Fort Myers Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Fort Myers’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Fort Myers. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


One of the lively cities of Florida, Ft. Myers or Fort Myers, is known as the commercial hub and the country seat. It is a doorway to the region of Southwest Florida and the major vacation destination within Lee Country. The city is prominently famous for its world-class beaches, shopping, and fishing centers. It offers people the best opportunity to acquaint themselves with most business leaders and illustrious inventors. 

At the city, you and your loved ones will experience one-in-a-million natural encounters, restaurants, resorts, and top-rated beaches surrounding the area of southwest Sunny Gulf coast in Florida.         

Nightlife In Fort Myers

In the vicinity of Ft Myers, Florida, the partying is much more than a vacation. The nightlife thrills you, and its attire fascinates you the most. So whether you prefer a dimmed down and upscale piano bar with tuneful music or you like a hive-dance with DJs and lasers, the nightlife at the city caters to all the definitions of partying bright.  

In between covering the city nightlife, you will enjoy the beach pubs, museums, arenas, resorts with full-size beer tanks, baseball games, beverages, wine cellars, along craft breweries. If you’re on the quest for eclectic and full-on experience, this city will surely be the best bet to go. The Gulf Islands and Fort Myers offer you a couple of the best nightlife view surmounts at the edge of Southwest Florida. The brick boulevards are aligned with wine bars, clubs, pubs as well as funky dens. In addition, this area catches cranking during the eve of Art and Musical Walks. 

On the whole, the night party is an all-in-one piece that strikes you a bit at a cherry to engross in the backdrop of an enchanting atmosphere. You experience the nightlife in the city at once, and you can jazz up with flabbergast music, dance together with cold drinks and hot beverages. So, explore the doors now and get a chance to delight yourself.   

Nightclubs At Fort Myers  

Restaurants and bars at Ft. Myers constantly offer multitudinous options for nighttime partygoers and beach-lover enthusiasts. The clubs never spoil to double-check hours of maneuver in the meantime. The cultural sites and the fantastic dining servings come alive when the sun falls and night hours occur. 

You do not need to think about your shirts and shoes. Whatever suits you the best, dress them up and go out with a touch of trendy style. It’s high time to feel the bounce and get a charm of night hours. So if you’re intrigued to check out the best bars around the city, feel no ponder. 

Here, we sum up the first-class Nightclubs that fit you astoundingly.

  • Dixie Roadhouse, Fort Myers

One of the euphoric nightclubs, Dixie Roadhouse, swanks the most considerable hardwood dancing ground within the region of Fort Myers, Florida. It has ample room for bands and exotic performances to carry out extraordinary events. If you think that you can’t hear the music all long night, then you can be glad to know that the DJs here will spice up your day in full vigor with a mix of dance and hip-hop. It is a fantastic place to enjoy yourself with your friends and loved ones. If you’re seeking out its location, then you can find the Bar at 1023 Southeast 47th Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida.

What’s more, there are available quite super-duper things to do. You can take pleasure in highly energetic surroundings, supercharged and lively amusement, and enjoying country music. In addition, it provides a themed party with a gigantic dance floor. 

AVAILABLE BEVERAGES: Freebies, Special drinks, Ice cold beer, local shrimp, fish, freshly seafood, appetizers, Pizzas, strong coffee, French fries, and many more. 

  • Cigar Live, Fort Myers

The popular Cigar Live is a cornerstone of the historical city center since 1996. This second location, situated at the Gulf coast in Estero, draws visitors worldwide and is prominent as the most important name in the Cigar sector. To enjoy the allure of a cozy and stress-free horizon, you can anytime visit the location of Southwest Florida. Over the fifteen years, this Bar has been the hotspot in the city center of Fort Myer. A Family-own business, the Cigar Live is initially recognized as a superb medley of the large humidor, spirits and, its cozy lounge. The owners of this Bar have taken over the adjacent room to lodge the crowds and, hereafter, amplify the capacity of bar entertainment at the same time. A dense but inch-perfect place is a Cigar live to listen to the primarily light-up bands and sounds. Here, you can make a perfect selection of various hot and sizzling menus. AVAILABLE BEVERAGES: Hummus platter, Royale Salas, Pistachios, Mixed nuts, Turkey Panini, Roast Beef Panini, Chocolate Cigar Cake, Fruit Plate, Havana Platter, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Special, Salsa, Chips and the like.

  • The Buddha Rock Club, Fort Myers

The Chinese restaurant, Buddha Rock Club, is the most illustrious local nightclub in the region of Fort Myers. You can find the place near the statue of Buddha, which rests behind the parking slot. In addition, the Bar is situated at McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers in Florida, where it runs from the peak hours of 4 pm to 2 am during Tuesday to Friday and 7 pm to 2 am on Saturday and Sunday. So, if you have an urge to spend a luxurious night at a fun place, then this club will certainly fit you up to the hilt. Here, you can cherish a couple of things like the music is tuneful and loud; drinks are wallet-friendly and quiet, chilly, and the local bands are rocking as outsiders, and the touring circuit appreciate these.

What’s more, a small dance ground lies behind the Buddha, making the people slight crazy to carry out fun-friendly things at the nightclub. Commonly, the partygoers here dress up with decent T’s and Jeans, polo, and in fact, in a formal outfit. Every folk is greeting with Open Heart. Available Beverages: Tacos, wings, Cold cheap drinks, seafood, draft beer, cocktails, Bacon, Frittata, carrot cake pancakes, meditation juice, Avocado, and crab toasts; chocolate chips Pancake, Salmon & veggie Frittata and on and on!!

