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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Fort Wayne

The Q Fort Wayne

The Q is a Dance club and nightclub located on Goshen Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There is a bar present at the venue which takes care of guests’ alcohol needs. The Q plays a variety of music and mixes. The music playlist at this nightclub falls under the mixes from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000’s musical influences. The Q defines itself as a high-energy dance club and bar. Patrons are provided access to break and run pools and darts. These services add to the entertainment experience at the nightclub. The club offers VIP services to its patrons.

El Diamante Fort Wayne

El Diamante is a dance club and a nightclub located on Broadway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A full-fledged bar is present at the venue to cater to all needs of alcohol from the patrons. El Diamante is a Latin nightclub. The music played at the venue falls under the category of Latin musical influences. It is an excellent place for dancing and having a night out. El Diamante provides hosting services as a reception hall to the desired parties and patrons. This nightclub is known for its live music scene and lives performances. Many local talents and foreign artists and bands make their way to El Diamante, covering the Latin genre. El Diamante offers party and entertainment services to its patrons, which is unique for a city like Fort Wayne.

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