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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Bucharest

1. El Dictador Bucharest

El Dictador is a really good place to spend the night located in Bucharest, Romania. 

2. The Vintage Pub Bucuresti Bucharest

Excellent place to go when you want to have a good party and have fun! Hands down The Vintage Pub is one of favourite bars in the old town if you are in lookout for an amazing night out. The venue is located in a very core center of the Bucharest city and it’s easily accessible.

3. Fabrica Bucharest

This is a great way to stay active, even in a busy city. For those who have always wanted to pick up the sport but never knew where to begin, we highly encourage you to come to Fabrics and see what indoor rock climbing is all about. There is even a weekly stretching course offered every Thursday for our clients. Fabrica is a nightclub located just a few minutes walk down from Union Square with a spacious pub & music venue with indoor/outdoor areas, plus an international menu, pool & darts.

4. OXYA Club Bucharest

Welcome to the most groundbreaking club and beautiful club in Bucharest, Romania. It is the place where opulence meets good taste. OXYA Club is a Disco club. This venue was designed as a symbol of finesse, refinement, and elegance for the customers with the most exquisite taste. Designed and operated by the industry professionals of Bamboo Group, OXYA Club has taken entertainment, service, and dining in Bucharest to new heights. The spot is socially characterized with an exquisite international feast of delicacies paired with elaborated and extravagant artistic performances that compliment the refined, glamorous, burlesque ambiance.

5. KAYO Club Bucharest

KAYO Club is a Disco club located in the Northern area of King Michael 1 Park, Bucharest, Romania, this luxury boutique nightclub offers an overall unique experience, impossible to match. The club was born on June 01, 2018. KAYO Club provides an exclusive clubbing experience. It is the most exclusive place in Bucharest that combines the best Italian cuisine restaurant in the capital where you can eat fresh fish directly from Italy with a top-level club.

6. Face Club Bucharest

Face Club is a place in the northern area of Bucharest. Face Club is the face of excellence and the largest luxurious club located in Bucharest, Romania. The location is big and very visually pleasing where music speaks, attaining a breathtaking clubbing experience. Face Club Bucharest prides itself as the world’s finest as  the best in Romania award. The club’s mission is to consistently operate and deliver services to our customers with the highest level of quality.

7. True Club Bucharest

For an amazing night out experience at Bucharest, heading to True club you will definitely enjoy Bucharest’s nightlife. True Club always has something for music lovers, fun seekers & party people. True Club is a vibrant club featuring cocktails & pub grub, plus live music, karaoke & other events. True Club is a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania. The only club in the Historic Center of Bucharest where live music has exclusivity! True Club appeared in the landscape of Bucharest clubs at the end of October 2010. In a short time I became a landmark of quality entertainment and live music in the capital and, especially, in the Old Center! True nightclub has capacity, 650 standing and 250 seating. Also called the House of Live Music, True Club hosts special karaoke nights, where you can sing along with a live band, concerts, jam sessions nights, and cocktail parties. Take your share of fun at True Club.

8. Beluga Bucharest

Welcome to the coolest place in Bucharest! Beluga nightclub is located in Bucharest, Romania and the venue has created a unique nightlife definition in the centre of the city. Beluga MC is a nightclub, bar, concert hall or the place where the hottest parties take place! The venue exhibits 3 bar stations fully stocked with legit, tasty and wide range of wines, liquors, champagnes and beers, 3 VIP areas and 2 standard areas.

9. BOA-Beat of Angels Bucharest

If you want a taste of Bucharest‘s party scene, BOA is the finest cuisine! BOA – Beat of Angels is a nightclub in Bucharest Romania first opened on December 11, 2010 has attained a benchmark of the club business and an internationally acclaimed brand. It’s based in the most exclusive part of Bucharest’s city and is renowned for luxurious nightclub experience hosting international clientele.

10. Eden Club Bucharest

Great place to chill, enjoy a fresh bar with cold beer or wine and have a fun filled night out. A must visit when in Bucharest. Club Eden is a nightclub located in the old Stirbei Palace on Calea Victoria. During weekdays the club opens the doors of it’s covered terrace overseeing the garden where you can enjoy an afternoon coffee or simply stay until late night and have fun with friends. Very peaceful spot in the centre of the city. Mainly associated with hipster culture, the club stands out for its post-industrial vibe and eclectic music.

11. Control Club Bucharest

Control Club is a Popular nightclub with several spaces for live bands, DJs & dancing, plus a charming leafy garden and heated terrace. It’s a trendy place for unconventional youngsters, both locals and visitors, in a very central location. This is a trendy place to have drinks and dance if you are in the mood. It’s more like a mix of a bar, social club and restaurant, all in one place. Control Club used to only function as a nightclub which opened at midnight but now it opens just a little after noon. During the daytime it’s a pub. The restaurant is on the upper level.

12. Kristal Club Bucharest

Kristal Glam Club is a nightclub that was founded in 2012, in the center of Bucharest, on Bd, Regina Eli, Romania. The nightclub is renowned for attracting people from all over the country. Kristal Glam Club is one of the top-rated nightclubs in Romania, where you can enjoy some of the best nightlife events of your life. The nightclub has been voted the best club in Romania six times as best club in South-East Europe, and it ranked 28th in DJ Mag’s Top 50 Clubs in the World. Besides the prizes, it gained a loyal local following by hosting top local and international DJs.

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