  • Burntwood Tavern, Fort Myer

The most-coveted nightclub of Brunt wood Tavern offers you a classic American foodstuff with a blend of flare and spicy mixture. Talking about the atmosphere, it is warm, welcoming, and rich. This nightclub provides you an inch-perfect platform for its chef-obsessed and straightforward menus of planked, smoked, and grilled food. If you are on the verge of a heavy evening meal, this place will apt from right from the brunch to its decent servings and supper. Try it now and get relish to your soul ever. The service is genuinely pleasurable and excellent quality you will find at food.

Furthermore, you can have a fantastic dinner with one-of-a-kind hot menus. If you are unaware of the nightclub’s opening hours, then it works from Monday to Sunday during the peak hours of 11 am up to 10 pm. Here, you can find mainly four foods: Leo’s Italian Social, Burnt wood Tavern, M Italian, and Aaron & Moses. 

Available Beverages: Chicken sliders, wedge salad, burgers, cod sandwiches, shrimp tacos, appetizers, fish, French fries, Flatbread pizza, Handcrafted cocktails, house-infused vodkas, draught beers, fresh juices, and many more!!   

Fort Myers Bars

Talking about the bars at Fort Myers, they are cozy, fantabulous, and mind-boggling. One can soothe their soul with a perfect blend of entertainment, cheap drinks, and a wholesome meal. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at the famous bars within the city.     

  • Lighthouse Tiki Bar & Grill, Fort Myers

One of the most beautiful bars within the city, Lighthouse Tiki Bar & Grill, resides in the heart of the Times Square district. You can join the Bar for nightly entertainment, which seeks the best bands on the edge of the seashore. It is an easy walk of 200km from the Gulf, which offers a spectacular view from the onset of evening peak hours. Dining, shopping as well as open-air make-up the inch-perfect surroundings nearby bar areas. The Lighthouse Tiki Bar & Grill gets fame throughout Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and has gained momentum as a full-fledged landmark beach of Ft. Myers. Its nightly entertainment makes regulars, locals, and guests join the happy hours from 8 am to 7 pm and get relish into tasty brews and servings.      AVAILABLE BEVERAGES: Freshly foodstuffs, pocket-friendly special drinks, and local groceries. The Bar is open for brunch, lunch, and supper including, Macho Monkey burgers, salads, appetizers, foot-long Hotdog, poolside pizzas, wraps, and the rest.  

  • Shuckers At The Gulf Shore & The Cottage Bar

Year in, year out, the cottage remains cool and breezy. Being a part of a revamped and more civilized lodge of Gulfshore Grill, this Bar is casual, which unblock the outdoor beach with a good view of blue-clear water. To attend the part over here, the folks come through the car, boat, and through the foot. So naturally, the crowd will like to have the fun of the party-eve, the music is memorizing, and the Bar’s serene view draws the visitors’ attention.  Just once you reach Shuckers Bar, you can take advantage of a wallet-friendly parking space. When it comes to the live music and events so far, the acts are mainly solo accompanied with more calm, and other times, the bands set up and rock the entire deck. Once the bands break, you can listen to the sounds of Spring Break magnet and neighboring Lai Kai resort. Bluntly, it’s fun to observe the madness and join the rasping celebrations that easy to walk the next door. 

AVAILABLE BEVERAGES: Toasted Muffins with American cheese, sausage ham, patty, or bacon, Cheddar, sour cream in a flour tortilla, Omelets, Juices, appetizers, lettuce, Golden nacho chips, scallions, and many more.

  • The Whale Bar, Fort Myers

Another lively bar that thrills you through the night is one of splendiferous, the Whale Bar, located at the beach of Fort Myers, Florida. Indeed, it swanks a pink-skinned beachcomber, foamy aloof, sitting at the top of the purple-hued whale. Over the years, the sparkling events and entertainment cross every night of the week, which features the famous and most regional and local bands. The lookout lounge and the rooftop offer a gigantic view of the sunset and the beach that make your day in high spirits. This bar establishment has a parking space. The location comes as an added advantage to enjoy the beach corner. It has a guttural rooftop, and it is mainly known for booking the best bands, performers, and musicians. To grab hold of sports events, lots of Television shows admire this place as the best one. AVAILABLE BEVERAGES: Beach Bread, Baked French topped with blue cheese crumbles, Cheddar, diced tomatoes, Nacho French Fries, Garlic Steamed Mussels, Black Bean Dip, Yucatan Shrimp, seafood, and local cuisines.

Night View At Fort Myers 

Piled with sickly white sand, Fort Myers city of Florida is considered a top-notch destination. Year after year, it pulls the local and outside visitors to enjoy the advantage of water sports, especially, Kayaking and parasailing. Enjoying these sports gives a feeling of relaxation to the patrons. 

The nightlife so far is out-of-ordinary here and marks a big shine to satiate the thirst for the shimmering and soothing night. Whether you prefer a fainted piano bar with sticky music, an upscale, hive-like dance, and deadly night hours with loud DJs and lasers, the bars at Fort Myers caters to every definition of partying hard and bright.


Aside from those, as mentioned earlier, there are other night clubs hotspots in the region of Fort Myers, which makes your day to chuff to bits. For a shimmering and bright night, you can experience them without any hassle and with no worry about spending hard-earned money. From different exotic locations to drool-worthy menus, you can explore gateways to a dazzling night. The atmosphere is tuneful, stress-free, and smashing, where you can hit upon a plethora of advantages of filling your hearts in high spirits. So enjoy it now or never! Thrill yourself. It’s the right moment to go ahead!