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Bucharest has an abundance of classy and upscale VIP venues where you can spend a fabulous evening or dance the night away. From romantic beer gardens, rooftop bars with crowds spilling out onto terraces, and jam-packed noisy clubs, you can find just about any kind of night entertainment you want in Bucharest these days. Everywhere you go in Bucharest in search of a VIP experience, you’ll encounter a lively and entertaining atmosphere. 

VIP clubs in Bucharest offers an awesome VIP package, awesome service from attentive and friendly staff, cool and variety of drinks that are reasonably priced, awesome variety of music that keeps you entertained all through, spacious VIP venues with comfortable seatings and comfy segmented VIP booths, beautiful and friendly people, best cocktails that are professionally crafted, clean and relaxed environment, spacious and stylish dance floors, awesome DJs both regional and international, fantastic light and sound systems, secured ample parking space, personalized VIP entry, personalized VIP security, awesome, professional and personalized VIP bottle service, and beautiful interior designs.

1. KAYO Club Bucharest

KAYO Club is a Disco club located in the Northern area of King Michael 1 Park, Bucharest, Romania, this luxury boutique nightclub offers an overall unique experience, impossible to match. The club was born on June 01, 2018. KAYO Club provides an exclusive clubbing experience. It is the most exclusive place in Bucharest that combines the best Italian cuisine restaurant in the capital where you can eat fresh fish directly from Italy with a top-level club.

2. Face Club Bucharest

Face Club is a place in the northern area of Bucharest. Face Club is the face of excellence and the largest luxurious club located in Bucharest, Romania. The location is big and very visually pleasing where music speaks, attaining a breathtaking clubbing experience. Face Club Bucharest prides itself as the world’s finest as  the best in Romania award. The club’s mission is to consistently operate and deliver services to our customers with the highest level of quality.

3. True Club Bucharest

For an amazing night out experience at Bucharest, heading to True club you will definitely enjoy Bucharest’s nightlife. True Club always has something for music lovers, fun seekers & party people. True Club is a vibrant club featuring cocktails & pub grub, plus live music, karaoke & other events. True Club is a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania. The only club in the Historic Center of Bucharest where live music has exclusivity! True Club appeared in the landscape of Bucharest clubs at the end of October 2010. In a short time I became a landmark of quality entertainment and live music in the capital and, especially, in the Old Center! True nightclub has capacity, 650 standing and 250 seating. Also called the House of Live Music, True Club hosts special karaoke nights, where you can sing along with a live band, concerts, jam sessions nights, and cocktail parties. Take your share of fun at True Club.

In Conclusion

VIP clubs in Bucharest definitely offer unforgettable experiences in exceptional surroundings. These clubs perform consistently and deliver services to their guests with the highest level of quality. You’ll definitely find the right spot for your taste where you can have an amazing experience as a VIP.

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