl Buck Shows, Bondage Shows, Shower Shows, Jelly Wrestling Show, Naked Twister Shows, and loads more! Just imagine!

13. The Cabaret Nightclub Brisbane

Looking for a strip club for your particular taste? With over 100 hot women performing every night, The Cabaret Nightclub features three floors, each with a different layout and performances, making it one of the largest strip clubs in Brisbane. Located in Fortitude Valley, this strip club serves all kinds of tastes and budgets. Its famous 5 dollars lapdance is the talk of the town! The more stairs you step, the more intimate it gets! The ground level is where the main stage for exotic performances is! It boasts a dance floor with multiple poles in the middle, cozy chairs just surrounding it, and then an array of comfortable sofas with tables at the edges. VIP booths are also available at this level. This floor is where the magnificent girls will enchant you with their feminist charm and will make you crave them. You also get to choose the girl of your liking. Once chosen, you can have a lap dance on this level for only 5 dollars! and if satisfied, you can up the game by bringing your magic lady to another level up for a more intimate experience! Here you can have a bigger lap dance, with private rooms for you to book and enjoy the unforgettable VIP night of your life! The 1st two floors feature three cocktail bars serving you deliciously blended cocktails and cold beers. The 3rd and last floor upstairs is a red zone where your deepest fantasies are fulfilled. Girls are aesthetically pleasing and friendly, but most importantly, they are wicked! Unlike some other strip clubs, the Staff and Management of the Cabaret Nightclub are efficient and accommodating. Security personnels are professional yet friendly; they take care of all the unwanted drama making the night safer and more enjoyable. If you are first here, you will not face a rude face but will be guided thoroughly.

14. GPO Brisbane

In the heart of Fortitude Valley is Brisbane’s finest nightspot which is the only place in the town with the unique Victorian Italianate-style architecture. The elegant GPO hotel is home to Brisbane’s nightclub, popularly known as The Republic nightclub. This pub features two levels. The upstairs area has a central bar, comfortable sofas, and a balcony which is more suited for catching up with people. The downstairs area is dimly lit, red and black decor with lights and smoke machines, elevated DJ booth, huge dance floor, cocktail bar, and in-house music system, a great place to party and let loose. With local and international DJs spinning dance and R&B hits, they play a great mix of remixes, making the entire atmosphere really energetic. It has three rooms, each of which plays different music catering for all tastes!

15. OPM Brisbane

If you are planning for a fun night out with your friends or family, this is your joint! This Family nightclub is located in Queensland and it offers all to get you through another weekend! It is a huge club accommodating up to 1500 party lovers featuring a massive dance floor, a lifted stage for performances, state-of-the-art lighting, and a thriving sound system. It also boasts a stunning rooftop bar and a smoking area for more chilled al fresco feels. OMP regularly hosts some of the biggest names in Local and Guest DJs from all over the world, spinning the best songs of House, EDM, hip-hop, bangers, R&B, and many other electronic tunes. This is the place to get your party started!

16. Levels Brisbane

Levels is a top-level club in the fortitude valley of Brisbane- the hub of pubs. Present on 621 Ann St, Levels throw exciting lavish parties around the town. Despite Being a newly opened club, the pub will give you a taste as if it is decades old. Thanks to the experienced team of Levels, which has got immense experience in clubbing, and has added gems like OPM, and I love R&B to the nightlife of Brisbane. They indeed are the people our parents warned us about.

17. Mystique Nightclub Brisbane

Are you a huge RnB lover and happen to be in Brisbane? Looking for your kind of nightspot? Then why not partying at Australia’s biggest RnB club that also happens to be in Brisbane? Famous for its Largest concert sound system in the whole Southern Hemisphere, this club is present in 210 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, a perfect venue for RnB fans! This massive nightclub features two levels, two rooms, and three bars that are well stocked with skillfully crafted cocktails and cold drinks. The layout is fancy, with mirror balls hanging down from the ceiling, a Fluorescent podium, a blasting sound system, and great lighting. From resident to international guest DJs, this vibrant club hosts great artists every night to make sure you are dancing the whole night long!

18. Vendetta Nightclub Brisbane

Greetings Goth! Are you searching for a darker place in your town? Looking for someplace to feel free to express yourself without being called weird? Wanna meet some more people like you? Well, worry not, Brisbane has much more than just strip clubs and restaurants! Located in Queensland is this haunted nightclub perfectly suited for darklings! Join this club and feel at home. Meet more people like yourself and party to the metal!

19. Club 299 Brisbane

If you are looking for an exotic place in the town, this crazy club might come in handy. Club 299 is known for organizing the most sinnest parties in Brisbane. Don’t worry about getting lost; the club’s name itself drives you to the location. Club 299 is present on 299 Brunswick St. So even if you are drunk enough to forget your whereabouts, just read the signboard of the club.

20. Scarlet Brisbane

Do you know Scarlett Johansson? Because if you don’t, then don’t worry, this place has got nothing related to her. Scarlet is one of the largest lesbian clubs in Queensland. With an immense experience of 15 years, this place is legit and safe in many ways. With sensational entertainment, great music, and a friendly crowd, Scarlet is a blend of extreme fun and lezzo. In case you are planning to enjoy your bachelorette party, this incredible place is located at 243 Brunswick St.

21. Magic Men Brisbane

Every city needs a crew of Magic men to sweep beautiful ladies off their feet! Located on Birdees 608 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley is Brisbane’s home to some of the hottest and baddest men! From Cowboy, cop, fireman, army to magic mike, meet the magic in various forms! Magic Men is Australia’s biggest running company in ladies’ night and male entertainment. This venue is found in three big cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It is the only strip club in the country that features celebrities look-alikes stripers! And not just the face but a smooching hot body too!