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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Fort Myers

1. Celsius Night Club Fort Myers

Celsius Night Club is a nightclub located in Fort Myers. The dress code at this club is considered to be Smart Casual and Casual. Make sure to check which event is being hosted at the nightclub to match the required dress code. Celsius Night Club has a full-fledged bar. All demands of alcohol, beer, cocktails and whiskey are catered for patrons. This nightclub is known to play a lot of Reggae, Rap and Hip Hop music. Celsius Night Club is a lively place. The venue has two levels where an exuberant nightlife experience is offered.

2. The Edge Nightclub Fort Myers

The Edge Nightclub is a dance club and a nightclub located on Hendry Street in Fort Myers. The dress code at this venue is obligatory to Smart Casual Wear. When it comes to Alcohol, the nightclub provides the patrons with various alcoholic drinks and speciality drinks. The music played at this venue falls under these genres: Reggae and Electronic Dance Music. Dine-in option is available on the premises as food is offered to the patrons. No delivery service is offered outside the venue.

3. Indigo Room Fort Myers

Indigo Room is a dance club and nightclub located in Fort Myers. The dress code at this venue is set to be Dress Smart. No plain white t-shirts or undershirts are allowed. Jerseys and tank tops are not allowed either. Girls are always in for free, while guys are charged $5 after 10 pm on the weekends. The most influential music played at this nightclub falls under Electronic Dance Music and retro music from the ’70s, 80’s and ’90s.

4. Romance Night Club Fort Myers

Romance Night Club is a dance club located on Palm Beach Boulevard in Fort Myers, Florida. The dress code designated at this nightclub is set to be Casual Wear. A full-fledged bar is available at the premises, which takes care of the patrons with special drinks. It is a lovely Spanish and Mexican Bar with typical cultural traffic. At Romance Night Club, the genre of music played falls under the category of Latin Music. This venue has a big open dance floor with tables and chairs on the sides.

5. Viva Le Mirage Fort Myers

Viva Le Mirage is a dance club and a nightclub located on Winkler Road in Fort Myers, Florida. The dress code at this venue is Smart Casual, and on various event nights, Dress To Impress. Viva Le Mirage has a full bar available at the scene. The patrons are provided with alcoholic drinks and special mixes as per their taste. The genre of music played at Viva Le Mirage falls under Latin Music and Hip Hop Music. This club is open to all patrons that are eighteen years of age and older.

6. Buddha LIVE Fort Myers

Buddha LIVE is a dance club, night club and live music venue situated on McGregor Boulevard in Fort Myers, Florida. This venue has a full-fledged bar present to provide the patrons with alcohol and cocktails. The music played at this venue contains influences from these genres: Rock, Metal, Rap and Hip Hop. Buddha LIVE is considered Southwest Florida’s number 1 live music venue by the local community. After going through new ownership, the club is soaring to newer heights of nightlife experience. The nightclub hosts various events like Halloween Night, Comedy Nights and Biker Comedy Shows. The experiences provided at Buddha Live are advertised as diverse and fun.

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