Best Nightclubs in Eindhoven

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Eindhoven

1. De Ballenbak Eindhovea

De Ballenbak is a student club and disco in Eindhoven. You need a valid student ID to get in and it is open on Thursdays nights only. This is the only place in the city where students can get cheap drinks and dance to good music. The club is open till the morning and does not close up until the last student has left. Students from all over Holland and abroad are welcome here. On top of that, you can buy coins at the door that can be exchanged for drinks. Student clubs often have their parties arranged at this venue. The music played here includes the latest hits in Dance and House.

2. Club Xi Eindhoven

Club Xi is the place to be if you want to party it hard. The club is known for its chill atmosphere and great music. They are known around the city for hiring the best DJ’s that play EDM and House music. The security is also top notch and you can rest easy in knowing that there will be no riff-raff in the club. Furthermore, the drinks menu has specialty cocktails and it is a delight to watch the bartender prepare your order. Most Friday nights are Ladies Nights where the females get many privileges. Additionally, they also arrange live music for most weekends so you should check the schedule before planning to go there.

3. Villa Fiesta Eindhoven

Villa Fiesta is where Eindhoven comes to party. The club has an energetic vibe which will get you on the dance floor and breaking out the moves in no time. The DJs play all kinds of music whether it is Top 40 or the classic 90’s. Villa Fiesta is known for their great karaoke nights that allow everyone to belt out their favourite tunes. The bar has friendly servers and there is also a café so you can have dinner with your drinks. The building is decorated tastefully. Additionally, there are huge LED TV screens on the wall to play videos that go along with the music.

1. PallaZ Eindhoven

PallaZ is the only gar bar and night club in town. It is the place where people from all backgrounds and orientations are welcome to be who they truly are. The club has a flamboyant atmosphere and it is decked out in pride flags. They have a different theme almost everyday and whoever wants can join in. Moreover, the outdoor garden area is a smoking zone and it is covered to keep the patrons dry. There are lounging areas inside to sit with your group of friends and cool off when you want a break from dancing. Additionally, you can dance to the classics as well as the latest hits at the PallaZ.