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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Canberra

1. Cube Canberra

Cube is the dance and Nightclub situated at 33 Petrie Plaza Canberra. The Cube Nightclub welcomes its guests warmly with its dimly lit interior, decorated with all kinds of party lights and electrifying music played by very lively DJs and delivered to your ears through the best surround sound system! The Cube Nightclub, as the name describes, is designed into a cube-shaped hall. The Cube’s dance floor is ornamented with neon lights, disco balls, mirrors, giving the perfect vibe to have a good time and painting the town red. It does not end here. It also features beds for you to get cosy with your partner or someone you have just become friends with; lockers to keep your stuff safe while you go wild on the dance floor; and a very comfortable seating arrangement with bean bags, comfy cushions and pouffes. It has a stage a few steps above the dancing floor where DJs work their magic with their mixers and mics. The Club has a bar, too, serving the finest vodkas and beers of your choice at reasonable prices. There is a pool with the Club, and alongside the Pool are the tables where one can have their beers and enjoy the view with buzzing music. The Nightclub opens only four days a week, Thursday through Sunday and starts from 10 pm till 5 in the morning except on Sundays where it closes later. The business has a functional website too, where they update all about their timings and DJ rosters. They give free entries on Sundays after 10. The Cube also hosts themed parties and drag talent, or one can organise their private event. It greets people with any sexual preference, be it gay, lesbian, straight, transgender or whoever with any mindset, with open arms and gives them a night to remember. Be there or be square.

2. Polit Bar Canberra

If today you want an elite vibe and some posh location to knock back some of the finest champagnes, you have to go to The Polit Bar. It is located in the heart of Canberra and is beautifully decorated inside out. Polit Bar provides everything from music to food. The bar hosts many events, including karaoke and comedy nights and features drag talent too for its clientele to enjoy. The place is made gracefully for date nights. The building is architectured magnificently and gives out an elegant vibe. Also ornamented from outside with treas lighted up with fairy lights. The ambience inside it is picturesque and quaint. The interior of the building is also decently decorated with a posh sitting area and comfy chairs. Every table is separated with temporary dividers to maintain some privacy for every party.

3. The Basement Canberra 

Located in the heart of Belconnen is an essential cornerstone of the Canberra music industry called The basement. When you open the door, you will be taken away by its dark and grungy Decoration, which is just mesmerizing, with guitars hanging from the ceiling, posters on the wall, and not just any guitars; if you look closely, you will see signatures of recognized artists! This rock venue is the only perfect place in Canberra for music lovers! With a massive main stage and a separate intimate backstage, this club hosts two shows simultaneously! With good acoustics and modern equipment, bands of different genres play at this place, making it one of the best places for live music in Canberra.

4. Mooseheads Pub and Nightclub Canberra

Located at 105 London Circuit is Canberra’s best place for special occasions. With multiple rooms available at four different levels, this club hosts corporate functions, social events, birthday parties, or even casual get together simultaneously, under the most relaxing and chill environment. When day turns to night, this place becomes the benchmark of nightlife in Canberra. The Interior of this club gives a homely and cosy Italian vibe with state of the art decor. Mooseheads Pub & Nightclub truly is the Little Italy of Australia’s capital. Highly talented and well known international as well as local DJs perform here. Upstairs is more of an old music vibe with some old school R&B, dance and heavier club sounds. In contrast, downstairs has an eclectic vibe with rock and new and old school tunes. Besides music, downstairs also features various games from football to pool tables and loads more!

5. Fiction Club Canberra

Fiction Club makes fiction become fact. This vibrant club is situated on 50 Bunda st. Canberra. The club is must go for all party or non-party goers. Whether you are with your gang or by yourself you will most definitely enjoy it here. Interior of the club gives a chill aura. Walls are painted dark to give the pub a unique intimate vibe. The spacious dance floor of this booming bar can pack hundreds of people without anyone feeling suffocated. The stage is located at one end of the hall, surrounded by lights, cameras, and smoke machines with a big LED screen in the background that dances along with the rhythm of the music. The Fiction Club is equipped with advanced instruments, including modern high tech signage technology, screen panels, dot line lights, solar flares, modern processors and other such difficult-to-pronounce party tools for hosting the best party you have ever known. Pro crew members are the best and always keep the ambience electrifying inside. security members are also very active on their duties. DJs in this club make your experience ten times better by playing thrilling music to your drums. There is a bar where you can get all kinds of intoxicating drinks to keep your energy levels up. It does not end here; the club offers music and is the best place to enjoy concerts, live art, exhibitions, theatres, and innovative performances. Security is always on point to make the experience go safe and sound. One can enjoy already organized events or have club organizers arrange a private event for you , be it your birthday or anniversary. You can have your own space to enjoy yourself with friends. If you are a local, you must try this club at least once and see it yourself. So dress sexy and whoop it up.

6. Chutney CBR Canberra

If you are bored of your local music and wanna hear something refreshing with a Bollywood beat, this is the place you want to be. Best place to let everything out with some desi bhangra (wild Punjabi dance) and a magical Bollywood mix. The term Chutney means a mixture of various condiments to make a spicy sauce, and the owner of this club has done the same to music, accentuating Western beat by blending it with flavourful upbeat Bollywood jingle to put together a magical potion for ears. One needs to buy tickets beforehand because all are sold out once the dates are near.